Sugar Free COFFEE CREAMER +Giveaway!

On Day 1 of giving up sugar, 80% of people talk to me about their COFFEE!! 

How are they supposed to start their day if they can't have coffee the way they want sugar, or worse, sweet-n-low! No flavored creamers!!??

First off, let me just say you can use things like honey to sweeten your coffee, and spices like cinnamon to add flavor. And while that isn't amazing at first, as your body detoxes from sugar and your taste buds adjust, you can find an enjoyment in that coffee! 

What if I could tell you about an amazing creamer that not only tastes good, but also fuels your body and helps you burn fat!!??

WHAT? a coffee creamer that helps your body burn fat!? 

Yep, with the same science behind it as Bullet Proof Coffee, Know Brainer has created individually coffee creamers (so they are easy to travel with or take to Starbucks!), that taste great, plus help the body through fasted cardio workouts! 

Now, Bullet Proof Coffee has been a fad of sorts for a while, and I honestly avoided it at first due to the idea of putting BUTTER in my coffee! But after researching and seeing the benefits, plus tasting it, it's amazing! 

Here's some of the amazing ingredients of Know Brainer Creamer and why they are so important! 

  • Grass Fed Clarified Butter: it's nutrient-dense, and a TBSP contains: 
    • 500 IU vitamin A
    • More carotenes than carrots
    • High amounts of vitamin K2, vitamin D, and vitamin E
  • Brain-Boosting MCT Oil: 
    • Provides fast energy with no crash
    • Helps your brain stay focuses, and sharp! No more Brain Fog! 
    • "Brain Octane is a key part of Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, a protocol that boosts metabolism, burns fat, improves cognition, builds muscle…the list goes on." I AM A BIG PROPONENT OF INTERMITTENT FASTING & FASTED CARDIO! 
  • Fuel Calories
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Flavoring
  • Ketogenic Approved

Here's a more in depth breakdown of Bulletproof Coffee if you want to read up on it.

In reality, I would love to see these being sold in every single Starbucks!! How amazing would that be! And it would make ordering plain coffee so much more enjoyable! 

So....who wants to WIN a sampler pack of Know Brainer Creamers?? 

Or order your own sampler now to try it out!