The New Look of Naturally Fit Sisters!

We are so excited to have our new website up and running! We have been working on this for about 2 months, and we have missed blogging with you so much!

We hope you will take some time to look around our site!

A few things for you to take notice of: 

  • We are now officially the Naturally Sisters


  • We have two blogs linked to our webpage: Naturally Fit Sisters (NFS) & Naturally Nesters (NN)
  • Along with the two blogs, we also have our online stores on our website. (those will be up and running shortly, we will let you know when they are ready to be viewed:

-NFS Store: fitness accessories including Spi Belt & Bondi Band products

-NN Store: handmade jewelry, accessories, and custom made pillows & cushions

  • Be sure to go to the sidebar to the + sign and follow us via Blog Lovin'
  • If you don't already LIKE us via Facebook & Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

We are so excited for 2013 and all that it holds for our website!

Plus we are so excited for upcoming events like our Disney Princess Half Marathon that we are currently in training for along with our mom.  We are also already signed up for another 2013 race, the Color Run in Dallas Texas! There are some exciting things happening this new year, and we are glad we get to share the journey with you!

Thanks for joining us and we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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