The #1 Person I Wish I Could Workout With

This week my mom and my oldest niece are visiting, so we are busy busy enjoying each other's company! Yesterday my mom went with me to my Stroller Strides class, then we ran around town doing various things all day. It was raining, so we came back home, lounged around and watched the Hunger Games movie, then had an evening of pampering, I got my toes and nails done by my niece, plus we did facials, and hair! A great Monday indeed. 

Mom & Daughter Workout! Teaching generations to be healthy & active! #leaveyourlegacy with @brittanysuell


Today, now that the rain is gone, we have plans to go to the State Park and go hiking and enjoy a picnic in the wonderful weather! Which I am so thankful we are having! I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Follow me on Instagram to see some fun pictures from my week! 


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Today I'm joining my favorite link-up, with two awesome ladies, Jessica Joy & Jill Conyers! Check out their blogs, because they are awesome, and incredible fitness enthusiasts! 

So today's Fit Dish topic, is to talk about 5 People that you would love to workout with! Well for me, I'm just going to share my #1! 

Since before I got married, 2008ish, I have been working out with her! And I am so jealous of those that went to Ideafit last year and got to experience her awesome enthusiastic, fit self, and do one of her awesome workouts with her. 

Who is it you wonder? 

Well I started with Turbo Jam, and later fell in love with Turbo Fire as well. 




I absolutely love her! 

First I fell in love with her workouts! That's one reason why I love group fitness, and especially kickboxing! Turbo Jam was my Jam for so long! 

That is the workout I did before getting married, and I felt so toned and fit then! I definitely could tell that it impacted my body. 

Later I graduated to Turbo Fire, and once again, I just loved it too! 

Then, just this past year I started listening to her podcasts, especially The Chalene Show. 



This is basically the only podcast I listen to, and it's my go-to headphone choice while running. Even when I run for 2+hours straight, I just have several of her episodes lined up to stream one to the next. 

Once I started listening to her podcasts I realized she is so much more than just a fitness instructor. 

First off, I love that she is a Christian woman, who prioritizes and loves her family well, even through all of her successes. And, when listening to her, you learn these two things very quickly. 

Secondly, she pushes you to be the best you possible. In every aspect of your life. She's motivating, and has tons of life tips that help you be the best you! 

Lastly, she's a huge business woman. And as I have recently discovered the entrepreneur in myself, I enjoy listening to her so much. She is a wealth of wonderful information. There is so much that I can learn from her, and have learned from her. 

I have even had my husband listen to her with me, and we have both gotten so much out of her podcasts, through personal, and business development! 

So, all that to say, Chalene Johnson is my #1 choice of who I would workout with if I had a choice! I would love to be in her workout class, getting cheered on and motivated to kick harder, and punch more fiercely! 

And I would add to that, I would also love to sit under her, post workout with her of course, and let her tell me all sorts of awesome personal, business, and mom tips! 

Basically I would love to meet her and learn from her, and obviously take a selfie with her! 

So who would you want to workout with if you could pick one person!?!

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