Time Hop to 2 Years Ago


Time hop to 2 Years Ago, and I was finishing my first ever half marathon! 


I was waking up to that warm and fuzzy feeling.....also known as that extremely sore feeling!

If you are a runner you know the feeling I am talking about though! Especially after completing YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON! You wake up thinking....did I really do that! Did my body really accomplish that! For weeks I stared at my medal hanging in my car and would overwhelmed with the feeling of euphoria!

If you have never run an intense, long distance race, this feeling can be compared to another exciting time in ones life.  When you get engaged.  I remember having those same sensations, and being overcome with disbelief that I was actually engaged, and wearing a ring! I felt the same the the days, weeks, and month following my completion of the Honored Hero Half Marathon, disbelief that the finisher's medal belonged to me!  522221_458521347533776_1309370094_n


Then here I am two years later, I wish I could say that I have run 10 half marathons since then....but that is not true.  I ran this one in October 2012, and then my second half marathon I ran exactly 4 months later, in February.  Again with my mom and sister I completed the Disney's Princess Half Marathon! (Read my recap HERE)

Following this run, I didn't necessarily have any intentions to run that summer, other than a few 5K's, but planning to do another half in October 2013.  Well that summer I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, and then a month later got pregnant again with Zander.  Obviously since I had been running some, it probably would've been fine to train for the Fall 2013 half, but I didn't want to push my body after having a miscarriage, so I stopped running.

So, I have PROUDLY completed two half marathons!


Here I am though, 6 months post pregnancy, and I had intended to run a race this Fall/Winter, but my knee had been irritating me, and my doctor suggest I take some time off.  It has been hard because I am so ready, to get back out there, but I am learning more about taking care of and being gentle with my body! After all, I only get one body....better take care of it!

I am so ready to get back out there though! I am ready to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling.  I am ready for the dreadfully sore body for days.  I am ready to experience the most overwhelming sense of accomplishment I have felt in my life time.  I am ready to be in the race environment, cheering sidelines, encouraging runners, an awesome post-race celebration, and maybe even a post-race pedicure/massage.

I AM READY to run my 3rd half marathon!

You can read a recap of My First Half Marathon experience HERE!