TRAVEL Meal Prep!

I would dare to say that a CORE VALUE of my family's is to TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL! 

Explore, see the world, relax, take a time out, enjoy every adventure possible! That basically describes everything that I LOVE! 

Now I think I have always LOVED to travel, and the excitement of new places and new experiences, and making memories. HOWEVER, when we (my husband and I) both became business owners who work for ourselves FULL TIME, well, the need, and desire to travel and take vacations grew tremendously! 

When you work for yourself, there's not an 8-5 rule, there's no weekend's off. I mean YES, there is SO MUCH FREEDOM which I'm so thankful for! But when we are on, we ARE ON! Especially my husband! He's a hard worker and loves what he does! So to really relax, we've got to take a break and get away some! 

So this week we are visiting family and then taking an *adults only* vacation to New Orleans, LA. to attend the Beachbody Summit! (I'm so stoked) **Be sure you follow my Instagram Stories to keep up with all of our fun this week! (My husband and I will also be going LIVE a lot on Facebook, so keep an eye out for that too!) 

Something else I've realized though, a little trick about traveling, is that if you want to 1) eat healthy, and 2) save money while traveling, you need to TRAVEL MEAL PREP! 

Even just stopping at a convenient store for a snack, or grabbing food in the airport can certainly add up! So when we travel, (especially road trips), I now spend the week before meal prepping lots of yummy snacks and foods! Sometimes we even like to take breakfasts and/or lunch to save money on entire meals while there! And if we are road tripping, we ALWAYS travel with a cooler! If we are flying, we pack travel snacks, and then might grab some healthy foods at a grocery store once we arrive to our destination! 

Then, when we do this we can splurge at night and enjoy some delicious meals out, plus drinks, without feeling guilty or like we are spending too much money! 

So here's a go-to TRAVEL MEAL PREP list you can use!

 (always check below for my LIVE Facebook video where I shared all the food I made this week!) 


  • Breakfast burritos
  • Egg muffins
  • Sugar free muffins*
  • protein bars
  • Shakeology balls
  • Oatmeal Pies*


  • Sandwiches
  • Turkey/Avocado Roll-ups
  • Homemade Luncheables
  • Shakeology, and I always travel with my small blender


  • Salsa & Chips*
  • Protein Balls*
  • Sweet Peppers & sometimes a dip with it
  • Raw Veggies & dip (I use a Greek Yogurt Ranch for these)
  • Apples & Nut Butter
  • Granola* (Homemade) 
  • Trail Mix
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Popcorn (I pop a huge amount on the stove and travel with it! This is great for snacking in the car)
  • Bars (homemade) or...
  • Wella Bars (my favorite flavor is peanut butter & honey)
  • LIly's Chocolate Bars
  • Hemp Seeds from Manitoba Harvest 
  • Sugar Free Cookies*
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Wine--for when we just want to relax at the hotel! I love taking FitVine Wine because it's clean, and low in sugar! Use code SUELL10 for 10% off! 

*Food marked with a * can be found in my Simply Sugar Free Cookbook

I hope this helps you the next time you are taking a vacation! 





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