5 Tips to Make Living a Healthy Life SIMPLE!

Let's talk about why living a healthy and fit life matters! 

When you make time to exercise, and eat right, you are not only working on your appearance, you are working on your whole self, which impacts more people than just you! 

I believe that when we are healthy and fit, we are living our happiest life. We are more energized, confident, and overall healthy, which enables us to go after our dreams, and live our best life! God created us to live life to the fullest, and we are only able to do that when we are taking care of ourselves, as well as achieving our calling as women!

I also realize that life gets overwhelming, and as women we have so many duties and responsibilities, and usually, we let ourselves slip to the back burner. So I'm here to simplify the process! 


1) Get a Workout Partner

We all do things better when we have other people cheering us on! When you first start a workout schedule, you may be fired up and excited....but life happens! You need people that are going to be there to encourage you and push you to keep it up, even when things get hard and life gets busy!

Plus it makes it more fun to celebrate your victories when you have someone their to celebrate with! 

2) Make Working Out Fun

Working out can't just be a duty! You have to make it something you enjoy! Find something that is fun for you! Whether it's a specific class, being able to chat with your favorite friends while sweating, or going on bike rides with the family. Choose something that brings you inner peace, and "rest" while you are burning those calories, that way it will be easier to stick with it! 

3) Find Easy At Home Workouts

This is something I have been working to help create for you via my Instagram. Each week I share 2-3 at-home workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. Sometimes, even when you have a plan to be at the gym, or meet your workout partner, it seems like the entire universe is against you. It's these days that you need to have a backup plan that you can easily do at home once the kids are in bed! 

Or better yet, include the kids in it! I recently did a 5 Day #BabyStrongChallenge using the Baby Strong Workout cards!  These things are a must have for momma's with babies or toddlers! They are an amazing resource that are spill/slobber proof, and can hook to your purse, diaper bag, or just stay at home with you. You can organize and create workouts that involve all of the major muscle groups, and adding the weight of your baby to a workout is no joke. The five days that I worked out with my 28lb son in hand definitely made a difference. Plus the kiddos love it, and it's more time you get to spend with them! 

This month you can grab these cards at a discounted rate. They make the perfect gift for any mom, or mommy-to-be! 

Discount Good until February 29, 2016

Discount Good until February 29, 2016

4) Always Be Prepared

Now, getting more on the health side of things, I learned a valuable lesson recently when reading a book. It's something that I have already begun implementing and it is amazing! 


What's that you ask? It can be as simple as a zip-lock bag with your favorite healthy snack in it, tucked in your purse, glove box, or office drawer. Whatever you decide to include in your emergency kit, make it a healthy, filling snack, that will hold you over when you find yourself getting the most hungry, and the most tempted to grab fast food! 

Some of my favorite options: 

  • Mixed Nuts
  • Apple
  • Nut Butter Packs

5) Meal Prep

Over the past 7 months, I have really jumped on the meal prep wagon! And it has completely changed my life! When I'm doing really well, I take time to prep healthy snacks like protein bites, sugar free muffins, etc. 

But on a normal basis, I am spending several hours a month prepping Freezer Meals for my family and me! It has done so much for us! Just by spending a few hours prepping, I have meals in my freezer ready to be cooked in the crock pot. So on our busy evenings, dinner is ready. Or on days when I'm just not feeling it, I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping! I get more time with my family, and still get to eat HEALTHY food! It's seriously genius! 

You can find out more about my On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kits HERE, and learn how I can help you create healthy meals for your family as well! 


I hope this helps! Implement a few, or all of these, and see how much simpler it gets to live a healthy life! 



Disclosure: Due to my ambassador standing with Fit Approach, I was given the Baby Strong Workout Cards in exchange for this review. I fully participated in the challenge, and all opinions are my own.