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How to be more EARTHY....

Happy Earth Day!! 

Earth Day 2015! How to be a little more earthy with @brittanysuell

What even is Earth Day? 

Does Earth Day have any meaning to you? 

I will admit, that in the past, Earth Day hasn't meant much to me. Other than a day to host a fun event when I worked at a university, personally, Earth Day hasn't held much meaning for me. 

Earth Day is a great day though! If you think back to your childhood, and then look at the world we live in now, you will definitely see things that have changed in the realm of the environment and the world that we live in. Earth Day reminds us to be aware of the world around us. Earth Day rekindles support and public commitment to environmental programs. So as things are gradually changing, there are things we can do in our everyday life to be a little more EARTHY! 

What does Earthy mean? 

Well one definition from Urban Dictionary says Earthy is-natural, unartificial.

To me, being Earthy, yes means that you might do things a little more natural. But on a larger scale, those natural things that you take part in are things that are contributing to the betterment of the earth that we live on. 

So what are some ways you can become more Earthy, or take part in Earth Day? 

The possibilities for getting involved with Earth Day are endless! 

  • Volunteer somewhere 
  • Pick up trash from a highway or neighborhood
  • Attend an Earth Day seminar or workshop to learn more about how to get involved locally 
  • Attend an Earth Day celebration/festival
  • Help launch a community garden, or plant your own
  • Do something nice for the earth
  • Change a habit
  • Start recycling
  • Use more biodegradable products
  • Use your own shopping bags
  • Purchase a reusable bottle, and stop buying bottled water
  • Help organize local awareness events

Now you don't have to do all of these, just find simple things that you can start to implement in your own life. And do them, not only today, April 22nd, Earth Day 2015, but every day of the year! Make an impact on the world around you, #LeaveYourLegacy. Choose to make choices that will affect the earth in a good way, and leave it better than when you came!

What will I do to take part in Earth Day? 

Okay, I will admit it...I don't recycle! 

GASP....What the What!?!? .....I know.....judge me! 

My cop-out is that in my town they don't pick-up recycling! And now after admitting my excuse, I will tell you that I am deciding now to start recycling anyways! There are several recycle centers around town where I can...take my own....(annoyed voice), and I commit to start doing that, starting today, on Earth Day! 

A couple of other things I do or am in the process of doing that have a positive affect on the earth, and make me more EARTHY: 

  • I don't buy bottled water
  • I try to take my own grocery sacks (it's about 50/50 on remembering to take them to the store with me, and leaving them at home)
  • I'm planting a small garden next week
  • I have chickens
  • I use cloth diapers
  • I use cloth baby wipes


I will also be hosting an Earth Day Yoga Class tonight at the Mill Winery, Abilene, TX. So if you are local...join me for an hour long yoga class, get a Sangria with a souvenir glass, and enjoy a Nutrition Seminar, all for just $15! 

Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!! 

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