Things that bring me JOY:

Being with my family
Giggles of a baby
Thunder storms & hot rays of sun
Laying out by the pool
Snow cones
Stove popped Popcorn
Laughing with my husband
Organizing my life
Disney movies
Candles being lit in my house
Peanut M&M's
Camping out
Being in the mountains
Listening to the running water of a beautiful stream
Riding my bike in the warm summer
My Beltway community
Worshiping the Lord
Playing with my nieces and nephews
Spending time with my mom and sister
Laughing about childhood memories with my best friend
Meeting new people and hearing their stories
Sitting at a coffee shop...reading a book
Laying in the grass and looking at the clouds
Sitting by a fire in the winter time
The sound of rain
Sleeping in with my husband