Vacation is Over.... We Had a BLAST!

Little Sis here.... It's 1:30AM and we just arrived home after our week with family in Destin, FL. We had an incredible week full of family workouts, morning coffee, afternoons by the pool, playing at the beach, and yummy "home" cooked meals! And we already have the house booked and plans underway for our 2nd large family vacation in July 2015! 20140727-014024-6024250.jpg


It was so much fun being around our family, allowing our kids, (cousins) to play together and begin making memories together!



We also loved being together and with our mom and getting to workout together.

Hopefully you caught our posts last week on Tips for Working Out & Eating Healthy while on vacation.

Some may think it is a hassle or lots of work to workout on vacation, but when it is part of your lifestyle, it is fun! We enjoyed our morning runs together, and making or buying smoothies for our post workouts. We looked forward to taking yoga classes together, (led by me, Little Sis, or a fellow yoga friend that joined us one evening). It was fun for us all to workout together, and to pull our family in with us for either yoga or our cardio/agility workouts. Even our nieces and nephews got involved at various points! And who doesnt appreciate a nice workout at the beach or near a pool!?!? We jumped in right after our sweat session on multiple occasions.



And if you know us around here, you know how important it is for us to be fit and healthy FOR OUR FAMILIES! We believe strongly in living for lives so that we are impacting our children and generations to come to be healthy and to live healthy, active lifestyles! And that starts with doing healthy things as a family, even taking evening family walks together.... Which we did a few times!


All in all, we had a blast and loved being together! And we both felt very good about staying on track with our fitness goals and not letting vacation push us from everything we have been working towards! Read more about that this week on WLW!

So in a recap, we ran about 10miles, walked about 5miles, did 2 family yoga sessions, and agility/cardio workout, one paddleboard yoga session, and lots of swimming while on family vacation!


It was a great week!