Tips on how to alter your own denim shorts

So I went to our church garage sale today, and hit the jack pot! I found some great stuff, including some new items for my closet, some pieces of crystal, and an old sewing machine desk, with the sewing machine in it! And all I spent was $25. 
It was the last day and the last few hours of the garage sale so everything was half price. One of the great deals they had was stuffing a bag for only $5! So my friend and I stuffed our bag full of random goodies. and then I paid ONLY $20 for the sewing machine desk! That is such a great deal! I will be posting about that soon! 
One nice piece of clothing I grabbed was these long Merona shorts from Target.  They are a great light weight denim material, but they were extra long, so I decided to alter them myself! 
It was pretty easy, but I loved the outcome so much that I wanted to show you how they turned out and how easy it is to do! 
Basically I tried the long shorts on before, and looked at another pair of shorts I had against them to see what length I wanted them to be. 
I wanted mine to be rolled up some at the bottom, so I added an extra inch or so. 

I marked the outter and inner seam with a permanent marker on both legs, then took them off.  
See the marks on either side. 
I'm not a perfectionist, and like I said I am going to roll mine up, so I just cut them without worrying about it being perfectly straight. 
Did a pretty good job at keeping it straight. 
Both sides cut!

Looks pretty good I think! 

Really easy, and I gained a great new pair of denim shorts for the summer, which I definitely needed!! Try it out with some thrifted pants, or just some old pants that you don't wear anymore! Don't be afraid, as long as you don't cut too short, you pretty much can't mess them up!