Take the Risk

Well...if you are wondering, I am still pregnant. I'm 40 weeks and 2 days to be exact. 

I am super excited to have this baby girl, and can't wait to enjoy our time together, but being pregnant has not stopped me this month from working hard on my business, and taking a few risks to make myself better. 

This month, I took a step with my business and have chosen to partner with the makers of P90X & Insanity and joined Team INSPIRE. I have already seen huge results with this partnership, and being able to offer incredible products to my clients, and help them get great results. 

I love that just by believing in myself enough to take a risk I have seen results. That's usually how things happen you know. When we can get past the negative self-talk in our head, when we can push through fear, and when we will take the risk and believe in ourselves, then we will usually see some great results! 

That's exactly why my sister and I have decided to host the BELIEVE IN YOUR #SELFIE Challenge! 

We are so excited to host this challenge for a group of ladies where we will not only focus on your health and fitness, but also there will be a personal aspect helping us be a better US, from the inside out! 

With this group, participants will get: 

  • Daily Affirmation Focused on-
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Self Esteem
    • Appetite
    • Preparation & Organization
  • Weekly Team Webinars
  • Fitness & Meal Planning Tips
  • Exclusive Access to a Group of Like Minded Individuals
  • 30 Day Workout Challenge

We would love for you to join our challenge and start to Believe In Your #Selfie again! There are a limited number of spots, and the challenge starts June 15th, so to find out more, click below! 

And remember....taking a risk can lead to some amazing things! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 


Please Note:This group is not free, only because you will have to buy some tools to help support your journey. There are no extra fees though. You are only paying for the resources you will be using in your home.