The Importance of Breathing

The Importance of Breathing, try this breathing technique to decrease stress! Wow! This week has started off great! Yep, and it's only Tuesday! 

As you know....I'm pregnant. 15 weeks actually, and still I haven't gained a lot of energy back, which is kind of stinky! This week though, I started something that has rejuvenated and excited me about my home business and what I do. I started my first Private Yoga Session with a student that has been taking classes with me since April. 

I am so excited about what this journey will look like for us. I am excited to begin intertwining my faith into Yoga more and seeing what God is going to do in me and my client in these one-on-one sessions. Plus, I'm excited to see where this new journey of teaching private yoga will take me. (Stay tuned for updates on my website about what I offer as far as private yoga goes)

This week we are focusing on the Importance of Breathing, and on Friday I am sending her home with the homework of spending 2 minutes a day, in pure stillness, quietness, away from distractions (this includes a vibrating phone), and spending time to just breath! 

This may not seem like much, since hello....we breath all-day, every-day. But there's a difference in the normal breath you take, and taking time to intentionally breath. 

The Importance of Breathing

One of the primary reasons that breathing techniques that foster a long, smooth inhales and exhales (like what we practice in yoga) are so beneficial is because, when practiced correctly, they can support the parasympathetic nervous system. This in return activates what is commonly known as the “relaxation response,” reducing stress and its effects on your body and mind. As a result, your resilience in the face of challenge or adversity increases, and your mind becomes more focused and still.

So try it out! 

How to Breath:

Lie flat on your back. Knees can be bent or legs out long. Place one hand on the belly, and the other on the chest. Slowly just begin to breath normally. Allowing the body to relax. Notice the natural movement of the body. The rise and fall of the belly and chest. Then with intention, begin to expand that breath. Breathing a little deeper, and helping the chest and belly to rise a little further. Focus in on your breath, and keeping your inhales and exhales the same length.

Do this for approximately two minutes a day.

How does it make you feel? What feelings or emotions come over your mind and body? 

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#SimplyMove #LeaveYourLegacy

How I Stay Balanced When Life is Crazy...

Yep I admit has been crazy the past couple of weeks!  I literally unpacked my suitcase a week and a half after I got home from vacation. I've been busy spending time with my son and enjoying some much needed play dates after being gone for almost two weeks. I feel like I can barely keep up with cleaning my house, all in the midst of teaching Yoga & Fit4Mom classes and hosting Freezer Meal Workshops.

So you wonder....How do I stay balanced when life is crazy....

How I stay balanced when life gets crazy!

There are several things that help me through crazy, high-paced, or even stressful times. 

1) Yoga Balancing Poses

Yoga Balancing Poses! How I Stay Balanced when life gets crazy!

When doing Balancing Yoga Poses, you have to focus! It takes not only strength, but mental focus. So when I practice balancing poses, my thoughts go away from the craziness of life, and I am forced to focus on holding the pose, and keeping a steady breath. This brings relief to a crazy life, and allows me to clear my mind of all that it has been bogged down with. 

Yoga Balancing Poses truly are a powerful tool when life is crazy.

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2) Stay Grounded with Pluggz

Stay Grounded with Pluggz! How I Stay Balanced when life gets crazy!

What are Pluggz?? Pluggz are shoes (super cute shoes) that have grounding techniques that connect you to the earth and enable an electrical connection and harmony that our body needs. Our body is lacking in electrons due to the separation we get from most buildings and footwear. Pluggz have a connection agent that keep that contact for us! 

Here's why being grounded is so important for us, especially in our high tech world today...

"High-tech materials tend to cause us to accumulate an excess positive charge, or stated another way, a deficiency of electrons. Grounding eliminates this excess positive charge and brings us back to our natural state of being in harmony with the earth. Excess positive charge adversely affects various physiological processes. Most people can feel the difference that grounding makes...One can also get grounded by going barefoot on the earth...."

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3) Have a good book with me always!

Have a good book with me always! How I Stay Balanced when life gets crazy!

Yep I just started reading this book. And as a matter of fact, I just adopted this concept of staying balanced. I think taking time to read a book in your spare time versus getting lost in your phone or other technology can definitely keep us balanced. It quiets our mind, and in this case is a great way for self-development and growth. 

This book is all about taking advantage of our "Fringe" hours, or spare hours throughout the day. So that's what I am doing by keeping a book on hand with me. Now I just have to fight the urge to be on my phone, and instead choose to pick up the book when I have free time. 

4) Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals! How I Stay Balanced when life gets crazy!

This concept has been a life saver over the past few months. As you may know I host local and long distance Freezer Meal Workshops! You can get more info on that HERE.

Having healthy meals prepped ahead of time and ready to toss in the crockpot in the morning or at lunch is so handy! Plus when it's time to eat my home smells incredible! And all the meals are amazing! Especially my latest menu of soups and stews! (I'm so ready for the Fall) You can order an On-the-Go Workshop here and get the recipes and all you need to make these yummy soups!

Oh, but be sure you REMEMBER TO PLUG IN THE CROCKPOT! Yep, that happened yesterday...needless to say, we went out for dinner!  

5) Keep Going!

Just keep going! How I Stay Balanced when life gets crazy!

Whatever you do, just keep going! Give yourself a high-five, take a couple of minutes to breathe, and remember why you do what you do, and soon enough, the craziness will chill some! JUST KEEP GOING! You can do it! 

Surround yourself with people that will push and encourage you to keep going when life gets hard! Join a #FitFam, and be encouraged by them, but just keep going! 

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Join the #BOSUStrong Challenge this week! Show us how you are staying balanced, and maybe WIN your own BOSU! 


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How to Use a Yoga Detox for the Body After Summer Indulgences!

Well, summer is coming to an end. And naturally we tend to eat more in the summer. Why....because our bodies know that we need to store fat and extra warmth for the upcoming cold season. So it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely a real thing that happens!  So today, my lovely, Yogi friend Lora Hogan, from Florida is going to share with us how to use a Yoga Detox to detoxify the body after summer indulgences! 

Lora is passionate about life, joyful, and all about spreading the love! Lora has a passion for communication and expression which naturally translates to teaching, writing, marketing and public relations. For more of her inspiration and yoga posts, check out her blog or follow her on Instagram

lora hogan sharing about detoxing at the end of the summer on

Ice cream, brownies, beer, wine, burgers, hot dogs, chips oh my!

This last weekend of summer leads to enjoying the sun, the family, the outdoors and ALL THE BBQ FOODS. MMMM.

But these tasty treats can wreck havoc on our digestion, leaving us more sluggish and icky feeling than after Thanksgiving dinner! (Go figure, right?!)

Here's my go-to three-day weekend evening routine. Even if you only have five minutes to yourself. Even if you practice in a sleeping bag, at a camp site, or on a hotel room bed, these poses can help you wake up feeling JUUUUUST a teensy bit better!

What, you ask, should you do?

Why, practice supine twists of course!

Reclined twists are great for aiding in digestion. The passive and restorative nature also helps to calm the nervous system--which can be great for when you've been go go going with friends and family! They also help to relieve discomfort in the back from sitting (car trip or long periods of time in lawn chairs anyone?). Drinkers take note: twists are also detoxifying for the kidneys and liver!

lora hogan sharing about detoxing at the end of the summer on

How to practice:

Come reclined on the ground, a mat, a towel, or even your bed!

Plant your feet underneath your knees and bring your knees hip width apart.

Press into the feet to gently lift the back and buttock up off the mat. Scooch your back over to the right, this will help to relieve pressure on the low-back in the posture.

From here, drop both knees over to the left. Bring your arms to a t-shape or make goal post arms. Gaze can be straight up towards the ceiling or, if there is the neck flexibility, you can turn your gaze over your right arm.

Stay for at least five deep breaths.

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lora hogan sharing about detoxing at the end of the summer on













Come back to center. Bring the pelvis back to neutral. Pause here for a moment and notice the difference between sides.

Then, press into the feet, lift up and move your buttock etc. over to the right this time. From here, then drop both knees over to the left (shown below). Again, you can bring both arms to a t-shape or goal post arms. If you'd like to go deeper into the pose, it may feel good to take that right hand and help to drop the knees further over to the right! (Only if that feels good!) Once more your gaze can stay straight up at the ceiling (or sky outside), or if the neck allows, you may wish to turn your gaze over that left shoulder.














Stay here for at least five breaths or until this side feels even with the first. If you feel that your first side was tighter, you may want to go back and hold on that side until you feel a sense of equilibrium.

Do you make time to practice twists after a busy time? Do you remember to work-out at all? What's your go-to plan? Let me know in the comments below!

-Lora Hogan

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How I #LiveInPrana Even on Vacation!

Yep, I made it back from vacation! We had a blast! Let me just say it's super fun to stay kind of local (about 4 hours from our home) and explore the state/area that you live in for all it's worth! We stayed about 50minutes from two major cities, Austin & San Antonio, Texas, and we got to enjoy those, plus so many more throughout our week.  One things for sure, my Prana clothes got me through the entire week! 

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How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation

We started our vacation by spending a night in Waco, Texas. We got to see the Fixer Upper's store (from HGTV), plus explore some fun around the city. And let me just say these Meme pants are my absolute favorite! I'll be honest, when I first got these I wasn't sure about the Cargo pockets on the side, but they are my fave! They add a uniqueness to the skinny jean! The fabric that these pants are made out of are incredible, and they are flexible and easy to move in! I can easily go from dressed up, to cute and casual, to all out hiking or handstanding all in the same pants!

[bctt tweet="Dress up, go casual, or handstand all in the same pants! The #Meme @prana pants are my fav way to #liveinprana #sweatpink @fitapproach"]

How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation

Once we got to Austin, I had to take advantage of the FREE YOGA DAY! So I grabbed my husband for a Vinyasa Flow Class that ended up being the HOTTEST Hot Yoga Class I have ever taken, at Black Swan Yoga Westlake. Which was a great studio with awesome instructors! I enjoyed the class a ton. I also got lots of laughs seeing my husband slip and slide, and be drenched in sweat. (He's not a Yogi, so this was a true challenge for him). I on the other hand was decked out in Prana gear, and ready to sweat!

I wore my favorite outfit from their Spring collection!

  • The Ambrosia Tank, which was perfect for hot Yoga. It has super cute cutouts in it, which made it totally breathable. Plus the also band around the waste keeps it in place while also allowing for a flowy top. 
  • The Roxanne Capri in the orange pixel print. These are seriously some of my favorite leggings! I get so many compliments on them, and they are super flexible for all sorts of workouts.
  • I also used my Prana Yoga Mat which was a great companion for the sweat fest class we attended! Although myself and my mat were both drenched in sweat, I had no fear of slipping and hurting myself as I held poses.
  • You may also notice my Yoga Mat Rap, it's Prana too!   
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation

We also took some adventures while we were in the area, and found 2 amazing natural springs that are including in the Top 10 [Natural] Swimming Holes in Texas. The one pictured above is Jacob's Well! It's not only a natural spring that you can hike around and swim in, but there's also a 30 ft. whole in the spring that you can jump into! My amazing Prana swimsuit was incredible for this sort of adventure! Not only did I feel super cute, but the Tobago Bottoms which claim to be "a secure fit [that] will withstand heavy waves" measured up! While climbing up rocks to the top, and even jumping in the water I felt secure and these things stayed put! The same went for the Taala Top, when I jumped in I definitely expected to have to readjust my top before submerging from the water, but nope, to my surprise my top stayed in place! 

[bctt tweet="It's not too late to grab a @Prana swimsuit! Cute, plus Functional for all your adventures! #LiveinPrana @fitapproach #sweatpink"]

How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation of my favorite moments of my week happened! I got to take an Aerial Silks Class at 4 Elements Austin. Wow was this a rush! Seriously such an invigorating experience. The challenge that you get when you do a Silks class is so fun! And felt so good to be able to achieve and hold some of these moves. And once again, my all time favorite Prana leggings got me through it! These are the Gabi Leggings are amazing. The seems create a flattering look, plus the Chakara Performance Fabric is different. It's more of a cotton feel vs. a spandex. I love them! They are so comfortable and super cute on! They are most definitely my go-to's! I really need to get them in the other color! 

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We also played Top Golf, enjoyed a morning on the Tennis Court, and spent an entire day wine tasting at some amazing Texas Hill Country Wineries! We were so impressed by how much Texas had to offer! 

How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation
How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation

Then I finished the week by joining my mom for some early morning Yoga and a mid-morning run. Plus we got to enjoy some amazingly cool weather. The first that I have felt in Texas, but we could definitely tell that Fall is on the way, so I pulled out my Ergo Leggings which are super stylish, majorly athletic and a great fit legging from the new Prana Fall line. And I had to throw on my  Ginger Top to stay comfortable in the cool weather! 

Prana is easily my favorite brand for all things in Life! They have it all...Comfort, Cuteness, and performance! That's How I #LiveInPrana even on vacation!

What's your favorite Prana piece, whether you own any or not? 

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This post is sponsored by Prana. All opinions are my own. I am thankful for all of the amazing companies that support Fit Approach and their ambassadors! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!
@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


5 Reasons Why Stretching is so Good for You! #7DayStretch with Prana


Wow, I just finished up my 5AM Yoga Class on this lovely Friday morning, and I'm feeling good. Now getting up a 4AM isn't always my favorite, but once I'm up and on my Yoga mat, my day is off to a great start!  So in an attempt to CONVINCE YOU to DO YOGA!!! I'm going to share with you 5 Reasons Why Stretching is so Good for You! 

1. Fewer Aches and Pains

Let's face it, we are all getting older, and as our bodies age, we get a little creakier. So in order to decrease the aches and pains that you feel as you may age, stretching helps to keep the body flexible, muscles long and lose, and decrease the aches and paints that your body feels! 

2. Better Posture

Why does posture matter. Because as we age, we gradually tend to slump forward. When we are stretching and strengthening the muscles in our core, shoulders, and back; we are able to maintain a nice posture which allows for better health, and back to #1, fewer aches and pains.

Life Hacker shares this statement about stretching and it's impact on posture: "Assists in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position (because of so much time at our computers, many of us have tight chest muscles which pulls the shoulders and head forward, leaving us with a hunched shoulder look)."

3. Creates Easier Movement of Natural, Everyday Activities

We reach, we bend, we twist. In everyday activities we do all of these things, and stretching, helps ensure that we can do these things long term. Especially stretching our spine is important! It makes sure that our back is healthy, which reduces pains, and enables us to easily move through natural everyday activities on our own. 

This is said about a tight spine, from Shape Magazine: “When the thoracic spine becomes tight, it can create many problems up and down the chain of the body,” she says. “I have seen my clients’ necks, shoulders and chest tighten up or become unstable and weak with a tight thoracic spine.”

4. Lengthen Your Muscles

You might be wondering..."What does this even mean!?!?" Well during a lot of everyday activities, carrying heavy loads, or even working out and lifting weights, your muscle length shortens, which is partly why you can feel tight and sore after a workout. When you stretch, your muscles are literally stretching, lengthening, getting less tight, distressing, and being able to move with more flexibility. This not only makes recovery from a workout easier, but it also helps your athletic performance. 

5. Stress Reliever

Of course, one more shameless plug for Yoga, but stretching, especially in a class style format can bring about so much stress relief. Even just taking a short amount of time to stretch can calm the mind, provide a mental break, and give your body a chance to recharge. 

Next time you are feeling stressed, turn everything off, put your phone away, and take 5 minutes to stretch, relax your mind, and just breathe! Then see how you feel! 

5 Reasons why stretching is good for you with Brittany Suell

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USE CODE: LIVEINPRANA15 to get 15% off and get these awesome leggings for yourself! 

I recently completed the #7DayStretch Challenge with Prana and Fitapproach! And let me just say, it was amazing! 7 Days to stretch it out, and being encouraged virtually to make it a consistent part of your lifestyle! It felt good, and there was definitely a stress relief from taking time to stretch and relax each day! 

So in honor of the #7DayStretch, I've been challenged from Jill Conyers to share 7 things about myself to y'all! So here it is! 

  • I am [wildly/strangely/obviously] obsessed with: coffee! I love the atmosphere that coffee sets! Early mornings, hot drink in hand, nice music on! Oh I am such an atmosphere person! Maybe my weird obsession should be for atmospheres vs. coffee! :-) 
  • I have a collection of: coffee mugs---my husband is constantly trying to get rid of them...probably because they are falling out of our cabinet! 
  • I secretly (not so secretly): want to hire a house cleaner! Being a work from home mom, it just seems like I can't get it all done! 
  • When I was 7, I wanted to be: Paleontologist---I LOVED dinosaurs, rocks, all things outdoors! I was a HUGE tomboy! 
  • If I could do one thing today, it would be: go on vacation....OH WAIT, I AM!! 
  • I’ve always dreamt of: taking several weeks vacation to travel around the U.S. to awesome, must-see places with my hubs! 
  • My favorite way to travel is: spontaneously....with no real agenda! Oh, and with coffee in hand! 

I'm tagging Lora Hogan & Jodi Tivey!! Check out their blogs!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by prAna, but all opinions are my own. Shop now with the code LiveInprAnaF15 to get 15% off! 

Yoga is for EveryBODY

Each time I attend a Yoga Training, I am renewed with excitement and passion for what I do. I love being a Yoga Instructor. I love being able to guide people through a class of self-awareness, challenging their muscles, releasing stress, moving their joints, and ending in a time of reflection or meditation. Yoga is all around just good for us. It's good for our muscles, our bones, out joints. It's good for strengthening our core and keeping our posture upright and strong as we age. It's good for our mental clarity and focus. Yoga is good for maintaining and relieving stress. Yoga teaches us that it's okay to just be, in a world where we are constantly going and doing. Yoga makes us look inward and reminds us of who we really are.  Yoga is needed, and in my opinion, Yoga is for EveryBODY!

Whether you are young or old, Yoga can be good for you. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

There are two main reasons I will focus on today, to make my point of why Yoga is for EveryBODY! 

1) We are all getting older, and Yoga helps us maintain a healthy body, with strong muscles and healthy joints.


As we age there are several things that occur.....

We start to get stiff, we lose muscle and bone density, we stop moving as much (in general), our posture begins to slouch, we begin to feel more pain overall.

Yoga helps all of these things. 

One of the things that I love about Yoga the most is that you move the joints a lot. A lot of the moves use movement that we use in everyday life. Take chair pose for example. It's teaching you to sit back in a chair, or get up out of a chair using your core. Even the simple movement of extending your arms up is amazingly helpful as we age. How many times do we reach out or above us to grab something?  So in Yoga you are constantly lubricating those joints, which helps with stiffness that occurs as you age. This loosens up our joints, making it easier and more free to move to do our every day activities. 

Plus with Yoga you do balancing poses. This helps as well, because as you age you begin to lose muscle mass, and strength, which is a big reason why you hear of elderly people falling often. Working on balance and stability will help strengthen those muscles that keep you upright. 

So basically what I"m saying here, is Yoga helps you live your best life! It helps you Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! I am so passionate about creating a healthy and active lifestyle for YOURSELF so that you are able to enjoy life to the fullest, for the longest possible time. When you are healthy, you are able to do things with your children and grandchildren! You are able to experience life with them, and pass that value on to them! Yoga helps you do that! It's all about the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle

Yoga can literally be maneuvered to fit your body. If you are seeing crazy poses on Instagram, and you think you can't do those....that's okay, you probably can't. But if you go to a well run class, those aren't the poses you will be doing. You will be doing basic Yoga Poses, and the instructor should lead you to find the version that fits your body! Fit the pose to your body, not your body to the pose. There are always options and variations for Yoga Poses! 

[bctt tweet="Yoga is for EveryBODY! It helps to strengthen our muscles as we age, relax in a busy world, and live a #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle! @brittanysuell"]

2) In a world that is constantly going and has so many areas of stimuli and stress, Yoga calms the mind and teaches us to just be. 

WE ALL NEED YOGA! often do you just sit and be quite, and do nothing. UM.....Like never! 

In each of my Yoga classes we spend a couple of minutes in the beginning, and about double or triple that time at the end just being. We focus inward, on our breath, on ourselves, sometimes on a specific word or phrase, or characteristic of ourselves. And let me just say.....THAT IS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO DO. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

Our world is so, go-go-go, that when we are asked to sit and just be, it is so hard for us. It can actually become an emotional place for us. If we tend to hide or smother our emotions, and fill our lives with busyness, then if we spend even just a couple of moments where our minds and emotions are able to go to those places where we are smothering, then it can begin to bring those emotions us and make us start to face them. IT'S A GOOD THING! 

Yoga is therapeutic because of just this. Yoga is special to me not only because I know it's a good workout and it tones my body, but because in two of the hardest places of my life, Yoga has brought renewal and healing for me.

In 2009 after losing my brother to a car accident was the first time I started doing Yoga. I remember every time we laid in the final relaxation pose, I would get emotional. I didn't understand it at first, and really I wanted to run from it, but I stuck it out and it was good and helpful for me. 

A similar thing, in 2013 after miscarrying, each time I went to Yoga, rushing in from a busy day at work, it gave me that quiet time I needed and wanted for myself. I appreciated time to just stop thinking about everything and everyone else in the world, and spend an hour focussed on just me! I craved that time, and appreciated it during that healing period for me. 

So get convinced! Yoga is good for you! Yoga is for EveryBODY, and we need to be doing Yoga! It keeps us healthy mentally and physically! 

Leave a Comment telling me....

What do you think about Yoga? Is it something you do often? Does this help you see the importance in doing Yoga? 

If you are looking for an opportunity to try out some Yoga poses, join us for our 7 day Yoga Challenge. (Today is Day 4, but jump in and catch back up!) Check out my Instagram for the daily poses, and each host is sharing various options for the pose, so do the one that fits your body! 

Plus you can WIN some great prizes for participating! Check out more of the Challenge details HERE

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


#DownDogDaysofSummer Yoga Challenge

  Who is ready to kickstart August into high gear! 

sidenote: Can you believe it's already August? Like Woah! Where did the summer go??

Anyways, let's get the month started off right with a 7 day Yoga Challenge focused on poses that transition from Downward Facing Dog! 

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

[bctt tweet="Join the #DownDogDaysofSummer Yoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell and #WIN Prizes from @BrickBetty and more! #sweatpink #BrickBetty"]

So why should you join the challenge? 

Well first off, let me start with the good stuff...


We have some awesome prizes to give away just for participating at your skill level! You don't have to be a professional Yogi, you just have to show us that you tried and put forth the effort by posting a photo or video of you each day of the challenge. 

1ST Prize:

An entire, amazing outfit from Brick Betty
WIN this outfit from Brick Betty when you participate in the #DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

2nd Prize:

Your choice of a tank from ShockT Designs

3rd Prize: 
A Yoga Gift Basket from Tiberius Organics
(Gift basket of goodies: Yoga mat spray, hand sanitizer, face oil etc)

So if those prizes aren't reason enough to join in the challenge let me convince you further!

First off, Yoga in general is good for you. It strengthens and lengthens muscles, it lubricates our joints, and it creates strong bones. Basically I like to think of it as taking care of my body which is already aging. So that as I age I still feel good, am strong, and have full mobility of my limbs!

Second, we are working on Down Facing Dog transitions, and downward dog in general has a huge amount of benefits.

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

1) It builds bone density- poses like this and other arm balances build upper body strength due to the weight that is put on the arms and shoulders, which helps to increase bone density. 

2) It increases energy- spend a minute or more in this pose and see how you feel after a long run or long day working.

3) It eliminates stiffness and back pain- when your body is properly aligned in this pose, it can open up the shoulders and back, and decrease the tension that is held there

 4) It boosts circulation- any pose where the heart is above the head, (also known as an inversion) is good for the circulatory system. "An active circulatory system helps flush toxins from our body, keep our immune system in tip-top shape, and helps regulate blood pressure."

Benefits taken form 

[bctt tweet="Why we should all be doing Downward Facing Dog Pose! Start off with the #DownDogDaysofSummer Challenge with @brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy"]

So who wants to join in on the fun, WIN some prizes, and get all these amazing benefits for your body? 

Comment and let me know if you are in! & check out Instagram for all the details! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



Level 4 Yoga Certification & Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

Wow! What a long week it has been!  I have been back from 5 intense fitness training days for a couple of days now, but I decided to take it easy and rest up. While also catching up with emails, etc. So here I am. Today it's back to go mode! That includes blogging, working my biz-ness hard core, and finally cleaning my house! 

So I shared with you last week about me heading out for my Level 4 Yoga Certification with Yoga Fit. It was by far the longest and most intense training I have done. It was 4 days of Yoga. Starting at 7AM-6PM. So they were for sure long days, and I got super spoiled to my Starbucks every morning! 

Level 4 Yoga Certification

This training was a lot about the history of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. I learned Sanskrit, the original language of Yoga, and so much more. I also learned some new poses, got to try out some new binds, along with finally nailing some arm balances and inversions that I have tried to do in the past! Plus I met and connected with a lot of amazing Yogis, which is always so much fun! 

I also spent a good chunk of my time away studying for the ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam which I took on Monday. Man that test was stressing me out. I cam home with some mouth ulcers which I attribute to the pre-test stress I was having. Now I have an undergraduate and masters degree, but I think I was more stressed about this test. Honestly just the thought of having to pay $200 more to retest was stressing me out. BUT I spent a lot of time studying, red through the entire red book, and took some practice quizzes....and wouldn't you know....I PASSED! 




So I thought since I am now officially a certified Group Fitness Instructor, that I would share with you some Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

-I studied! 

-I red through the chapters in the red book that comes with the study materials, and answered all of the study questions in the study guide

-sidenote: I also read back through those study questions again, and semi-quizzed myself with the multiple choice questions


-I studied the Essentials of Exercise Science Flashcards. These went with the white book, which I started the first chapter of back in April, and never picked up again. The flashcards were enough. Plus I made sure I knew all of the major muscles. I hope to go back through the Essentials Book later on, just to learn more about anatomy, etc. 

-Surprisingly there was not as much about anatomy on there as you might think, so don't stress about that part. Do know the terms that reference how the body or movement is moving. (i.e. frontal, sagital plane, dorsiflexion, planter flexion, flexion, extension....those basics)

-The test focussed a lot of class outline, group instructional methods, teaching styles, etc. Focus on these things: 

  • Cueing
  • Teaching techniques
  • Learning Styles
  • Feedback 
  • Monitoring Methods
  • Class Programming

-The test also had several questions on working out in various weather conditions 

-There were also several on liability, so be sure to study that! 

Now the BEST thing I did before taking the exam was...I bought a $10 study app versus the $50 practice test that ACE offers. It was such a great investment! It's called Pocket Prep for the ACE GFI Exam! 


The app is $10 and it's called POCKET PREP FOR GROUP FIT! 

This seriously helped me so much! It has 300 questions and it rotates through them! There are several options on making your quizzes personal, like focussing on certain parts of the test that you seem to struggle with the most, etc. Plus it shows you at the end the categories that you need to work on more. 

After taking the test I realized how much the quizzes from the app really helped me. I realized relying on those were potentially taking a risk, but it mostly focussed on class design, teaching styles, liability, etc. which is mainly what was on the test. And the way the app worded the questions was very similar to the way they did it on the test. So I would for sure suggest this to anyone taking the exam. (And they have these apps for all sorts of tests/certifications)

[bctt tweet="Taking the ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam anytime soon? Check out these tips from @brittanysuell"]

I hope this helped, and feel free to ask any questions if the test is in your future, or you are thinking about a new certification! 

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Farewell, I'm off to Yoga Training with some Paleo Snacks & a GIVEAWAY!

Wow I am so excited for the next several days! I am heading out to my Level 4 Yoga Training, which is four days packed of Yoga Knowledge! I will learn a ton, plus get to take Master Classes from some incredible instructors. Plus I also packed in a mini course one evening that is all about using essential oils in Yoga! (Yes I'm an essential oil believer! I use them on my son all the time!) Then, on Monday, July 20th I will go take my ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam which puts me one step closer to becoming a Fit4Mom Stroller Strides Instructor! (Pray for me!)

So, an exciting several days ahead of me. But from my mommy heart I'm a little timid since I will be leaving my son for 4 days....the longest I have left him yet! (Pray for me double time)

I can't believe it though, it was about 3 years ago, to the date, that I made the decision to start my Yoga Training. Here's the picture I posted on Facebook, July 29, 2013!

Yoga Training plus Paleo Snacks and a Giveaway!

So as I step away for a few days, keep up with my training on social media by following me on Instagram & you can even find me on Periscope by searching for "Brittany Suell." There you will get to spend time with me via live video feeds! (It's almost like we are together!!) Seriously though, I am loving this new app! 

While I'm away and sitting in class though, I have planned to pack healthy lunches including some of my favorite, easy go-to meals: fruit, pico and blue corn chips, and sandwiches. I also have some super amazing, healthy, Paleo snacks lined up for the week! 

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!


You may remember this post from Instagram a few weeks ago! Look at all of these yummy Paleo Snacks! They are all from Steve's Paleo Goods. And they are SUGAR FREE! Which if you didn't know, I gave up sugar in January, and have been sugar free for 7 months now! So I was so excited to hear that!!

Some other awesome things about Steve's Paleo Goods: 

They give 15% of their profit to the Steve's Club National Program that brings fitness, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth. (That's awesome!) You can read more about that here

"Steves's PaleoGoods is committed to supporting healthier ways to eat - and live. Our journey is within ourselves, in our communities, and for people like you who are on similar journeys. We've been part of the CrossFit Community for many years, providing clean, healthy fuel for athletes, and also as athletes ourselves."

Plus their products are clean, sugar free, and Paleo! That means: 

  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy
  • No Artificial Preservatives! 

I was so excited to get my Paleo Sampler Pack in the mail!  Which by the way they have some incredible sampler packs! Some that are all different things like the one I got, but some are various jerky's if you just want jerky, or different dried fruits, so there are some great options for the Sampler Packs

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!

[bctt tweet="Good Luck @BrittanySuell on your @YogaFit Level 4 Training! And I hope I WIN the #Paleo Snack Kit from @stevespaleo #fitfluential"]

So what I'm loving most about my pack: 

1) The dried fruit! I got dried strawberries, which taste like gummy snacks! Even at our local natural food store, the strawberries, (and most fruits) are sweetened with sugar....which I just don't get, and it annoys me so much! I was relieved to see that these are just strawberries! My son and I both love them! 

2) Which brings me to the second awesome thing. My son loves it all! He's only one, but I feel comfortable feeding him all of this! Oh, and on that note, my husband loves it too. He sat down and ate an entire pack of beef jerky...which I gave him a hard time about. But being sugar free, my husband still eats some sugar, despite me not wanting him too. It's hard for us to find him good fulfilling snacks though, so getting Paleo Snacks from Steve's makes that easier! 

3) The GRANOLA! OMG I love it! If you look at most store bought granolas, they are packed with sugar. The one that we used to eat on a regular basis even has so much sugar in it. And I still haven't found a homemade recipe that I love. This one is so good and is cinnamon flavored, and I love cinnamon. 

4) And lastly.....they have Paleo, Sugar Free KETCHUP!!! Which this may not seem like a big deal to you. But since giving up sugar in January, I have had no ketchup. Well I take that back, I made my own once, but it wasn't incredible, and I only made it once. And they have tons of sauces. Which if you didn't know, lots of sugar hides in the sauces and dressings that you eat, so for me this is a relief! 

So to celebrate me getting Level 4 Yoga Certified, and to celebrate finding amazing, Sugar Free Paleo Snacks, I have two amazing offers for you! 

First, you can go to Steve's Paleo Goods right now and get you an entire bundle of yummy snacks and get 10% off my using code LEGACY! The code is only good through the 22nd though, so get your order in this week! 

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!

But before you go, ENTER TO WIN a Paleo Sampler Pack like the one I got in the mail!!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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#LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge Recap!

I spent two awesome weeks in May co-hosting the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with the amazing Lora Hogan! And I have got to say, spending "Instagram" time with some amazing Yogi's is so encouraging and refreshing!  It was two weeks full of seeing people achieve goals, gain confidence, flexibility, and get encouraged from the awesome Insta fitness community, which is wonderful! 

Here's some of the awesome posts from participants in the challenge: 

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

And here's some posts from the 3 Lucky Winner's picked for participating in each day of the challenge! 

#LoveYourHIps Yoga Challenge Recap

We were able to partner with some incredible brands to sponsor the event and giveaway some great prizes! You definitely want to check these guys out! 

Prana -gave away a Yoga Prize Pack to the 1st place winner! 

Energy Muse Jewelry -gave the 2nd place winner some beautiful jewelry! 

Shine Athletica -gave 3rd place a one of a kind #LoveYourHips Tank!

Such incredible prizes from some amazing sponsors! 


Thanks to everyone who joined us for this amazing challenge.  I am incredibly grateful and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! (We are already chatting about future challenges, so get excited)


What was your favorite thing about the challenge :something you learned, grew in, or your favorite pose!

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Top 5 Hits on my Summer Workout Playlist PLUS My Favorite Yoga Playlist!


It may be raining in Texas, but I believe we can officially call it summertime! And what goes better with summertime than some good ol' country music! HELLO, I'M A TEXAN! Just imagine it though, an afternoon at the pool, a cold sonic drink in hand, then driving home in your swimsuit and the windows rolled down singing your heart out to some good country music! Nothing sings SUMMERTIME like that to my Texas heart.  Today though, I won't be talking all about country music, so don't check out on this blog yet.....because although that scenario sounds great, country music isn't exactly my favorite workout music! 

Today I will be sharing my Top 5 Hits on my Summer Workout Playlist (specifically for working out/running), PLUS My Favorite Yoga Playlist! And if you have Spotify or choose to use it, then my playlist will be made available to you! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer workout playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

Okay, as you will see with the Yoga Playlist I am sharing below, I am LOVING Acoustic Covers on Spotify! So a lot of my favorite workout jams these days are acoustic! But don't think necessarily coffee house style, put you to sleep music. They may be classified as acoustic, but still have some spunk to them! 

(Click on the song titles to find them on Spotify)

1) Uptown Funk (Live from SXSW 2015) by Cam

-It's an acoustic version, and SO MUCH FUN! A little side note, when I discovered this amazing version of this song, I grabbed my husband on my back porch, and we literally danced to this entire song! This song is great for running, or at Stroller Strides we do an awesome ab workout to this entire song! Definitely a burner! 

2) Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

-Seriously, I LOVE THIS SONG! And it's so much fun to workout to! It really puts an extra pep in your step, or a pep in your rep! (haha see what I did there) Especially when you are getting tired during a workout! And it's so much fun to sing to! 

3) Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo

-Also such a fun and upbeat one for working out! 

4) How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle

-Now I know most people love to workout to fast, upbeat tempo'd music, but that's not always the case for me. Even before I became a Yoga Instructor, I always enjoyed running to slow, inspirational or worship music. So I absolutely love this song and had to include it! 

5) Rascal Flatts -All of it! 

-So in the spirit of it being summer and me being a Texan, I had to include a little country music...and my favorite is Rascal Flatts! I love them and love to listen to them any time! 

[bctt tweet="TOP 5 Hits on Summer Workout Playlist, plus the best Acoustic #Yoga Playlist from @brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy #fridayfive"]

 So when I talked my husband into running a half marathon with me, he said under one condition. That we would get Spotify Premium. It's like $12 or $14 a month, so I was like, "Whatever..." We had intentions to cancel it after the first few months, but then I realized how amazing it is for my Yoga music as well! PLUS, OMG you can follow your friends, and check out their playlists, and share your playlists with people! 

So I created the most amazing Yoga Playlist....too bad I didn't name it something fun (and now don't know how to change the name). But basically it's acoustic versions of in songs, and perfect for Yoga. It's also my go-to playlist when I'm hanging out, cleaning, or studying for my ACE exam! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer workout playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

So check it out! Just click HERE to get the playlist!  It's amazing, and FOLLOW ME (although my Spotify is under my husband's name), and share your awesome playlists with me too!! 

Also, I would love for you to share my playlist with others! Click to tweet above, or hover over the image to PIN it! 

Today I'm linking up with these awesome ladies for the #FridayFive linkup! Check out the party for more awesome playlist inspiration and get your summer workout music ready to motivate and inspire you to get fit! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

I'm also linking up with Jill Conyers for Fitness Friday!


What is you favorite song to workout to!?!? 

Are you on Spotify? 

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What Yoga Means to Me As a Mommy! + the launch of the #LoveYourHIps Challenge

Today for #MommyMonday I'm sharing something very close to my heart. And I don't just mean Yoga, but what Yoga became for me as a mommy after I lost my baby 2 years ago to a miscarriage.  My sister and I were so excited because we were pregnant at the same time! We announced it on the blog here!

It was Mother's Day 2 years ago, I was about 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had been married for 3.5years, and we were so excited to be having a baby. That day, we had driven to Ft. Worth, TX to meet his mom at the zoo, and spend the day with her. Then, of course, all of us being excited about the Suell Baby that was coming, and it being her first grandchild, we went to Buy Buy Baby, and we bought some fun (gender neutral) things for the baby! After our little shopping trip we planned to make the 2.5 hour drive back to Abilene, TX. 

On our drive, we stopped at a gas station for a potty break. It was there that I saw it. The dreaded red spot. BLOOD. Not much, but enough to worry me. Now I am certainly not one to worry or think the worst about things. I am huge on speaking positive things and so I was hesitant to say anything to my husband, but inside I was freaking. So quickly after getting to the car I told my husband. We both tried not to worry about it. (it didn't work too well). I began googling details on finding blood while pregnant. 

The next morning I woke up cramping very badly, and knew that was a sign of miscarriage, along with the blood. We called the doctor. I sat in my closet, staring at myself in the mirror, KNOWING. I knew that at that moment, the day after celebrating being a Mom that I was losing my baby. And the worst part about it. I COULD DO NOTHING! I cried, a lot. 


So where does Yoga come in?? 

How Yoga helped me heal after having a miscarriage! #MommyMonday @brittanysuell

[bctt tweet="#MommyMonday @brittanysuell shares how Yoga brought healing after she had a miscarriage. #LeaveYourLegacy #LoveYourHips"]

Well for me, during this time of loss, questioning, stress, frustration, grief, sadness, Yoga became something so special for me. 

If you've ever lost someone, even a baby to miscarriage, you know that in your time of morning, life continues on whether you go with it or not. So in the midst of still having to work, take care of our three host students that lived with us, and my husband being out of the country, when I went to Yoga class, it was time for ME and only me! 

It was a time to be still, to have time to be introspective. Even the working hard and sweating had healing power. I was taking an hour out of my day to calm my mind, clear my thoughts, and focus on myself. I loved that. I NEEDED that! My mat was a place of healing and contentment for me. 

So for me as a mommy, even now, Yoga is still so special to me. When you live a busy life full of going going going, you need to make time for yourself. You need to make time where you aren't thinking of everyone else, or the next thing on your to-do list. And my mat is the special place where I get to do that. The place where I get to check out of life, and focus on ME! 

I would love for you to try Yoga, and make it special for you. It has some much to offer, for your body physically, and for you emotionally, and refreshing mentally. 

So if you want to get started, today launches the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge on Instagram! You can read about the details here, and join us on Instagram


Have you ever found Yoga to be a place of healing, or peace for you? 

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#LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with sponsor PrAna

Here I am, it's a Tuesday night, and I'm just sitting at home sipping on my Sugar Free Margarita! (yum) This is definitely something I have missed since going sugar free. That's right, I haven't had a margarita for at least 5 months, (well except for the sour one I had made for me at a restaurant while at a Bachelorette weekend in Austin, TX. last wasn't very good). Anyways, this is definitely something I will be having a little more of in my life now that I know the recipe is easy, tastes good, and I can have one with NO GUILT!  There's something else we ALL need a LITTLE MORE OF in our life......YOGA! And I know the perfect way to kickstart your summer with a little more yoga! 

How about a #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge! I am soooo excited to tell you all about this awesome Yoga Challenge that I have been working on with the amazing Lora Hogan! 

We have teamed up to bring you 14 Days of hip openers! Each day we will feature a pose, and you post a photo or video of you doing it. Don't worry if you are new to Yoga, or maybe you have never done any Yoga at all. We will be showing variations of the pose to fit all levels, so EVERYONE CAN JOIN THE FUN! 

And what is a Yoga Challenge without prizes right!!! 

So we will be featuring a huge first place prize pack from sponsor PrAna! They have incredible apparel, and Yoga gear! Check them out and tell us what you want to WIN! 

We will also have prizes from Shine Athletica an amazing apparel brand from Texas!! Check out all the cute inspirational stuff they have!

So who is ready to breathe some life into those hips, get a little more flexible, and a little less stressed!? If you want to take a little more time for yourself, and take care of/love the body that you are in, then join us for this awesome Yoga Challenge! 

[bctt tweet="Join @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan for the 14 day #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge and WIN awesome prizes from @prAna"]

So are you wondering how you WIN some of these awesome prizes!?!? Here's what you do:

  • Post a photo/video of you doing the pose each of the 14 days of the challenge!
  • Tag @brittanysuell  @lora_hogan  @prAna and use #LoveYourHips (you can go ahead and follow us all now)
  • Get an extra entry to WIN prizes by posting a recap of the challenge on your blog or (for non-bloggers) on your social media site, telling the world how much you LOVED the challenge!

Here's a little sneak peak of the poses! 

Join the 14 day #LOVEYOURHIPS Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan and WIN prizes from @prana

The fun starts MONDAY!! 



Then click to tweet below and tell the world you are joining the challenge! and repost the challenge photo on your social media! 

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Yoga With Me! 4/20-4/26

This week I shared a few resources on Yoga! So, if you are looking to start doing Yoga, but not sure where to look. Check out this post! I share the best places to start taking Yoga, and a great book recommendation!

Or, if you are Yoga-ing from home, try some of these Spring Detox Moves

Join me this week for Yoga! 

Join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week!

Tuesday, April 20th – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Wednesday, April 22nd EARTH DAY! -- 6:00PM -- The Mill Abilene

Thursday, April 23rd – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Friday, April 24th – 5:15AM – Gold’s Gym of Abilene 

Sunday, April 26th – 3:30PM – Gold’s Gym of Abilene

[bctt tweet="#AbileneTX join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week! Check out her full teaching schedule here: "]


Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!! 

Share this schedule with your friends on social media and let's Yoga together this week! 

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I want to do Yoga, but where do I start...?

Today I'm joining in for the Fit Dish Link-Up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch, and the topic is what my favorite quick workout is. I thought about it, but instead of going with that exact topic, I decided I would answer a question that I get a lot....


I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell

As I have shared previously, all throughout my pregnancy, and after giving birth, all I did for about 5 months was Yoga. My knee got hurt, so I had to hold off on other workouts. Even still, with eating right and yoga, I lost my weight pretty quickly. FYI I gained 70lbs while pregnant. I also noticed during that first 6 months after giving birth that my arms were getting very tone. (I was doing Yoga 4-5 times a week). And honestly, my arms had never felt that toned. 

As other people knew I did yoga, and taught it, plus they noticed me looking tone in photos, I began to get lots of messages from friends asking how they should go about starting Yoga. Some of them mentioned noticing what it did for me and wanting to lose weight or change their body's, others had a knowledge that Yoga is beneficial for many areas of life, or specific injuries, and wanted to reap those benefits. 

Then, I recently hosted Coffee With Brittany #AskMeAnything where I allowed you, my followers to ask me anything, fitness or life related. (I am still getting around to answering those questions by the way).

Do you have questions about fitness or healthy eating? Maybe you are wondering how to balance working out and a busy lifestyle, or questions about going sugar free and making healthy family meals. Join @brittanysuell for the #AskMeAnything Coffee Break and get your questions answered!


One great question I got was this:

What's a good place to look when starting yoga? Books? online?  

Are you wanting to start Yoga, but not sure where to start? @brittanysuell outlines some great options on where to take classes, which options are the best for beginners, plus other ways to learn about yoga!

So, I'm here to answer, and give my advice on how to start doing Yoga!

 [bctt tweet="Ever asked..."I want to do Yoga, but where do I start?" @brittanysuell answers! #dishthefit #sweatpink #fitfluential "]

I'll start by sharing the different places you can take a Yoga Class and what I think about each: 

Yoga Studios:

This is my top suggestion on where to start Yoga!

Pros: Highly qualified instructors that know what they are doing and can help you. I would especially suggest this if you have injuries, or difficulty with certain parts of the body that you are hoping for Yoga to help. That way you will get the best instructions and be given modifications. At Yoga studios you also have multiple class options. There are various levels, so you can start at a beginner level, and get more advanced as you practice longer. Or if you need a more relaxed and easy going class, that's available as well. 

Cons: Yoga studios are not always located in every city. And....they are expensive. My experience has been that they are definitely worth it because the quality of yoga and instruction that you get it great, but that doesn't always mean your budget can afford it. *Many times you can take your first class or even week for free. Call or look at their website to find out. 


Pros: Yoga classes are usually offered with a generic gym membership, without having to pay extra. 

Cons: Not all gyms require for their instructions to be specifically trained to teach yoga. Especially in smaller towns. So the instructor might not have detailed/intense Yoga training, and if you are first starting out, this could be discouraging for you. Especially if you are already timid about taking a Yoga class. If the instructor is well trained, they can offer modifications/props to help you in more advanced poses.  The classes are usually the same for all levels of Yoga, and usually are only offered a couple of times a week, which can make it hard to hold a steady Yoga practice. *Even if you don't have a membership, you can sometimes pay a small fee just to take a class, and it might be worth it for Yoga a few times a month.

At Home Workouts: 

Pros: get to do it at home! You can take the class anytime, for whatever amount of time you have, in the midst of other things still happening. You don't have to get a baby sitter, do your hair, or for that matter get dressed. Plus, you can take your yoga with you and do it on the go (while traveling) if needed.

Cons: You might not actually do it, if you don't have to go anywhere, or meet a friend, or have a specific time to be at a class. 

More Info: So for at home workouts, there are several great online subscriptions that you can use to do Yoga classes. The one I have a subscription to is Gigabody,com. It's only $8.99 a month, and has some great classes, and not only Yoga classes. There is also which I have heard amazing things about as well. I think it's somewhere around $10 a month, and honestly I think they might have even more classes to offer. Both of these are very affordable and great to utilize for at home yoga, plus other workouts! *These usually will have a week-month long trial basis if you want to try it out before committing. 

FREE Community Classes: 

Pros: It's FREE! These classes can be held in fun environments, with fun people, where you might meet new yoga friends! Or a lot of time they are sponsored by people so you might be offered free stuff, samples, or discounts on fitness products. *To find these classes look around at your city calendar, health food stores, "earthy places," any athletic apparel or shoe store. 

Cons: These aren't offered everywhere. They are hit or miss. And you never know what you are going to get as far as the instructor and/or the crowd goes. 


If you are just starting Yoga or have pain that you want help with, if you can afford it and it's offered near you, my top suggestion would be a Yoga Studio. Even if you take one good class a week there, then take normally somewhere else, that can be helpful. 

If you are looking for something you can do at home, on you own time, or on the go...try out one of those great subscription sites I mentioned. $10 or less is very affordable for all that they offer. Another suggestion would be to look up Youtube videos. It is getting more and more normal to find full length yoga videos there as well. 


One of my favorite Yoga books and one of the first I read when I wanted to learn more about Yoga was Kathryn Buldig & Women's Healthy Magazine's "Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness." You can get it for about $20 or so on Amazon.

I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell


Yoga Journel is also a very credible source for online research, or getting a monthly subscription to their magazine. 

Youtube is helpful when trying to master specific poses. Whether basic or advanced, just google or youtube "How to do _____ pose" and you will get a step by step video tutorial. 


If you have ever thought about doing yoga, or even if you have tried your best to avoid it, I suggest starting! Don't wait another day, I've given you some great suggestions on how to start Yoga from the comfort of your home even. So don't wait, get started! It may seem hard or uncomfortable at first, but it's strengthening your body in ways that you don't even know! 

Here's some awesome things that Yoga does: 

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Tones your body
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Great cross-training for EVERYTHING
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • Brings physical, emotional, and spiritual depths into your life that weren't there before
  • Is healing in general
  • Can decrease already existing pains
  • Helps with everyday movement


 If you have any questions about Yoga, or anything you would like answered, go HERE  and join the Coffee Break with Brittany #AskMeAnything!

Stay tuned this week for: 

-Half Marathon Recap

-April #LeaveYourLegacy Podcast + a surprise

-My birth story & celebrating my sons 1st birthday! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! 



April...the best month for newness, wellness, and detoxing!

April..... It's probably one of the best month's out of the whole year! 

The weather begins changing, and let's face it. No matter where you live, coming off of the cold months, it feels good to have the sun on your face, see flowers everywhere you go, and know that a vacation is on the horizon. 

Plus, April just feels like a time of newness! It's the time when Spring Cleaning starts happening, physically in our home, sometimes mentally even. In April we tend to feel less stressed as the days are longer, and the overall feeling of life is just better! 

Plus, it's the month where we tend to take our healthy and wellness game up a notch.  This may be due to the fact that we will soon be wearing less layers, and getting ready for time by the pool. Or it is just because we have one time in the day to spend taking care of ourself. 

So like I said! April is the best month out of the whole year! 

(Okay, maybe that's just my opinion, but I'm sure some of you can agree!)

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 Here's a few things you can do to take advantage of the wonderful month of APRIL!

1) Try a new outdoor activity! No matter what it is, find something you enjoy but haven't been able to do during winter, or try something totally new!! 

2) Walk, Run, & Bike MORE! Maybe you are able to bike to it! Or maybe you can walk to the store or coffee it! Or maybe you don't live close to anything, that's okay, go for a walk with the family or to the park to walk! Just try to drive less, and use your legs more! 

3) Eat yummy in season fruit! Yep, Spring & Summer time just make you want to eat fruit! The warm weather, and cold drinks in the backyard go great with some ripe watermelon! And did you know, that it's our body's natural way to crave those foods during the summer because your body knows that they are in season. It's also why we have a tendency to put on a few pounds in the summer, because we are eating the sugary fruits that are in season, and storing up fats for the winter. (just a little lesson for the day!) Anyways, check out this post from a local blogger about which fruits are in season!

4) Do a little Spring Cleaning! It's the perfect time to downsize, get rid of things you not longer use. Whether you donate them to help others out, sale them in a garage sale or repurpose them, it's always good to clean things out during this time! If you are planning to get rid of some t-shirts, Jessica from The Fit Switch did a video blog on a great way to repurpose your t-shirts into headbands, plus some great workout hair styles! Check that out HERE!  

5) Detox the Body! Sure for some this means detox through a specific type of eating cleanse, but for now, I'm going to suggest using a few detoxing Yoga poses to get you started! Also, join me on Instagram, I'm currently participating in a #DetoxYoBody Yoga Challenge! TWISTING POSES are awesome for detoxing the body, so try these! 

Try these Detoxing Yoga Poses from @brittanysuell! Perfect for the new spring season!

Oh, and did I mention that earth day is this month!!! 

APRIL 22ND! and for all you locals, I've got an awesome collaboration planned with The Mill Winery of Abilene! We are hosting a Wellness Wednesday event!! 

Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!!

That's right! $15 gets you a Yoga class with ME!! A Nutrition Workshop, plus their yummy Sangria in a souvenir glass that you can take home! 

So who is making plans to celebrate EARTH DAY with me!?!? 


What's your favorite thing about April!? What plans do you have to make this a great month!? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




Yoga With Me! 3/29-4/4

I've decided that I need to start sharing with y'all my weekly Yoga schedule, and hopefully I will start seeing some of my local peeps on the mat!!  Also, stay tuned because I've got some fun Instagram Challenges coming up, and one of them is all about Yoga! 

Join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week!

Sunday, March 29th - 3:30PM - Gold's Gym of Abilene

Tuesday, March 31st - 9:30AM - D1 Abilene

Thursday, April 2nd - 9:30AM - D1 Abilene

Friday, April 3rd - 5:15AM - Gold's Gym of Abilene

I will also be taking Fit4Mom Abilene Stroller Strides Class, MWF 9-10AM!! Bring your baby and the stroller and join us for an amazing workout, and tell them I sent you! 

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If you are interested in any of the classes listed above, comment, or message me for details on drop-in rates or coming to try the classes with a free trial! 


@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


My Week in Pictures, Yoga Progress, + a Giveaway!

This week my mom and niece came to visit, and we have been busy exploring various things in West, Texas, and taking lots of Yoga pictures! And along the way, I have seen how much I have grown and progressed in some of my Yoga Poses! I am so happy with my progress and strength! So, without too many words, check out my week in pictures! 

**Be sure to look to the end though, because I have that GIVEAWAY I promised from Graced by Grit

First we took my nieces and nephew to the zoo! Can you spot me!??

Zoo handstands with @brittanysuell

We drove through West Texas and took some pics in a pretty green field! (It's been a while since I've seen green grass)

This is where I first realized how much progress I have made with Yoga Poses! 

I was able to go into a forearm stand and hold it and move in it for longer than ever before! Plus I felt so brave doing it out in the open, which isn't normal. I'm usually a total wall clinger! 



Side Crow was super easy and fun too! 


I fell a little too, but it was still fun! 


I took my mom to my Stroller Strides Class!

Mom & Daughter workouts with @brittanysuell

Then we spent a day hiking at the Abilene State Park! 


I learned that I had the strength to hold myself up along with my baby, in poses that recently I could barely do with just my body weight! 

Babywearing Crow Pose with @brittanysuell

Babywearing Dancer's Pose with @brittanysuell 


3 generations of planking! Pass on a healthy & active lifestyle, and #leaveyourlegacy with @brittanysuell

We drove 45min to the small town of Albany, TX. mainly for lunch because there was not much else in the town other than a pretty courthouse! 

I was shocked at the fact that I was 1. brave enough to do a handstand without a wall, and 2. able to hold it, (although for only a few shorts moments)


I just have to share these! My mom brought some of my baby-high school boxes to me, and I tried on my dress from a hometown pageant I ran in my senior year in high school (2006). It actually fit a little lose, which my mother informed me was not the case in high school! So that felt good! 


 I had to reenact the pageant! hahaha my husband thought I was crazy! 


I taught a Nuttzo Nutrition Workshop! 


I got my SpiBelt products in a local shoe store, which is pretty exciting for me!


I practiced more arm balances at my house, and was impressed with my progress. In the past I have never been able to get up on my arms and lift my feet at all in firefly. I'm excited to keep working on this and see my progress! 

Firefly Pose with @brittanysuell

 So, if you didn't know, Sunday was International Women's Day!! We celebrated here by sharing our sweat stories, see mine via video HERE! #SweatYourStory is sponsored by Graced By Grit, and to celebrate a little more, they are giving one of you an awesome headband! 

I'm wearing my Grace By Grit headband in this grasshopper pose, (which by the way was much easier for me this time!)

So, HOW TO WIN!?!?

  • Post a photo of you on your Instagram that describes how you #SWEATYOURSTORY
  • Tag @BrittanySuell & @GracebyGrit
  • Use hashtags #sweatyourstory & #leaveyourlegacy

I'll pick a winner on Monday, 3/16

**The head band is a great material, stays in place well, and is super cute! Might be my new fav!**

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Grasshopper pose + a giveaway from @brittanysuell 


Linking up to Fitness Friday & Friday Five! 

Roses are red, Violets are blue, let's do some Yoga for Two!

Yep you guessed it! I talked my wonderful husband into filming a professional, fun and not professional at all Partner Yoga Video to share with y'all for the big Valentines Day!!  What better way to spend Valentines Day than to sweat, stretch, try something new, and laugh quite a bit with your favorite person!? 

I even made you this super cute Valentine that you can print out and give your that special someone inviting them to join you for some Partner Yoga! (Seriously you don't have to do anything but print, press play, and have fun!)

A full length partner yoga video for your and your lover on Valentines Day! From @brittanysuell

OH, and did I mention that ANYONE can do these moves!?! As you may notice I am coaching (in a non-bossy way I assure you) my husband throughout the entire video. And sadly, he is not a Yogi, he even questioned which pose Downward Dog was....yes this makes me very sad! But one day I'll get him into Yoga more. My point being though, you don't have to know a lot of be flexible to do this yoga! Just make it your own and have fun together! 

So check out the video, and I would love for you to SHARE it with your friends! PIN it, TWEET it, or SHARE it on Facebook! Thanks! 

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And it just so happens that Warrior 2 is the pose of the day for the Prana #taketheleap Challenge!! So check out how to do it with a partner, and post it on your social media site! Remember, you could WIN $500 to Prana for you and a friend, just for participating!

Plus, you can use my code for 15% off Prana gear, right now! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to yourself!

Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell

So other than this we have no V-day plans, so please, Comment and tell me, What are your plans for celebrating Valentines Day!??

**My February Podcast will be airing after Valentines Day! Be sure you have SUBSCRIBED so that you know when it goes live!**Click HERE to subscribe! 


I'm linking up to Fitness Friday with Jill Conyers, & #FridayFive with Mar on the Run! Check it out for more LOVE posts! 

Setting Goals Before You #TaketheLeap

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach As I mentioned on Monday, I am the Challenge Leader for the Prana & Fit Approach 30-Day Yoga Challenge, #TaketheLeap! It's only day 3, but I'm already having so much fun following those that are a part of the challenge!  I realized yesterday, that if I'm going to be doing 30 Days of Yoga, that I need to set some goals for this challenge! For many, this challenge might be a way for them to gain flexibility, get moving every day for 30 days, find a little time for themselves, gain some way of stress relief and peace inducing time with Yoga. There are all sorts of reasons to take part in a challenge. Maybe it's just to try something new and BE CHALLENGED!  For me, I do Yoga in a class setting at least 3 times a week. Then on my own at home some as well. So I'm definitely doing Yoga on a normal basis.  So what might my Goals be for the #TaketheLeap Challenge.  Here's what I've decided: 

1. Do a handstand a day. Starting with 10seconds, and adding 10seconds a day. 

I chose this because before I got pregnant I was really practicing inversions and handstands, but I have since stopped doing that. I want to get better at handstands and stronger. I want to be able to just throw myself into a hand or headstand anywhere for a fun picture, etc. With enough strength to hold it, and enough courage not to be against a wall. So my goal is to practice hand standing throughout these 30 days, and to gain more control and courage in them! 

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach

2. To do more Yoga at home.

Although I teach Yoga and go to classes, I don't take advantage of really  practicing Yoga at home. So I commit to practicing at least 10 minutes a day at home Yoga. 

3. To grow in my backbends. 

I love backbends, and I don't mean just traditional wheel pose, I mean backbend poses, and I want to gain more flexibility in my backbends. So throughout my daily at home practice, I am specifically going to focus on backbends, and I hope to see some change! 

Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap 30-day Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach

So tell me, WHAT GOALS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE #TAKETHELEAP CHALLENGE!? [bctt tweet="Set some goals to improve and Join the #TaketheLeap Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell @prana @fitapproach #sweatpink"]

 Now check out my cute Prana gear!!! I love it! I will be wearing this to my Yogafit Yoga training that I'm attending in San Antonio, TX. this weekend, and will be telling you all about it next week. From what I can tell so far though, it is high quality, feels great on, is supportive, and super cute!!  In the mean time, you can go to and use my code for 15% OFF their new Spring line. And let me just tell you, they have some super CUTE stuff!  Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell FYI: My family has had the stomach bug this week, which has pushed back the production of my podcast! Expect for it to drop next week!   #LeaveYourLegacy

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