TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway

Does Wearing Bright Socks Make Me Run Faster?

I'm not sure if bright socks make you run faster, but if they are tight socks, specifically compression socks, then they will probably make your legs feel better after a long or fast run. 

Have you noticed the recent trend of knee high socks at races? or sometimes the socks are crazy designed or bright colors like these! 

TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway

Let me tell you though, these socks have more going for them than just being bright, fun, and matching my outfit. (You have to admit they look pretty cute with my bright clothes though!)

These socks are compression socks! 

Now I've shared over the past several months about compression sleeves and how great compression gear can be to help recovery from intense workouts or runs, but I have never worn full socks that are compression. 

These TIUX Compression Socks are not only fun, but they have more function than you would think. 

In the past, compression gear was known for use when flying on long flights or for pilots, and diabetes, to keep the blood flow happening, and to keep you from getting blood clots when sitting for long periods of time on a plane. 

Now days, compression gear is a HUGE HIT with runners! 

TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway

I remember after running my first half marathon in 2012, we spent the afternoon at an outdoor mall! Ya crazy right! Walking around after running 13.1 miles that morning. And I remember saying, "I wish I had really tight leggings all over my legs. I just feel like that would make them feel better." I said this because my muscles were so flimsy, jello-y, and sore. This was before I knew what compression socks were, and now, they actually have full compression leggings as well. 

When you where compression socks while running, before running, or even after running, (or hard intense workouts), studies have shown that they stimulate blood flow and oxygen to muscles, allowing legs to recover faster from a hard run. 

So no wonder compression gear has become an essential part of a runner's wardrobe! 

Since I have only ever used compression sleeves, it was different having the full sock from TIUX, but I actually really enjoyed it. Now days, you can find most socks (not just for runners), that have some type of compression in them, usually a little band around the arches. So it was nice to have the added compression and stability around my feet. Plus, they have added support around the back part of the ankle, and the socks are a good thickness. Not too thin like you might imagine for compression, but not too thick, so that they are still easily used in the Texas summer that is coming up! 

TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway

Also because of their specific way of production, they are able to keep their prices at just $35 for a long compression sock. Which in comparison to many other compression gear companies, is a GREAT PRICE! Very affordable if you are interested in trying compression out for the first time! 

 So I will definitely be wearing these throughout the summer as I train for my October Half Marathon (more to come on this next week!) 

TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway

Who is ready to try get your own pair of these awesome TIUX Compression socks!?!? Today I'll be giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of their own! Just enter through the widget below, and be sure to SHARE with your friends! 

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DISCLAIMER: These socks were given to me by TIUX as a product review, but all opinions are my own.

TIUX Compression Socks Review & Giveaway