The Movers are Coming!

The Movers are COMING!

Here we go AGAIN with moving trucks! Only to do it AGAIN in July-ish! Below is the picture of the moving truck in Cali in December!


I would just like to tell you what a stinking CHAMP my almost 3 year old has been! He has talked about some of his stuff... asked about it... and to tell him the movers are bringing it, makes it better (as best as it can) What a champ that this little boy has gone over 40 days without any 'normal' to his life. Hey baby boy- we are bringing whatever NORMAL we have left back today! Yes, that is right... we get our stuff. Last night he was so excited and shared with his daddy in a high pitched, loud yell "DADDY!!! The mover's are bringing my bike back tomorrow!!!!" Daddy smiled and said, yes they were.. Then he got a sad face and said, "But they take yours and mommy's bike to STOOOORAGE" IT was precious. I'll never know why God blessed me with this precious boy... I'll never question it.... but he is just so.. perfect! 


For the past 40something days we have been without our stuff.. but luckily we lived in hotels/friends/families through the end of December. The beginning of January we moved into our house expecting our HHG (house house goods) to arrive very shortly after. WAS NOT the case. This was the first move we have made that it has been an issue. We took it with stride, but who could lie and say cooking without all of your pots and pans, sleeping on the floor, couch of sisters, or air mattress, and eating in camping chairs didn't get old? My boy is pretty excited to get chairs back.... or so he is saying this morning, so cute!


I won't lie.. I might be a little sad about not 'camping' out with my boys. The SIMPLICITY OF LIFE has been amazing. We haven't needed a TV or anything to entertain us. (ok, maybe a lie.. little boy may have become a little addicted to his car TV and computer).. but really we have entertained ourselves AND gotten to bed at a decent hour. IT has been heavenly... in a way! :) Though I do desire to put a tent up in our house and go camping.. but then I remembered that we are in TEXAS and we can go camping soon! My little man hasn't been camping since he was like 4-5 months old.. so it is time! We need to go again. He will LOOOVE it. We made S'mores with Aunt Britt Britt (Lil Sis) on Friday night and he LOOOVED doing it. He keeps asking me to do it again!


But I will NOT miss sleeping on the floor and air mattress. Praying for good sleep tonight in OUR BED! What! WHAT!!! We get our huge bed back... though it will take up the WHOLE room, who is complaining? I just want my bed.. and I am so excited!