How Giving Up Sugar Impacts Others in Your Life! The April #LeaveYourLegacy Podcast and Vlog

I'm gone three and a half months without sugar! Here's how I'm doing, and how giving up sugar impacts others in my life! via @brittanysuell I have gone without sugar for 3.5 months!!! What!?? 

I believe I stopped eating sugar on January 15th! I can't even believe it! I have learned that it impacts those around me some though! (Read a previous post I wrote about being the "weird" mom)

But, I'm going to keep the writing short, and let my videoed self do the talking! Yep, I did a VLOG this month! Wahoo! 

So join me and let's get to know each other a little more as I share how my NO SUGAR Journey has gone so far.  

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****If you haven't listened to my previous podcasts, go HERE to get the inside scoop on my journey****

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Have you ever felt like people were judging you because of the healthy choices you have made? 

Have others ever shared with you how your dedication and healthy life has impacted them? 

 I’m joining these awesome bloggers for the #FridayFive linkup! Mar on the RunEat Pray Run DC, & You Signed Up For What?

Today we are sharing our TOP 5 Fitness Blogs!!

Here's mine, so go check them out and give them some love! 

Jill Conyers-Seriously amazing! She has so much knowledge and wisdom, and I love learning from her! Plus, I am so excited because we are currently working on an awesome fitness challenge coming this summer, so get ready! 

Lora Hogan-Whoop! My fellow Yoga Instructor inspiration! She is so joyful, loving, and inspiring! I love how much she loves life, and yoga! And.....we also will be hosting a #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge in MAY and we have some awesome stuff in store for you! 

The Fit Switch-Jessica Joy! Love, love, love her! She is so much fun! So on fire for life and fitness. When you read her blog, it's like you know her, and I love it! I have gotten so much blog inspiration and fire from her! 

Touching Your Heart-Jodi!! This lady! OMG! So inspiring. I love how dedicated she is, and I just really want to meet her, because I feel like we have such an awesome connection! 

Cotter Crunch- Lindsay.....just going to her blog will make your mouth water! A fellow Texas Blogger (wahoo), and her recipes are so yummy! You will find her all over my Pinterest boards ;-) 

So there you have it some of my favorite fitness, health, good eating blogs!!! Go get inspired by these women! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


What's in my Hospital Bag!?


I am officially hospital ready!

Let me not write about it though, I decided to record my first ever video for you aka a VLOG! (video+blog=vlog), (that's the correct lingo to use.) So enjoy my VLOG on What's in My Hospital Bag!!

Also, feel free to make suggestions on what else you think would be handy! As you know, this is my first time doing this, so suggestions are appreciated!