1:30pm-leave work
2:00pm-pick up boys from school and head straight to Dallas
5:00pm-arrive at DFW airport
6:45pm-board the airplane
7:15pm-take off from DFW to San Francisco
9:00pm-arrive in California for the first time EVER!

I cannot wait to land in get there and see Cass, Nate, & Noah waiting on me!
I hope Noah is awake and happy!
I can't wait to hold that little one!
It is hard to believe that I have only seen him three times ever in his lifetime!
I hate that!
But I love that my sister has made it so easy to feel so connected to him.
I just hate that I am not there to see him grow up.
For the most part I was and still am there watching my brother's three kids grow up, but I feel like I am missing a lot of Noah's life!
But I am so grateful for these times that I can go visit them!
And I still hold on to the dream and desire of my heart that I will one day live in the same city as my sister and get to be REAL face-to-face best friends with her!

Our plans for the week I am there:
Nov. 22nd-arrive in San Francisco, get food, go to hotel
Nov. 23rd-spend the day exploring San Francisco, specifically seeing
-The Golden Gate Bridge
-The "Full House" house (2 miles from our hotel)
-Going to Fisherman's Wharf...probably eating there
-Going to China Town
Nov. 24th-THANKSGIVING...I get to cook thanksgiving with my sister for the first time EVER! Nov. 25th-Nate & Meguell go skiing, We take the boys to a small town near by for a winter festival, shopping, and wine tasting
Nov. 26th-leave Noah with Unky and Cass are going wine tasting at a vineyard/winery!
Nov. on Noah's room and other home projects
Nov. 28th-do whatever we on home craft projects
Nov. 29th....well we won't talk about that! :-(

All in all this will be a wonderful trip! I hope fun and restful at the same time!
It will be restful just getting to spend time with my sister.
To stay up late and chat about life.
To learn fun cooking stuff from her so that I can be better at cooking for my family.
To share my craft ideas for her house and do those together.
To wake up with Noah & let him sleep with us!

I can't wait!