Meguell and I are so excited about next week.
On Tuesday we will be leaving Abilene and traveling from Dallas to San Francisco to spend the holiday with my sister, brother-n-law and sweet nephew!
I cannot wait! It is going to be such a sweet time to spend with my sister. And so much fun to cook Thanksgiving dinner with her.
Plus I just love the feeling I get when I am traveling.
It is so fun to clean your house, pack your bags, and head out for a nice little vaca!
Just the excitement of traveling is so fun to me.
Of getting to wake up to a day of adventure in a new place.
With no work or priorities...
you can sleep in if you want, or read a book while you enjoy morning coffee with no rush to do anything or be anywhere!
O and I just love flying!
It is just going to be an all around wonderful week!