My Top 5 Healthy Living Tools

To live a healthy life, you've got to have some TOOLS!

So today I'm joining in with The Fit Switch and sharing with you my Top 5 Healthy Living Tools at the #dishthefit linkup!




 1) My Mat

I've got to be honest, in the past year and a half I have become a Yoga Junky! And I love it! I did Yoga all throughout my pregnancy! I even taught up until a week before I gave birth! and I got started again as soon as my 6 weeks are up! I give Yoga full credit to me getting my body back after baby!  Although I love running as well, I have had to take it easy with running post baby because of some knee pain I have been experiencing! So I have literally only been doing Yoga, and I have noticed a huge change in the toning of my body! So MY YOGA MAT is definitely my #1 tool for leading a healthy lifestyle!


2) My Phone

Secondly is my phone, because if I was running I would be using my phone all the time to track my mileage with my Nike+ app, and of course listen to music! Plus in the past with counting calories, I have used MyFitnessPal app.  And I am always using my phone to search healthy recipes! AND.....I got the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor for my birthday! One of the top things on my birthday list! (see that here) So I have just started using the Polar app as well!  I have also recently started listening to Podcasts more throughout my day, which feeds me internally as a person, which is part of my overall health! & of course there's taking photos, I am constantly documenting my life with photos, and I use my phone for that!

Phone's can be used for some many great things these days to assist in us leading a healthy lifestyle! And there are so many helpful fitness apps out there!

I would love to know your TOP FITNESS APPS! I might be missing some great ones!! (comment below telling me yours!)


3) My Stroller

Since becoming a mom, my stroller is a go-to fitness tool! It makes it easy to get outside and run or walk with my son! Plus next week I will be going to my first Fit4Mom Stroller Strides class where you do an entire hour's worth of a workout with you and your stroller! So definitely a helpful tool when you have a little one by your side!


4) My Blender

If you have been reading my Smoothie Series this month, you know that I am a smoothie crazed person! Literally just finished a smoothie for breakfast, and on any normal day, I am having a smoothie at least once as a meal replacement! So my blender is a MUST-HAVE tool for me to live a healthy lifestyle! You can check out my TOP 2 FAVORITE SMOOTHIE RECIPES here! 


5) My Family

Working out and living a healthy lifestyle isn't the easiest thing to do in our world.  In fact, even with the rise of fitness trending, it's still going against the grain.  Fast foods restaurants and grocery stores full of processed foods will tell us that! So there has to be a motivator behind the drive and desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and for me, that is MY FAMILY! I have shared many times, my drive behind living a healthy lifestyle, and blogging about it! (read about it HERE) In short, my goal is to raise a healthy family, to change generations to come to live healthier so that they are able to stay active, go on adventures, and overall enjoy life more! And I want to encourage YOU to do the same for your family!!



So there you have it! My TOP 5 HEALTHY LIVING TOOLS!

What is your TOP, MUST-HAVE, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT, Tool for Healthy Living!?