Top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sugar Free Lifestyle

Wow! It has officially been over half a year since I went sugar free! I cannot believe it! 
The journey has been amazing, and this lifestyle is incredible!
So today I want to share it with you! I want to help you get more energy and gain control of your life and eating habits!

Top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sugar Free Lifestyle

I have had multiple people ask me if after the year 2015 is up if I think I will go back to eating sugar, or if I will continue being sugar free. As many of you may be wondering as well. 
To me, giving up sugar has become who I am. It's not some deprivation I'm inclining myself to. It's just how I live now, and I like it. Now once the year is up, I may not be so strict as to not get the BBQ Sauce for a recipe since it has 1g of added sugar, but I also don't see myself heading to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard either. 
I love how I feel without sugar. 
I love knowing that I'm healthy. 
I love not worrying about counting calories.
I honestly eat what I want. Even breads (without sugar). I am not worried about having too many carbs etc. I stay away from most processed foods and eat real, whole foods, and because of that, I don't worry a lot about how much or of what I'm eating. 
I love the freedom I feel when it comes to being sugar free. No more worrying, or stressing over food or weight.
I love that my scales don't fluctuate back and forth.
I love that after a holiday weekend I don't feel burdened and remorseful for all the "crap" I ate.
I love that I don't look back on a weekend of celebrations and regret everything I chose to ate, thinking that I have to "start over" tomorrow because I ruined all my progress so far. 
There has been so much freedom gained since I went sugar free. All of the things listed above are things that we all tend to struggle with, and I love that those aren't a worry for me anymore. My weight has literally stayed consistent. I workout consistently, eat well, but even after a weekend of Mexican food with a little too much chips and salsa (tends to happen fairly often because I'm a chips and salsa fanatic), I don't have to worry about my weight going up! It's incredible! 
So if the idea of having a little more freedom when it comes to eating and managing your weight/food intake is intriguing to you, then join me! I've created My Top 5 Tips to Kickstarting Your Sugar Free Lifestyle, and I'm giving those out FOR FREE! 
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You can so do this! 
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