Top 10 Baby MUST HAVES

I wrote this when my son was 6 months old. I am eager to look through and see if I have changed my mind on any of them! With Baby #2 on her way, I am interested to see what YOUR top MUST HAVEs are. Will you help a sister out by leaving me a comment with your TOP must haves, especially if I have left it out! Any comments I am adding now will be {like this}.

After about six months of being a Mommy -- this WAS my TOP 10 of what I MUST have..

1. Lanolin Cream! This stuff was a complete life saver during the first weeks of having Noah. Truly I have not had to use it much since the first month.. but man, it worked miracles during that time! We have actually been able to use it for other awesomeness as well. But I highly recommend this to all breast feeding mommies out there!! {Absolutely.. I need to stock up on it again. I am sure the hospital here in the states won't just GIVE it to me!}

2. Medela Double Pump! Man, I love this thing! I have a single pump that I recieved for a baby gift. A fellow teacher loaned me this double pump and THANK GOD I have it. If she had not loaned it to me, I would have had to buy one- it works miracles for a WORKING breastfeeding mommy. Even before I started working again, man.. I Love it!! I know when we have our next baby, Lord willing, I will be purchasing one of these for myself. {I still really believe this is a must have. I am blessed that my bestie is loaning me hers for Baby #2. I do still have the single, but heck, the double works so much better. Though I stay home now- I do think it will still be used often... and Daddy will be feeding a lot more... Momma has lots to do with a newborn, toddler, and wifely duties... or so I think}

3. NICE Camera! Every new Mommy needs their very own super nice camera. I am so thankful that my hubby bought me my new camera. It is so fun taking pictures of my Noah now that I know I can get good ones! My goal is to understand how to take such awesome pictures that I never have/want to take him for other professional ones! Thanks Baby for my camera. {Haha, I love my camera... though it isn't so new anymore. I never reached that goal to learn this camera... but I still enjoy using it. I don't think it is a MUST have. A point and shoot would be so much easier with kids}

4. Little Tummy Gas Drops! Man, these things were a lifesaver in the first few months. Mr. Noah suffered from gas a lot- and these just worked. Man, oh man!! We could have bought stock in the them first three months. We really have not used them near as much as we use too.. but they were awesome in the early months. They sure helped my boy not be in pain over food that I chose to eat. {Holy Cow.. I will never forget what a life saver these things were for us... I should def get a bottle before baby comes in May}

5. Liquid Baby Powder! We were just recently introduced to this when it was given to us. Man, I love this SO much better than regular baby powder. With the regular powder it seems that I was always getting it all over me! However- note to self! Never put it on you when your chaffing. Poor Nate used it when he was... and man, it burned like heck!! {Yea, not so much.. I liked it.. but ended up chunking it. I am not a huge fan of baby powder.. Luckily my boy got like one rash in his diapered life... hopefully little girl will be the same!}

6. Boppy Pillow! This thing was AWESOME the first month.. and continued to be awesome the first few months after. I do not use it as much to breastfeed now, because we have the hang of it. But it is great for Noah to lay on. Also.. if you travel- as we did from Japan to Texas.. man, it was awesome to use on the plane.. Especially to feed him! {Totally! Mine is out and ready! It is a essential item to take to the hospital when I deliver too}

7. Moby Wrap! Man, I LOVE this thing. Of course these days he is a little chunk who is just TOO big for it! But it sure worked wonders for me when he was younger. It helped a lot during our trip home as well.. especially when it was just me and him! I will definitly use this for future children. {I honestly hate that I spent so much money on this. Maybe I will use it more with little girl.. but I doubt it. It is a lot of work and a lot of material. I sweat like crazy when I wear it and it is so hard to get on. I know I will be using it for the first few months, because my other carrier accidentally got put into storage}

8. Skype! This is such a wonderful use of technology. Noah definitly knows his Gammy, TawTaw, and Aunt Brittany because we skype regulary. Noah's daddy will be deployed soon and this will be our saving grace. Thank you Lord for SKYPE! This is a must have for anyone that does not live near their family.. it makes youfeel like you are right next door. {YES!}

9. Breastfeeding Cover! This thing helped me a lot when people were around. I never wanted to feel secluded around my friends (guys.. girls I just pop it out).. so this always helped me hide what I was doing.. but still be involved. It helps if you have a cute one! {LOVE IT! I love mine!!! I already have it ready for the hospital too}

10. Jogging Stroller! I have loved ours. I may not jog with it so much- but just taking my Noah for walks. He loves it and has been using it since day 1. We started putting him in the actual seat of it when he was just a couple of months old. Before that we just used his carseat and attached it on there! Worked wonders! {Oh I loved this thing. I have used it and abused it.. but now I am on the look out for a great double jogging.. but I am going to have to buy it used.. because what I want, a BOB, is sooooo much money!}

Now share with me about your TOPS!