Team Bleach Shirts

Last weekend I, Little Sis ran in a Mud Run called the Mudslinger 5K with my friends and family.  (I will be writing about the run this weekend, but for now I want to tell you about the fun shirts that we made :-) 
For our race we signed up as a team called the "Mud Missiles!" The team name credit goes to my 6 year old nephew....who actually ended up running with us! 
Anyways, us girls, (my friend, mom, and me) were planning to make matching shirts.  We already had the same shorts, and headbands that matched, so I was going to make us shirts.  Then, we ended up making the guys shirts too! They turned out great!

Here's what we did.  
First we cut the shirts into razor back tanks! 
Here's a pic of my dog wearing the shirt sleeves as a turtle neck collar lol. 
We also cut out cardboard letters for our names.  
We then laid the letters down on the shirt and sprayed bleach over it.  (We put bleach in a random spray bottle) 
I learned that you really don't need to spray a lot of bleach, we could have done way less and it still would've worked. 

Anyways, we also cut out a cardboard running man.  :-) I loved this little guy lol We didn't put the missile on the shirt, but I thought this was cute enough to share. 
Anyways, we bleached the running man onto the back of our shirts.  
Right here you can see the color difference once the shirt was all dry.  I loved it and thought they turned out great! Especially since we were just going to get them all muddy anyways! 
Keep an eye out this weekend for the Mud Run Post!! 
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