Upcycled Junk Yard Door

I am so excited to share this project with you today because the idea had been in my mind for so long.  Remember when I shared the Old Fence turned Rustic Wooden Box up-cycle that my husband made from wood he used from an old fence.  Well this wonderful old door fell into our hands at the same time! And my sweet husband being so thoughtful brought it home to me because he knew I would be interested in making something out of it! 
I absolutely love how our door project turned out! It makes for some wonderful back yard art work.  And it goes great with our yellow and gray colors on our patio! 

Here is how the door started out! It was a lot of work to sand down because it was so thickly coated with a clear coat.  It was a neat door to begin with, the way it had the barn door shaped top.  And my husband just took the door knob out and cut off the rough edge.  

After getting the door all ready and cleaned up, we painted it all white.  We wanted it to be white underneath the painted part, plus we really needed a base coat for what we were painting. 
I then used tape to tape off the sun that I wanted painted.  I just did it to my own desire, so it wasn't perfect, but I think that is what brings character.  
Then I used 3 different colors, a light yellow, a bright orange, and a burnt orange to color the stripes. 
After it was all painted we took the tape off and the stripes looked awesome with the white coming out from behind them.  It naturally peeled some which I loved the effect it gave.  
Then to draw the letters to make "Shine," I decided to try and make my own stencil.  I don't have a fancy machine that does it, and I didn't want to buy stencils.  So I printed the word out in the font I wanted, and cut it out with an exacto knife.  Then after taping and painting in the holes, I pulled the paper up and found that it worked HORRIBLY! don't try that ever.  So I ended up free-handing all the mess ups.  This photo looks pretty good, but in person you can see the mess ups.  That's okay though. 
Anyways, I feel great about the door! I am so pleased with it, and love looking into my back yard to see the vibrant colors lighting up the patio! 
Oh, and I chose to write the word SHINE because to me it is such an inspiring word.  Like meaning SHINE, be yourself, be who you were made to be, do the impossible! It is so inspirational, plus SHINE goes great with a sun! :-) 
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