Up-cycled wine bottle decor

So last night while my husband was out with the boys I had a little bit of fun! I have been saving old wine bottles for a while, and finally decided to do something with them! So I took them and did some fun decorating! & this is what I got...

1) First I took the wine bottles and soaked them in my sink in hot water for about 20-30min. this made it where the labels came off very easily.

2) I scraped the labels off and washed the bottles; then I took them outside to where I was going to spray paint them and let them dry off in the sun.

3) Then I laid them out and spray painted each of them. I chose these colors (gray, yellow and white because I am really liking this color scheme lately) Anyways I had to do several coats on them.

4) Finally I brought them in and began to decorate. The supplies I used included: champagne colored tule, white and gray yarn, and some flower ribbon I picked up at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, OH, and my hot glue gun of course!

Then you just have some fun decorating and all of a sudden your shabby recycled wine bottles become up-cycled home decor!

Plus you can mix and match them together any way you want!