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Well-Living Wednesday & My Fave Way to Eat Sweet Potatoes

It's Well-Living Wednesday, and today I'm sharing with you my favorite way to eat sweet potatoes....by making Sweet Potato Chips!

Last week in my post "I want to be just like you," I wrote about how we need to be examples to our children, and those around us by choosing a healthy lifestyle, rather than going along with the fast paced life of processed snacks and fast food meals!

It's easy to use the excuse of not knowing what healthy snack alternatives to choose, so I'm going to make it easy by giving you some ideas! Recently in my house we have started making Sweet Potato Chips on a weekly basis! They are such a yummy way to eat sweet potatoes, and a great alternative to a bag of process chips! 10733374_305937026266004_989273959_n

Sweet Potato Chips

-Peel the sweet potatoes, then use the slicer side of the cheese grater to cut the sweet potatoes into chip style strips.  Toss the strips in a bowl with olive oil, then lay them out on a pan. (Using a pizza pan with holes in it cooks them the best) Lightly sprinkle with salt.  Cook at 200 degrees for 2 hours. (or you can put them in a dehydrator.)

Like my Kale Chip Recipe, these never seem to make it further than the pan.  Every time we make them, we stand over the finished product and eat them all up, even when I am trying to save some for later! They are that good!

So make the choice this week to switch out the bags of processed potato chips in your pantry for some homemade Sweet Potato Chips! & if you like those, then be sure to check out my recipe for Kale Chips and add those to your weekly snack rotation as well!

There are so many great options, and I'm sure the entire family will love them!

Here are my Weightloss stats for the week:

Week 13: -1.1lbs

Week 14: -.2lbs 

Week 15: -1.3 lbs (152lbs) Total: -8.6lbs

I would love to hear if you try one of my chip recipes, and comment below with your favorite healthy snack!

What is your favorite healthy snack!??



Well-Living Wednesday- You Only Get One Body....Better Take Care of It

You only get one body....better take care of it!

Let that sink in for a minute!

Yesterday I read a blog post by Dr. Pragati from "Simple Medicine" about her 3 Healthy Living Tools, and this was the last one on her list.

"3. Gentleness

Surprised by this one? Don’t be! Being kind to oneself is the ultimate healthy living tool. You only have one life and one body. To me, this means understanding that there are times when workouts will be skipped and canned soup will be consumed. The important part is that you remember your good habits and always treat yourself with gentleness and love."

This really stuck out with me! I realized that it is so true! Being KIND TO OUR BODY IS SO IMPORTANT!

be kind

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Many times at the closing of my Yoga Classes I will encourage people to be thankful for their bodies, all that they are capable of doing, and for being strong in all that we put them through.  But I have found a new realization of how true this is! We are given ONE BODY! And although some people have various issues that arise in their bodies, we need to be thankful for what we are given, and treat our bodies good!

Obviously this means through eating healthy, etc.  I talked about this some in my 'Made to Crave Week 1' Book Review, about our body being a temple. Yesterday though, it hit me that it means more than just the food we put in our bodies.  It is important to be easy on our bodies on the outside as well.  You should know your body, be aware of your body, and listen to it.  If it is telling you to rest a day, or a week, then do it! If it is telling you not to push harder in a workout, then be OKAY where you are for that day, in your workout!

This speaks so heavily to me right now since I am experiencing some knee pain, and have had to sit out from running.  So badly I have wanted to put a knee brace on, and go out and run, pushing through the pain.  (Even though the doctor told me to rest from running for 3-6 weeks).  It is so hard sometimes to ease up on our bodies when we are used to pushing ourselves.  Especially for me, I just sat out from running while I was pregnant, so I was so excited to get started, and be on track to a half marathon this Fall.....WRONG!

My body had something else in mind!

But instead of being frustrated and upset with my body, today I am going to change my outlook on things!


I choose to be gentle with my body, to not push it beyond it's limits, to listen to what it is telling me, and to respect it and treat it well!

After all, I only get one shot.....this is the only Body I'll be getting on this earth!

Oh, and just an update, here's my WEIGHTLOSS STATS:

WLW Stats: Week 1: -0 lbs Week 2: -1.4lbs Week 3: -0 lbs Week 4: -0lbs Week 5: -.4lbs Week 6: -1lb Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs) Week 8: -0lbs Week 9: -0lbs

Week 10:-2.10lbs

Week 11: -.2lbs

Week 12: -0lbs

Week 13: -1.1lbs 

Week 14: -.2lbs (153.3lbs) Total: -7.3lbs

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.28.14 PM



How to Balance Your Grocery Cart & WLW 12

How do you go to the grocery store?? 

Do you go with a plan? 

Do you have a list? 

Do you have 5 different lists? 

Do you have a menu made for the week, or for the month?

Do you have a budget on how much you will spend? 

Do you go when you are hungry? (bad idea!)

Do you have set foods that you buy each time you go to the store? 

Today we are discussing HOW TO BALANCE YOUR GROCERY CART! So whether you go with a menu in mind, a specific plan, or a budget, or you just randomly decide to go pick up groceries for the week without a plan of what you are getting, this BALANCE will help you map your way through the store, and if you stick with it will result in healthier choices for your grocery shopping!


So here's the plan!

In order for you to pick the healthiest, and closest to their natural form foods, you need to look at your shopping cart with an 80-20 ratio!


On the 80% side, you are looking at whole foods. 

Things like your:







The 20% would consist of your more processed foods: (in my cart this would be...)


-Canned black beans and corn


-Pizza Sauce

-Blue Corn chips


You get the idea! 

But here's the SECRET! Think about your grocery store this way, and the way you shop could change drastically!

The 80% of your shopping should come from the outer edges of your grocery store! Stay on the perimeter for 80% of what you buy, and your cart will be full of those things mentioned above.  The fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, etc.  Picture the store that you buy groceries at in your mind, and imagine the items on the 80% list. Those are the things that you will find in the perimeter of every grocery store! SO! Stay along the perimeter of the store and you will be getting better foods, that are most likely at their most natural state.

Then, for the 20% of your cart you can snag things from the inner aisles, but keep those at minimal.  Buy your veggies fresh, not canned or even in steam able bags! I know it is much easier to pop open a can or toss a bag in the microwave, believe me, I do it too! But lately I have been trying to buy more of my veggies, my dinner sides at their raw, natural state.  Even if it take me a little longer to cook it.

I really focussed on this rule today while shopping, and this was my cart just from the produce section....it was already full!


Then I kept all my items from the perimeter in the big part of my cart, and the top basket I used for the 20% of my shopping, the inner aisles.  I came home feeling so good about myself and my grocery store visit!


So try it next time you go shopping, see if it won't change your perspective when it comes to filling your basket with foods! Just remember 80% of your foods should be picked up from the perimeter of the store, 20% can be picked up from the inner aisles! 


Here's my weigh in for Weightloss Wednesday! 

Although I am still at the same weight, I am happy with it! I know once my knee heals and I am able to incorporate more cardio into my workout again, then I will begin to see changes again! I'm excited to continue challenging myself to make healthy choices when it comes to eating though!! 

WLW Stats: Week 1: -0 lbs Week 2: -1.4lbs Week 3: -0 lbs Week 4: -0lbs Week 5: -.4lbs Week 6: -1lb Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs) Week 8: -0lbs Week 9: -0lbs

Week 10:-2.10lbs

Week 11: -.2lbs

Week 12: -0lbs Total: -6lbs


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Weight Loss Wednesday #2


Little Sis here.....back for week 2! I have really been enjoying Weightloss Wednesday and my endeavors of Eating Clean!!  You can read about that HERE.  It has made this whole process more fun, enjoyable, and really a fun challenge! Last week I weighed in at 163, and just days before that I was weighing in at 165! UGH!! And today I was proud to see the scales down to 160.5! I'm so ready to be in the 150's! Anyways, though, I did well this week, definitely not perfect, but still making solid changes to my eating habits & lifestyle!


It has been fun for me to discover new ways to eat healthy! I went to a Gluten FREE cooking class, not because I want to be Gluten Free, but just to learn healthier ways to cook.  It was fun with my girlfriends (post coming later), and it was very insightful! Along with this, I have been researching and having many conversations on how to eat better.

A few changes I have made so far include using honey to sweeten things, like my COFFEE! Big Deal for me, and I don't taste a difference at all.  (Plus I got the honey from the Farmer's Market).  And also having fun creating new healthy, all-natural snacks for myself! One I shared was the Strawberry-Lemon Protein Pops! Those are fun and so yummy! Next week I'll share about our homemade fruit rollups!  I started juicing this week.  Just started, only have done 3 glasses, and am really enjoying it so far!

Along with these things, I have also been adding protein to a lot  of my foods, (like my juices, or homemade snacks that I make), and I started this whole thing off with a supplement cleanse which ended today.  It did not necessarily affect my eating too much since I was already making changes! I can share more about that if you want later!

There has also been one other thing that has been a HUGE help in rebutting Weightloss Wednesday! Big Sis is going to share more about that! But I LOVE IT AND AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF IT!

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little signautres

Big Sis here.. This has been a great week! I didn't eat perfect at all and honestly just started working out again yesterday. I set a goal for myself to work out at least 30 minutes this week M-F. Monday and Tuesday are complete! Today I got the all clear at my 6 weeks, postpartum appointment so I am more than ready to get my hiney into running again!! I was so excited to step on the scale and see 191.0!! I was 196.1 last week! So exciting!


The biggest thing that has happened this week is that we have launched our Weight Loss Wednesday Team! We have a group of 15 girls who have come together and joined together in a private forum setting and we are sharing it all. It has really taken off this week and it is so exciting to have that encouragement. Some have shared pictures, weights, goals, etc. It has been a very active group so far and we are so excited for everyone that has been involved. We hope in a both six months to launch another WLW Team! We are so excited to see the changes that are going to come from our team!! We asked our members what there goals are in being part of the team and these are some things that we heard:

" "Friendly accountability" that one thing that is great about this group. We help each other by knowing we are accountable every week to each other. We will all be each others cheerleader or a shoulder when we need it. We're all in this together and as females young & uh~um not so young we all know how each other is feeling! Thanks girls!!" -Kendra

"I needed someone to hold me accountable! All day today I thought... well I could eat that but then I would have to explain to the ladies what happened. So I didn't  where as last week I probably would have. That's so awesome! I'm glad I have this support to get me through. "support group" or "support of the group" lol" -Katie

We are so excited to share with you each week as we progress comments, guest blogs, weight loss struggles, adventures, recipes, etc. from our group! We hope that you will enjoy watching us from the outside as much as we love being together on the inside!

Don't forget to follow my family as we begin our Clean Eating Journey... we won't really get started too much until we get settled in Florida. This is the last post to you from MY living in Texas! :(

You can follow us by searching #TheShawsEatClean


See how far we have come:

WLW #1