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How to Beat the Winter Blues

blues How does it make you feel when it gets dark right after you get home from work?

Sad, frustrated, tired, lazy....??

In the winter, when it's blistering cold outside, do you walk out your front door and stop to take in the nice crisp air?

Mostly likely not....most likely, you rush to your car, or wherever you are headed, bundled up, cringing, and maybe complaining about how freezing cold you are.

These feelings are much different from the summer time.  Although we all enjoy the winter times, filled with scarves and boots, yummy snacks, and lots of family traditions.  The months of winter do seem to to drag on.  Then we enter summer, where we get several hours of light in the evenings, and we do stop a little more often to smell the rosestake in the beauty around us.


Some people find the winter months very difficult and may even struggle with seasonal depression. Even if you haven't struggled to the point of depression.  We can all admit that when it comes to leaving our house in the evening to go workout at the gym, that we might find it a little harder to do in the winter, than in the spring or summer. Even my Yoga classes have been on the low-end of participation since the time change, and the weather got colder.  I mean, I am the instructor, and it's hard for me to want to leave my cozy, happy home when it's pitch black and cold out.  Even if it is only 6:30PM.

So today, let's talk about HOW TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES!

  • Become the instructor, so you can't miss going to the gym! JUST KIDDING...obviously everyone's not meant to teach.....although this works for me!
  • Get friends that you workout with! Whether it's a running club, or friends you are meeting for a kickboxing class...find people to keep you accountable! Not only will they call you out, and tell you to "Get your Bootie to the gym!" If you are working out with people you enjoy being around, then you will want to leave to go hang out....WORK OUT with them!
  • Drink COFFEE! Well this works for me, but I may or may not be a coffee-holic! I love having a nice warm drink with me, wherever I go! Even if it's decaf....but having some caffeine, or some sort of energy booster helps as well.  So that when you see it's so dark, and your body thinks it's time to wind down, you have energy to get moving!
  • Take time to set goals for this season! What are some things you want to accomplish, achieve, or get done?
  • Make a calendar of fun events you and your family can participate in throughout the winter months.  This will probably be easier around the holidays, but even through the new year, make plans to stay active and enjoy life together.  It's easy to just stay home and be lazy during this time because it's so dark outside.  This may take time and effort, but it's worth it for the entire family, get creative!
  • Eat energetic life giving foods versus heavy, depressive, coma inducing foods. What does that mean!?!? EAT REAL FOOD. Leave the box meals and frozen meals at the store and AHOP in the produce section! Eat less bread and pasta and more fruits and veggies!
  • My newest favorite way to beat the winter blues, is to lather up in my favorite essential oils! As a matter of fact, I was lathering up in my lavender oil tonight when I started to feel a little stress coming on! It works wonders!
    • Lavender is definitely my go-to for this, it can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. And it's sweet aroma is soothing and refreshing.  I rub it on my wrists and back of my neck, and then take several breaths, inhaling the goodness!
    • Citrus Fresh is a new oil that I just got, and is known for it's calming and relaxing blend. Several say they use it specifically to uplift the mind, or for "seasonal sad times" by applying it to the wrists. It's said to "support the immune and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy!



What ways do you stay motivated during the winter!??

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Disclaimer: I am a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. Feel free to message me if you have questions about the oils mentioned in the post, or are interested in getting some, or a sample!

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