Top 8 MUST-HAVE Fitness Accessories this Birthday

So yesterday was my 27th birthday, and yes I'm this old and still made a wish list!


I told my husband I didn't want a party or any gathering where he had to spend money, instead I wanted gifts, and I made him a list of exactly what I wanted! And yes, my list consisted of just about all Fitness stuff, so here's my list:

Top 8 MUST-HAVE Fitness Accessories this Birthday!

1)Gym Bag

I recently posted this photo soliciting tips of nice gym bags! After getting lots of helpful response from followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I narrowed the search down to bags that were in my budget. I need a bag that will carry my yoga mat, but also my other random things.  Usually when I go in to the gym or studio to teach yoga, I am carrying my yoga bag, water bottle, and at least 2-3 more items in my hands.





Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.34.06 AM


2) Polar Watch with Heart Rate Monitor-$100

-Although I have a FitBit, I want something that will track my calories, and enable me to keep a watch on my heart rate while I workout so that I can challenge myself to get my heart rate up and burn more calories!


3) Kettle Bells -Price varies

I want these to do at home workouts and I feel that kettle bells can be used in a variety of workouts.  I told my husband to bargain shop for these though, I know TJMax or Ross will sometimes have them for great prices.


4) A Very Supportive Sports Bra- $55-65

Since having a baby, and being a nursing mom, I usually have to wear two sports bras.  The only bra I own that I can wear on it's own is my Lorna Jane bra which is fairly new, and I love it! Here are two bras I really like.

The Incredible by Victoria Secret-$55


Strong Sports Bra by Lorna Jane-$66

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.59.40 PM

5) Yoga Mat Stickers-$10

These are just super fun and make your mat so fun and inspiring during practice.  And I love that you can put your own word/phrase on a sticker.  I would get FREE or I AM on one!! Here's some cool options too!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.28.23 PM


6) Book-"Move.Nourish.Believe." by Lorna Jane Clarkson -$40

As you have seen lately in so many of my blog posts, Lorna Jane is an awesome brand, and Lorna Jane Clarkson, the designer behind it all is a wonderful person! So inspiring, and inspirational! She believes in Moving your body, getting active and staying fit, Nourishing your body, on the inside and outside, and Believing in yourself, enjoying life, taking risks, and going on adventures! I love her inspiration and beauty behind everything she does, so I want to get her awesome book and be inspired more!

Here's the book description:

"Lorna Jane Clarkson has been on a remarkable journey since launching her activewear brand a little over two decades ago. Here, she shares the back-story behind the Lorna Jane brand, and how she went from creating one-off designs for friends in the back room of a gym, to now overseeing more than 130 stores nationally and overseas!

A passionate advocate of healthy living, Lorna reveals her personal tips and advice to help people get moving, stay motivated and eat well - along with loads of delicious, nutritious recipes from her own kitchen."

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.39.31 PM

7) A good pair of size medium shorts -$25

Prior to being pregnant, I didn't fit into a lot of my shorts because I had gained weight.  So I got rid of a lot of them in a consignment sale.  Now, I only have about 3 good pair of running shorts and they are all size Large and a pretty baggy.  So I want one pair of nice, size medium running shorts.  Here's a pair from Target that I have seen several people with, they seem super comfy! I love that these aren't all made from wind short material. I'm not a big fan of those...I prefer a more flexible material.



8) My own personal Yoga space in our backyard!-Priceless

I've asked my husband to build me a platform in the backyard that will be just for my Yoga practice.  Inspired by Rebekah Borucki of Bex Life blog. Although we agreed it would be smarter for us to wait until the Spring to build this, since it's about to get cold.  I'm good with that.  Here's a pic of her space:



So that's my list of awesome stuff I would love to have for my 27th Birthday! Although I'm not expecting all of it, it's some pretty great stuff if you are needing some workout gear!!