Texas Blogger Series: What's so Great About being an Adult

          Hi! I'm Laurel and I blog over Girl Meets World! I am a newlywed with a husband who is about to start a new job in the oilfields of West Texas.  We have two crazy animals Bruce (The Bat Cat) and Molly (The Manic Mutt).  I have a crazy life and I started blogging to share some of it with the world.  I literally blog about everything under the sun. I believe in meeting the world head on one day at a time and my blog is a chronicle of the journey! Starbucks addict and lover of all things vintage and pretty  I love to make new friends! I hope you'll come join me on the journey and share some of your own!!!

          Normally I am not keen on being an adult. It's really nothing more than bills and responsibilities most of the time.  As adults we have pressures and demands and stress and...need I go on?? That being said though I was recently inspired by Momma Kat over at Momma's Losin It to reach a little deeper and see the silver lining (or at least the salted ring around the margarita glass) of being an adult.  So without further ado, I give you the 6 Best Things About Being An Adult:

1. We make the rules! We don't have anyone else telling us what to do or where to be we are in charge of our own lives (which is both awesome and terribly frightening in my case)

2. Being an adult means adult fun! Like board games, water parks, and ice cream sundaes and...oh wait... (what did you think I was going to say, hmm?)

3. Coffee!!! Though some (questionable) parents allow children under the age of 12 (do they have a death wish perhaps?) to drink coffee this is most often seen as an adult beverage - I know I didn't fully appreciate the joy of coffee until I was at least 21 and in college.

4. Crazy little thing called love. Now I am not saying that highschool sweethearts aren't adorable, but with age comes wisdom. It is only by becoming an adult that we realize that boys really maybe aren't so "icky."

5.Perspective. Hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes. With being an adult comes all the mistakes and lessons learned from the past. As an adult one has the ability to appreciate life and hopefully one learns not to take any day for granted.

6. Last but not least, the absolute best part of being an adult is getting to still act like a kid! Adults can be just as crazy and silly as kids if not even more so because we appreciate the reprieve so much more!

     So there ya have it! My favorite things about being an adult! Share your favorite thing about being an adult in the comments below! Also, a huge thanks to  Brittany for giving me the opportunity to be here with y'all today! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!
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