The Root

There have been several times in my life when I have encountered a situation that has made me stop and, life is just too short. It is at these moments of revelation that I tell myself to always remember this feeling. I prepare myself for petty things that come and try to pull me down, so that I can be ready to just roll them off my shoulders because there are more real and important things to be concerned with. And so there is a period of time when I consistently remind myself to think past that day and moment and look into the big picture, and to what really matters. Then comes the day when something happens that wraps me up and I forget this. Therefore I am guilty of doing this; of letting life in this world get the best of me instead of looking to the future to the eternity of my life which really matters. It is the enemy that does these things. He takes you in times of great joy, when you have let your guard down, or in times of weakness when you have no strength to keep your guard up at all. These are the times when he strategically chooses to attack you. These are the times when he seeks to destroy us. It is then that we have to choose. We have to come to our senses and see the real issue behind the problem we are facing. The source does not come from another person on this earth and the pain that they may cause. Underneath it all, the root of all issues and problems and pains is Satan. He really does come to steal, kill, & DESTROY! It is up to us to be aware of his strategies and be able to discern that it is him in situations. Then we can begin to conquer him, and hold fast to our faith instead of blaming other people or even God for things. Even when we are able to see the devil is at work trying to hurt us, it will not be easy. Life will still be hard and painful at times....but at least we know that we have the hope of the Lord by our side. That is we hold on to him we have the power to conquer all. And when we feel weak we can hold on to his promise that his power works best in our weakness...therefore he makes us strong!