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Yoga is for EveryBODY

Each time I attend a Yoga Training, I am renewed with excitement and passion for what I do. I love being a Yoga Instructor. I love being able to guide people through a class of self-awareness, challenging their muscles, releasing stress, moving their joints, and ending in a time of reflection or meditation. Yoga is all around just good for us. It's good for our muscles, our bones, out joints. It's good for strengthening our core and keeping our posture upright and strong as we age. It's good for our mental clarity and focus. Yoga is good for maintaining and relieving stress. Yoga teaches us that it's okay to just be, in a world where we are constantly going and doing. Yoga makes us look inward and reminds us of who we really are.  Yoga is needed, and in my opinion, Yoga is for EveryBODY!

Whether you are young or old, Yoga can be good for you. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

There are two main reasons I will focus on today, to make my point of why Yoga is for EveryBODY! 

1) We are all getting older, and Yoga helps us maintain a healthy body, with strong muscles and healthy joints.


As we age there are several things that occur.....

We start to get stiff, we lose muscle and bone density, we stop moving as much (in general), our posture begins to slouch, we begin to feel more pain overall.

Yoga helps all of these things. 

One of the things that I love about Yoga the most is that you move the joints a lot. A lot of the moves use movement that we use in everyday life. Take chair pose for example. It's teaching you to sit back in a chair, or get up out of a chair using your core. Even the simple movement of extending your arms up is amazingly helpful as we age. How many times do we reach out or above us to grab something?  So in Yoga you are constantly lubricating those joints, which helps with stiffness that occurs as you age. This loosens up our joints, making it easier and more free to move to do our every day activities. 

Plus with Yoga you do balancing poses. This helps as well, because as you age you begin to lose muscle mass, and strength, which is a big reason why you hear of elderly people falling often. Working on balance and stability will help strengthen those muscles that keep you upright. 

So basically what I"m saying here, is Yoga helps you live your best life! It helps you Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! I am so passionate about creating a healthy and active lifestyle for YOURSELF so that you are able to enjoy life to the fullest, for the longest possible time. When you are healthy, you are able to do things with your children and grandchildren! You are able to experience life with them, and pass that value on to them! Yoga helps you do that! It's all about the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle

Yoga can literally be maneuvered to fit your body. If you are seeing crazy poses on Instagram, and you think you can't do those....that's okay, you probably can't. But if you go to a well run class, those aren't the poses you will be doing. You will be doing basic Yoga Poses, and the instructor should lead you to find the version that fits your body! Fit the pose to your body, not your body to the pose. There are always options and variations for Yoga Poses! 

[bctt tweet="Yoga is for EveryBODY! It helps to strengthen our muscles as we age, relax in a busy world, and live a #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle! @brittanysuell"]

2) In a world that is constantly going and has so many areas of stimuli and stress, Yoga calms the mind and teaches us to just be. 

WE ALL NEED YOGA! often do you just sit and be quite, and do nothing. UM.....Like never! 

In each of my Yoga classes we spend a couple of minutes in the beginning, and about double or triple that time at the end just being. We focus inward, on our breath, on ourselves, sometimes on a specific word or phrase, or characteristic of ourselves. And let me just say.....THAT IS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO DO. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

Our world is so, go-go-go, that when we are asked to sit and just be, it is so hard for us. It can actually become an emotional place for us. If we tend to hide or smother our emotions, and fill our lives with busyness, then if we spend even just a couple of moments where our minds and emotions are able to go to those places where we are smothering, then it can begin to bring those emotions us and make us start to face them. IT'S A GOOD THING! 

Yoga is therapeutic because of just this. Yoga is special to me not only because I know it's a good workout and it tones my body, but because in two of the hardest places of my life, Yoga has brought renewal and healing for me.

In 2009 after losing my brother to a car accident was the first time I started doing Yoga. I remember every time we laid in the final relaxation pose, I would get emotional. I didn't understand it at first, and really I wanted to run from it, but I stuck it out and it was good and helpful for me. 

A similar thing, in 2013 after miscarrying, each time I went to Yoga, rushing in from a busy day at work, it gave me that quiet time I needed and wanted for myself. I appreciated time to just stop thinking about everything and everyone else in the world, and spend an hour focussed on just me! I craved that time, and appreciated it during that healing period for me. 

So get convinced! Yoga is good for you! Yoga is for EveryBODY, and we need to be doing Yoga! It keeps us healthy mentally and physically! 

Leave a Comment telling me....

What do you think about Yoga? Is it something you do often? Does this help you see the importance in doing Yoga? 

If you are looking for an opportunity to try out some Yoga poses, join us for our 7 day Yoga Challenge. (Today is Day 4, but jump in and catch back up!) Check out my Instagram for the daily poses, and each host is sharing various options for the pose, so do the one that fits your body! 

Plus you can WIN some great prizes for participating! Check out more of the Challenge details HERE

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


#DownDogDaysofSummer Yoga Challenge

  Who is ready to kickstart August into high gear! 

sidenote: Can you believe it's already August? Like Woah! Where did the summer go??

Anyways, let's get the month started off right with a 7 day Yoga Challenge focused on poses that transition from Downward Facing Dog! 

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

[bctt tweet="Join the #DownDogDaysofSummer Yoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell and #WIN Prizes from @BrickBetty and more! #sweatpink #BrickBetty"]

So why should you join the challenge? 

Well first off, let me start with the good stuff...


We have some awesome prizes to give away just for participating at your skill level! You don't have to be a professional Yogi, you just have to show us that you tried and put forth the effort by posting a photo or video of you each day of the challenge. 

1ST Prize:

An entire, amazing outfit from Brick Betty
WIN this outfit from Brick Betty when you participate in the #DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

2nd Prize:

Your choice of a tank from ShockT Designs

3rd Prize: 
A Yoga Gift Basket from Tiberius Organics
(Gift basket of goodies: Yoga mat spray, hand sanitizer, face oil etc)

So if those prizes aren't reason enough to join in the challenge let me convince you further!

First off, Yoga in general is good for you. It strengthens and lengthens muscles, it lubricates our joints, and it creates strong bones. Basically I like to think of it as taking care of my body which is already aging. So that as I age I still feel good, am strong, and have full mobility of my limbs!

Second, we are working on Down Facing Dog transitions, and downward dog in general has a huge amount of benefits.

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

1) It builds bone density- poses like this and other arm balances build upper body strength due to the weight that is put on the arms and shoulders, which helps to increase bone density. 

2) It increases energy- spend a minute or more in this pose and see how you feel after a long run or long day working.

3) It eliminates stiffness and back pain- when your body is properly aligned in this pose, it can open up the shoulders and back, and decrease the tension that is held there

 4) It boosts circulation- any pose where the heart is above the head, (also known as an inversion) is good for the circulatory system. "An active circulatory system helps flush toxins from our body, keep our immune system in tip-top shape, and helps regulate blood pressure."

Benefits taken form 

[bctt tweet="Why we should all be doing Downward Facing Dog Pose! Start off with the #DownDogDaysofSummer Challenge with @brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy"]

So who wants to join in on the fun, WIN some prizes, and get all these amazing benefits for your body? 

Comment and let me know if you are in! & check out Instagram for all the details! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



#LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge Recap!

I spent two awesome weeks in May co-hosting the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with the amazing Lora Hogan! And I have got to say, spending "Instagram" time with some amazing Yogi's is so encouraging and refreshing!  It was two weeks full of seeing people achieve goals, gain confidence, flexibility, and get encouraged from the awesome Insta fitness community, which is wonderful! 

Here's some of the awesome posts from participants in the challenge: 

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

And here's some posts from the 3 Lucky Winner's picked for participating in each day of the challenge! 

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

We were able to partner with some incredible brands to sponsor the event and giveaway some great prizes! You definitely want to check these guys out! 

Prana -gave away a Yoga Prize Pack to the 1st place winner! 

Energy Muse Jewelry -gave the 2nd place winner some beautiful jewelry! 

Shine Athletica -gave 3rd place a one of a kind #LoveYourHips Tank!

Such incredible prizes from some amazing sponsors! 


Thanks to everyone who joined us for this amazing challenge.  I am incredibly grateful and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! (We are already chatting about future challenges, so get excited)


What was your favorite thing about the challenge :something you learned, grew in, or your favorite pose!

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


#LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with sponsor PrAna

Here I am, it's a Tuesday night, and I'm just sitting at home sipping on my Sugar Free Margarita! (yum) This is definitely something I have missed since going sugar free. That's right, I haven't had a margarita for at least 5 months, (well except for the sour one I had made for me at a restaurant while at a Bachelorette weekend in Austin, TX. last wasn't very good). Anyways, this is definitely something I will be having a little more of in my life now that I know the recipe is easy, tastes good, and I can have one with NO GUILT!  There's something else we ALL need a LITTLE MORE OF in our life......YOGA! And I know the perfect way to kickstart your summer with a little more yoga! 

How about a #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge! I am soooo excited to tell you all about this awesome Yoga Challenge that I have been working on with the amazing Lora Hogan! 

We have teamed up to bring you 14 Days of hip openers! Each day we will feature a pose, and you post a photo or video of you doing it. Don't worry if you are new to Yoga, or maybe you have never done any Yoga at all. We will be showing variations of the pose to fit all levels, so EVERYONE CAN JOIN THE FUN! 

And what is a Yoga Challenge without prizes right!!! 

So we will be featuring a huge first place prize pack from sponsor PrAna! They have incredible apparel, and Yoga gear! Check them out and tell us what you want to WIN! 

We will also have prizes from Shine Athletica an amazing apparel brand from Texas!! Check out all the cute inspirational stuff they have!

So who is ready to breathe some life into those hips, get a little more flexible, and a little less stressed!? If you want to take a little more time for yourself, and take care of/love the body that you are in, then join us for this awesome Yoga Challenge! 

[bctt tweet="Join @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan for the 14 day #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge and WIN awesome prizes from @prAna"]

So are you wondering how you WIN some of these awesome prizes!?!? Here's what you do:

  • Post a photo/video of you doing the pose each of the 14 days of the challenge!
  • Tag @brittanysuell  @lora_hogan  @prAna and use #LoveYourHips (you can go ahead and follow us all now)
  • Get an extra entry to WIN prizes by posting a recap of the challenge on your blog or (for non-bloggers) on your social media site, telling the world how much you LOVED the challenge!

Here's a little sneak peak of the poses! 

Join the 14 day #LOVEYOURHIPS Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan and WIN prizes from @prana

The fun starts MONDAY!! 



Then click to tweet below and tell the world you are joining the challenge! and repost the challenge photo on your social media! 

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Chicken Coop & Garden Box #MommyMonday

April is over, and we achieved our Spring Time, Easter goal....we got chicks, and built them a coop! I mentioned at the end of March that we were getting chicks. I told my husband that's what I wanted as an Easter gift! (Easter is my fav. holiday, so I definitely expect a gift hahaha) So we got chicks, and planned out what we wanted our coop to look like.  Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell 

We looked all over Pinterest for various coop ideas/designs, and combined some that we liked to create our own! SIDENOTE about us: My husband and I actually own our own business called Simply Suell.  We do a lot of custom furniture orders. People will end us photos from Pinterest or West Elm and we build the furniture for them to fit their home, and usually cheaper than those more expensive upscale furniture places. We also sell smaller items on Etsy. (You can see some of our builds on our Instagram.) So I told him we were going to need to build our own coop for the chicks! Here's what we ended up with. 

We have a large area on the bottom for them, (the run), where we keep their feed and water. Then the ladder leads up to their top coop. There we have an open space with some roosting areas, and there are three large laying boxes for them. We thought that was plenty for our 8 chickens. 

Also, on the top part, there is an outdoor hinge door, (notice the top right) that leads right to the laying boxes. That will make it easy for us to collect the eggs, and clean the coop. 

The great thing about this coop, is we used mostly reclaimed wood, and wire/metal that my dad brought to us. Meaning we spent $0 on it. Well except for the purple paint. I wanted to add a fun pop of color to my backyard, so I had to buy some paint for it! Then my husband had the idea of making it look modern by putting cedar wood stripes horizontally around it. I really like the way it turned out. 

Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell


I also made this super cute "The Suell Farm" sign to add some fun to our coop! 

And, we bought herbs this past weekend and I got my garden box planted. I planted lavender, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, spearmint, ginger mint, and a chocolate mint! 

I am so excited to use some of the mint in my summer drinks. On my April Podcast/Vlog I mentioned that missing out on summery drinks might be hard, but I'm so excited to create my own. Even just a lemon-mint water sounds wonderful! Or, I'm super excited to try making a yummy chocolate-mint cocktail! How good does that sound! Stay tuned and I will share my recipes with y'all!

Now I just have to get my chickens to start laying eggs instead of trying to do Yoga with me! 

We are so excited to have chickens and fresh eggs anytime we want. Plus, we love that our son will grow up helping with the chickens and getting eggs, etc. I know it may seem like a small thing, but having something like this to help with every day creates work ethic inside a child, even from a small age. Plus when he helps with the chickens, then gets to see the reward of his work (eggs), and eat the eggs, there is so much to be learned through that simple task. #MommyMonday

[bctt tweet="Check out this awesome modern chicken coop with garden box by @brittanysuell #mommymonday #leaveyourlegacy"]

Stay tuned, because NEXT WEEK launches the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge that I am doing with Lora Hogan! Make sure you are following me, and her on Instagram, because we have some amazing pries from the awesome sponsor PrAna, plus more to give out! 

 #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with sponsor @PrAna

[bctt tweet="WIN awesome prizes from @PrAna by joining the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan"]

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



Roses are red, Violets are blue, let's do some Yoga for Two!

Yep you guessed it! I talked my wonderful husband into filming a professional, fun and not professional at all Partner Yoga Video to share with y'all for the big Valentines Day!!  What better way to spend Valentines Day than to sweat, stretch, try something new, and laugh quite a bit with your favorite person!? 

I even made you this super cute Valentine that you can print out and give your that special someone inviting them to join you for some Partner Yoga! (Seriously you don't have to do anything but print, press play, and have fun!)

A full length partner yoga video for your and your lover on Valentines Day! From @brittanysuell

OH, and did I mention that ANYONE can do these moves!?! As you may notice I am coaching (in a non-bossy way I assure you) my husband throughout the entire video. And sadly, he is not a Yogi, he even questioned which pose Downward Dog was....yes this makes me very sad! But one day I'll get him into Yoga more. My point being though, you don't have to know a lot of be flexible to do this yoga! Just make it your own and have fun together! 

So check out the video, and I would love for you to SHARE it with your friends! PIN it, TWEET it, or SHARE it on Facebook! Thanks! 

[bctt tweet="Roses are red, Violets are blue, Grab your lover and do Yoga for Two! #partneryoga #yoga @brittanysuell"]

And it just so happens that Warrior 2 is the pose of the day for the Prana #taketheleap Challenge!! So check out how to do it with a partner, and post it on your social media site! Remember, you could WIN $500 to Prana for you and a friend, just for participating!

Plus, you can use my code for 15% off Prana gear, right now! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to yourself!

Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell

So other than this we have no V-day plans, so please, Comment and tell me, What are your plans for celebrating Valentines Day!??

**My February Podcast will be airing after Valentines Day! Be sure you have SUBSCRIBED so that you know when it goes live!**Click HERE to subscribe! 


I'm linking up to Fitness Friday with Jill Conyers, & #FridayFive with Mar on the Run! Check it out for more LOVE posts! 

Setting Goals Before You #TaketheLeap

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach As I mentioned on Monday, I am the Challenge Leader for the Prana & Fit Approach 30-Day Yoga Challenge, #TaketheLeap! It's only day 3, but I'm already having so much fun following those that are a part of the challenge!  I realized yesterday, that if I'm going to be doing 30 Days of Yoga, that I need to set some goals for this challenge! For many, this challenge might be a way for them to gain flexibility, get moving every day for 30 days, find a little time for themselves, gain some way of stress relief and peace inducing time with Yoga. There are all sorts of reasons to take part in a challenge. Maybe it's just to try something new and BE CHALLENGED!  For me, I do Yoga in a class setting at least 3 times a week. Then on my own at home some as well. So I'm definitely doing Yoga on a normal basis.  So what might my Goals be for the #TaketheLeap Challenge.  Here's what I've decided: 

1. Do a handstand a day. Starting with 10seconds, and adding 10seconds a day. 

I chose this because before I got pregnant I was really practicing inversions and handstands, but I have since stopped doing that. I want to get better at handstands and stronger. I want to be able to just throw myself into a hand or headstand anywhere for a fun picture, etc. With enough strength to hold it, and enough courage not to be against a wall. So my goal is to practice hand standing throughout these 30 days, and to gain more control and courage in them! 

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach

2. To do more Yoga at home.

Although I teach Yoga and go to classes, I don't take advantage of really  practicing Yoga at home. So I commit to practicing at least 10 minutes a day at home Yoga. 

3. To grow in my backbends. 

I love backbends, and I don't mean just traditional wheel pose, I mean backbend poses, and I want to gain more flexibility in my backbends. So throughout my daily at home practice, I am specifically going to focus on backbends, and I hope to see some change! 

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach

So tell me, WHAT GOALS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE #TAKETHELEAP CHALLENGE!? [bctt tweet="Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach #sweatpink"]

 Now check out my cute Prana gear!!! I love it! I will be wearing this to my Yogafit Yoga training that I'm attending in San Antonio, TX. this weekend, and will be telling you all about it next week. From what I can tell so far though, it is high quality, feels great on, is supportive, and super cute!!  In the mean time, you can go to and use my code for 15% OFF their new Spring line. And let me just tell you, they have some super CUTE stuff!  Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell FYI: My family has had the stomach bug this week, which has pushed back the production of my podcast! Expect for it to drop next week!   #LeaveYourLegacy

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Everything You Need to Know to #TakeTheLeap

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge, #TaketheLeap, hosted by @prana & @fitapproach If you follow me on Instagram, then you know by now that I am a challenge leader for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Take the Leap! Hosted by Prana & Fitapproach

If you haven't heard, then no worries, I am here to answer all the questions that you may, or may not have about the Yoga Challenge.  And....if you are thinking Yoga is not for you, then hold your horses....because you are going to want to be part of this challenge.  There are great perks, the moves can be done by beginners or advanced yogis, and taking a little time to stretch, and breathe more could do your body good! 

[bctt tweet="Here's everything you need to know to #TaketheLeap with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach #leaveyourlegacy #sweatpink"]

 What is it? 

-It's a Yoga Challenge hosted by Prana & Fitapproach.  Basically, as Prana launches their Spring line, they want to motivate people to DO YOGA every day for 30 days!! So they have challenge leaders, (uh-hum) that's me! Who will post Yoga poses on their social media sites every day for everyone to do.  

How long does it last? 

-The challenge goes from February 2-March8th, 30 days total.

Who is it for? 

-ANYONE!! Wahoo! and Everyone! Basically, if you have never done a Yoga pose in your life, this challenge is for you. AND....if you are an advanced Yogi, this challenge is for you! 

But, I never do Yoga, can I even do these poses? 

-Yes! As one of your challenge leaders, I plan to show basic poses, and advanced options so that everyone can participate.  And if this is your first time, take the basic moves and enjoy them! It's part of Yoga to be happy where you are in a pose, and to grow as you practice.  Who knows, some of the poses might even be easy enough that you want to try the advanced poses! No pressure though, just do what your body is capable of! 

How do I participate? 

-Great question! So, FOLLOW ME! I will mostly be posting on Instagram, so you definitely want to follow me there. I will also post photos of the poses on my Facebook Page as well, but I can't always get videos on there, so INSTAGRAM is definitely where you want to be following! 

  • Each day I will post a video and/or a photo with the pose of the day on it, with some instruction for you. 
  • I encourage you to practice the pose for 3-5minutes a day. 
  • Then post a photo and/or video on your own social media site
  • Be sure to tag @Fitapproach @Prana @Brittanysuell #TaketheLeap #LeaveYourLegacy
  • You can also join the Facebook Group for the challenge.  Lot's of awesome people will be there cheering each other on, and posting their daily posts there!

What's in it for me? 

  1. There's an awesome community out there that you can get involved with by being a part of the challenge.  Click on the #TaketheLeap hashtag and follow others in the challenge. Interact on the Facebook group. And tell me what you think of the poses and how practicing Yoga for 30 days is helping you. You will get motivation and encouragement all over the place! 
  2. You could WIN $500 for YOU AND A FRIEND from Prana!! Yep you heard me right!  

How do I win? 

-Post every day and use the tags and hashtags I mentioned above! *If you forget to post one day, don't worry, just catch up the next day! 

What else do I need to know? 

-I want to follow you throughout the challenge as well, so comment on my Instagram and let me know you are participating so that I can follow you! And tag me in your daily posts, @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy so that I can cheer you on! 

What kind of poses will we be doing? 

I have decided to post my poses as a Yoga progression.  Basically this means that I will start slow, and build up, so that each day you can stack the poses on top of each other, to create an entire Yoga practice over the 30 days! 

WEEK 1: Warm-Up Poses

WEEK 2: Working Poses (Warrior Poses)

WEEK 3: Balancing Poses/Advanced Poses

WEEK 4: Cool Down Poses

 So get ready for an awesome 30 days full of great Yoga poses! Take time out of your day to spend alone to practice Yoga. Breathe deep, and breath full, and let this Yoga practice reenergize you and relieve stress, and create a sense of peace in your life!! 

So I want to know, are you going to #TaketheLeap with me!?!? Let me know in the comments! 

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge, #TaketheLeap, hosted by @prana & @fitapproach



#beSTRONGin2015 Yoga Challenge


It's 2015, so I decided, why not join a fun Yoga Challenge!!

So I'm joining in with two awesome Instagram Yogi's, @BeachYogaGirl & @KinoYoga

I would love for you to join in the fun on Instagram, and FOLLOW ME!

Here's my poses for the first three days!


I started my challenge in the ice and snow of Texas, wearing my boots and flannel, then I flew to Florida! Now I'm in the nice sunny weather wearing shorts! So the next week will be palm trees, pool, and beach photos for me!



So if you want to BE STRONG IN 2015 and have some Yoga fun, join me on Instagram, and let me know you are joining the challenge so I can follow you!

So if you want to join the challenge, all you have to do is follow the hosts, and each day they will post instructions on how to do different versions of the pose.  Then you post a video or photo of you doing the post.  Be sure to use the hashtag, and tag the hosts.  (And tag me! I would love to see your poses!)

a little photo taking tip: Although iPhones now have a timer on their camera, I use the app Burst Mode.  (It costs $0.99 or $1.99, but it's worth it) It takes 250 photos, so you can practice the pose while it is taking back-to-back photos, then you can choose which one is the best.  Rather than just taking your chance with one photo from the camera timer!

[Tweet "#beSTRONGin2015 and join the Instagram Challenge with @NFSisters"]

 OH and this one is just for fun!! 



Yoga Challenge During My Last Month of Pregnancy....Why Not!?!?


I am almost 35 weeks pregnant! Next week will be a month from my due date! I cannot wait to have my sweet baby boy here with us!

Until then though, to pass the time I thought I would join in on a little Instagram Yoga Challenge!!

I decided to join some of my favorite Insta Yogis in a challenge called  Back Bend Madness! #backbendmadness

I mean what better way to pass my last month of pregnancy than to be in a Yoga Challenge!

I would love to have some of you join in with me! I got my mom to join, and this is her first ever yoga challenge.  She has only just started doing yoga for the past few months, and has learned to love it.  It is extra challenging for her too, because her back has always given her problems, so throughout the challenge she has commented several times about having a stiff back.  What better way to fix that though, than to practice back bends. All that to say, anyone can do it, because my mom is rocking it! Plus the hosts share multiple versions that you can try, from beginners to advanced, so you can always choose what is best for you!

CaptureHere's the entire month's challenge, and we are only on Day 7, so it's not too late to join!

Here are some of my back bends from the challenge so far!








So there are my first 6 days of the #BackBendMadness Instagram Challenge!!

It is a lot of fun to do it along with people that you know so that you can keep each other accountable to remember to post, and encourage each other along the way! That is why it is so fun that my mom is doing it with me! So if you are interested at all in joining, follow me on INSTAGRAM and tag me @NFSisters!!! I would love to see your posts!

And remember, don't be intimidated, Yoga is all of being true to yourself and doing what you can do, with no comparison to others! You have to listen to your body, and there are always variations for every body type and skill level!

Have a wonderful weekend!

little signautres