Tumors....? What Tumors??

At one of our out reaches in Abilene, we had a couple of healings happen before we even started our set.

(SET=when we get everyone's attention to sit and listen to a testimony, a drama, and someone share the gospel. Then our worship team plays and we ask if anyone wants to get saved or get prayed for for healing, etc., if no one raises their hand we still engage and pray for people and the Lord always shows up!)
But at a lot of our outreaches on this trip the Lord began doing work as soon as people started showing up! We didn't have to share the gospel, etc. for him to start working! ha ha
At this particular outreach, we got the two ladies that were healed to come up to the front and testify to what the Lord did in their bodies! We did this, because we believe testimonies have power! When you share testimony it creates an atmosphere for Holy Spirit to come and for God to do work!! In Revelation 12:11 it says "and they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies...."
So, the first lady came up because she had a nerve problem in her back/shoulder that caused her not to be able to lift her arm above her shoulder, and she definitely couldn't touch her back! She came in so much pain, but after a girl from our team prayed for healing, the pain was gone and she could lift her arm and touch her back! The lady was so full of joy! She stood at the front of this crowd demonstrating how she was healed, waving her arm back and forth, high and low, and actually almost hit the girl with the microphone! ha ha ha
The next testimony we shared out loud was of a lady with tumors. These tumors were generational, her sister had them, and someone, (either a niece or daughter) had died because of the tumors she had! Anyways, this lady had them in her back and her arm, and for years, I think over 20 years she couldn't bend over or touch her back because of the tumors. Well after a few girls prayed for her, she began to feel her arm to show where the tumors were in her forearm. And as she felt around a girl spoke out in faith and boldness telling her she wasn't going to find them because the Lord healed her! SHE COULDN'T FIND/FEEL THE TUMORS! She came to the front of the crowd and told us about this and bent over and reached her hands around and touched her back! She was so blessed!
And her daughter who has cerebral palsy (which was a word we had gotten) came full of pain, and left with no pain! This little girl, probably age 8 or so got up there and told how she came with pain and now had none because God had healed her! It was so sweet to see her speak that out in confidence and happiness!
The Lord is so good and loves to bless his children and to show his glory! Pray that he will continue to use us and bring his Kingdom to earth!