Training Plan


Most of you may know that we sisters are currently training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

I am really excited for this half because it will be a special one! My mom, Big Sister, & I will all be doing it together!!

When we first decided to do this run back in August or September 2012 my sister and I discussed how we wanted to run the whole thing and not stop for photos.  Then when my sister found out she was prego we changed our minds :-) So in case you don't know, throughout the entire run there are Disney characters that you can stop and take photos with.  I cannot wait to get photos wearing my tutu with some of the beautiful Disney Princesses!

Anyways, then a few months after that we decided that we would sign my mom up for the 1/2 with us as a surprise birthday/Christmas gift! This was a big deal for her since she had only started running for the first time in the summer.  At that point she had done about four 5K's.

Once we were all signed up, and the time was getting closer we had to create a real training plan.  And since it was my mom's first half, and my sister would be almost 7 months pregnant, we had to be smart about what we were doing.  So I got some tips from a running coach and made a plan where we would do run/walk intervals.

The training plan I made is below.  We talked about upping our intervals as we went, but instead we decided to stick with just a 4/1 ratio.  We run 4 min then walk 1 min and so on.

So far training this way has been amazing! Plus having this plan really helps me stay disciplined.

disney half training

I chose to do a plan where I run up to 12 miles then decrease until the race.  I did this because after my first half where I only ran up to 10 miles before, I wish I would've run more.  The last 2.5 miles of my half were the hardest and I felt like if I had run further then mentally I would have been more prepared.  This is my tip to so many 1st time 1/2 marathoners...pick a training plan that gets you to run at least 11 or 12 miles.  So this time I feel really good about the half.  Plus with the run/walk interval I feel like I could keep going and going.

If you are looking to increase your PR (=Personal Record) when you are running a race, I really do feel like this is helpful.  I spoke with someone who has used interval running for all of her halves and her time has gotten better every race.  For me as well, the 2nd time I ran 13.1 miles my time was better by about 7min.  So this is really helpful.  Or if it is your first half like my mom, then using this interval run would help you build up to running it without stopping if that is your goal.

We are so excited for our half and it will be here so soon! Be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks to see things like our race outfit (tutu), our race must haves, pre-race rituals, plus all of the fun Disney posts and photos once we get there and post race weekend fun!!


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