The Tension...when home is no long your HOME!

So it has been a long time since I have seen my family.  
Well so that you are not confused, let me define family for you---my parents, grandmother, nieces and nephew that live back at home.
Then once I use the word home I guess there needs to be another definition---when I refer to home, I am referring to the place where I grew up, and my mother and most of my family are at. 
Then again, when I am "home," I also refer to Abilene, which is where I have lived for the past five years as my home.  
And then again, my husband, whom obviously I live with in Abilene, is also my family. 
Do you see what I mean by The TENSION! 

I am at a place in life where it is really hard to define home, and my family.
I will tell you this though, as much as I love my life and my home here in Abilene with my sweet husband of two and a half years, I also can get very homesick for my "home" that I grew up in.  And I desperately miss all of my family there!

Then, I also have this tension of how to use my time off from work.
You see, being married, I enjoy a little vacation or two with my husband, and he enjoys it too!
Plus we really enjoy going on mission trips together with our church.  This year we are even  leading a trip.
Then there is going to see our family, which I always want to do, and hate only having a short weekend for that.

So where is the balance.....? 
How do I decide where to put my vacation time? 

There is one blessing that I know not all of you parents and my in-laws live about 20minutes from each other! Which is actually such a blessing.  Although we do have to split the time when we go home, at least we don't have to plan one trip to see my family and one trip to see his, we can spend time with all of them when we go visit.

Still though, this is a very hard situation.....surely some of you understand this or have felt this :-)

It's just a hard place to be in.....I have been married for right at two and a half years, and still I am learning to get used to the tension of where my home is, and how to spend my vacation time while pleasing my husband and not missing time with our families.

This is such a random post, but I really felt like maybe a few of you could understand this! Let me know if you totally understand and feel this same tension sometimes! 
SIDENOTE: This is not a complaint :-) Just wonderings in my heart as I am finally being able to head back to my families house to visit for a short two days this weekend! I have missed them dearly and cannot wait to see them! :-) 

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