The Importance of Breathing

The Importance of Breathing, try this breathing technique to decrease stress! Wow! This week has started off great! Yep, and it's only Tuesday! 

As you know....I'm pregnant. 15 weeks actually, and still I haven't gained a lot of energy back, which is kind of stinky! This week though, I started something that has rejuvenated and excited me about my home business and what I do. I started my first Private Yoga Session with a student that has been taking classes with me since April. 

I am so excited about what this journey will look like for us. I am excited to begin intertwining my faith into Yoga more and seeing what God is going to do in me and my client in these one-on-one sessions. Plus, I'm excited to see where this new journey of teaching private yoga will take me. (Stay tuned for updates on my website about what I offer as far as private yoga goes)

This week we are focusing on the Importance of Breathing, and on Friday I am sending her home with the homework of spending 2 minutes a day, in pure stillness, quietness, away from distractions (this includes a vibrating phone), and spending time to just breath! 

This may not seem like much, since hello....we breath all-day, every-day. But there's a difference in the normal breath you take, and taking time to intentionally breath. 

The Importance of Breathing

One of the primary reasons that breathing techniques that foster a long, smooth inhales and exhales (like what we practice in yoga) are so beneficial is because, when practiced correctly, they can support the parasympathetic nervous system. This in return activates what is commonly known as the “relaxation response,” reducing stress and its effects on your body and mind. As a result, your resilience in the face of challenge or adversity increases, and your mind becomes more focused and still.

So try it out! 

How to Breath:

Lie flat on your back. Knees can be bent or legs out long. Place one hand on the belly, and the other on the chest. Slowly just begin to breath normally. Allowing the body to relax. Notice the natural movement of the body. The rise and fall of the belly and chest. Then with intention, begin to expand that breath. Breathing a little deeper, and helping the chest and belly to rise a little further. Focus in on your breath, and keeping your inhales and exhales the same length.

Do this for approximately two minutes a day.

How does it make you feel? What feelings or emotions come over your mind and body? 

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Yoga Challenge During My Last Month of Pregnancy....Why Not!?!?


I am almost 35 weeks pregnant! Next week will be a month from my due date! I cannot wait to have my sweet baby boy here with us!

Until then though, to pass the time I thought I would join in on a little Instagram Yoga Challenge!!

I decided to join some of my favorite Insta Yogis in a challenge called  Back Bend Madness! #backbendmadness

I mean what better way to pass my last month of pregnancy than to be in a Yoga Challenge!

I would love to have some of you join in with me! I got my mom to join, and this is her first ever yoga challenge.  She has only just started doing yoga for the past few months, and has learned to love it.  It is extra challenging for her too, because her back has always given her problems, so throughout the challenge she has commented several times about having a stiff back.  What better way to fix that though, than to practice back bends. All that to say, anyone can do it, because my mom is rocking it! Plus the hosts share multiple versions that you can try, from beginners to advanced, so you can always choose what is best for you!

CaptureHere's the entire month's challenge, and we are only on Day 7, so it's not too late to join!

Here are some of my back bends from the challenge so far!








So there are my first 6 days of the #BackBendMadness Instagram Challenge!!

It is a lot of fun to do it along with people that you know so that you can keep each other accountable to remember to post, and encourage each other along the way! That is why it is so fun that my mom is doing it with me! So if you are interested at all in joining, follow me on INSTAGRAM and tag me @NFSisters!!! I would love to see your posts!

And remember, don't be intimidated, Yoga is all of being true to yourself and doing what you can do, with no comparison to others! You have to listen to your body, and there are always variations for every body type and skill level!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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