Tribute to the Fall Season

Although my house officially turned into wintery Christmas season this weekend, I wanted to post my last Fall Creations before we passed up Thanksgiving. (We went ahead and transformed our home this weekend because we will be spending Thanksgiving in California, so it seemed only right to come home to a winter wonderland :-)
So I feel like a real craft blogger now....because this post is about a craft party that I had...and I know those professional bloggers have those all the time with people!
So here is what we did. For my discipleship group last week we just hung out and did crafts together. These were fun for us but were also used for our Life Group Thanksgiving Dinner decorations. They turned out awesome and it was so much fun to see our crafts hung for everyone to enjoy!
We made Leaf Garland----out of real leaves!
First we all brought leaves that we picked that day off of some pretty Fall colored trees! Aren't the colors wonderful!
Then we bought a box of non-scented wax from Hobby Lobby. I'm sure you could use scented wax...I've even heard of this being done by using old candles that you can't light anymore. We melted our wax in a tin coffee can so we didn't have to mess up a pan.

After the wax melted we all took turns dipping the leaves in wax. You dip them twice to make sure they are covered well...then we laid them out to dry on wax paper. It was so cool to see the texture of the wax on the leaves.
Here is all of our wax dipped leaves...see the color stays great! They are so vibrant and for stringing the leaves together.
This part was easy....we each took a needle and thread and began weaving it through the leaves. It was crazy to see how flexible the leaves were because of the wax. After stringing a ton of leaves on, to make it more fun when hanging them, we sewed pretty ribbon onto each end. This in my opinion made it easier to hang and more sturdy when hanging.

They turned out so pretty! We each made our own strand so we had four strands hanging at our party.

FYI....the colors began to fade a week later though, so it doesn't totally preserve them, but it did the job that we needed them to. Plus mine is now hung in my office, and although it is not as vibrant, it still has color and looks great! (And it was not as messy as it might seem--it was very easy)

Just wanted to add this fun photo! We had a worship night outside around fires last night....these awesome owl cupcakes were made by my friend Brittney Marshall! She is so great at remaking pinterest cupcakes :-) The inside of these were vibrant rainbow colors! And they tasted AWESOME!