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Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport #FuelYourBetter


I may be doing well with the SUGAR FREE LIVING, but I still get a sweet craving every now and again. That's why I am constantly trying new snack foods and healthy sweets recipes to keep on hand in my home. You can find some of the ones I have created and changed to be sugar free, HERE in my Sugar Free Recipes Archive.  Now by no means am I constantly craving sweets like I used to, but every once in a while I want something yummy and sweet....a lot of times I will get this craving when I've been around yummy desserts all weekend and have opted out. 

Here's an example. This weekend, I was surrounded by crazy amounts of sugar indulgences. I realized on Monday evening after the long weekend was coming to an end, how much sugar I would've eaten if I ate sugar. It would've been a ton, and honestly I bet on Monday night I would've been sitting in self-defeat, frustration, because I wouldn't have felt good physically, and all the healthy living and working out I do would've felt pointless. So I am so thankful I am sugar free. Anyways though, imagine with me for a moment if I ate sugar, here's all the opportunities I would've had to partake in something sugary: 

FRIDAY NIGHT: Cookies & Chocolate the night before one of my best friends weddings.  Sitting around, excited and chatting with girls, it would've been easy to eat a ton of chocolate! 

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Cake at my friend's daughters 1st birthday party! It was cute, and my husband said it was delicious! 

SATURDAY NIGHT: Some of the best wedding cake that is made in my town. PLUS very sugary margaritas! (for free) and I had NONE, and honestly I wasn't even tempted! 

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Friend's baby shower....cupcakes! 

SUNDAY EVENING: My friend baked the cupcakes and a cake for the baby shower, so she brought leftovers for my house for our life group get together! 

MONDAY: The cake from the night before was left at my house. In my sugar eating life (lol) I most definitely would've eaten some! 


Isn't that crazy! What a great, and busy weekend I had, but imagine how much sugar I would've eaten if I would've taken advantage of it at each opportunity! Which in my sugar eating life, I probably would've definitely eaten some! 

So, by Sunday night, I decided I needed something sweet in my life! 

That's when I decided to make some Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! 

Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! No-Bake, Sugar Free, and delicious!

These are the kind of things I like to make on the weekend and keep on hand throughout the week! They are great for when I'm craving a little something sweet. If I need a little pick-me-up before a workout. Or just if I want a nice healthy snack, or post workout protein! 

Plus these things are DELICIOUS! 

Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! No-Bake, Sugar Free, and delicious!

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[yumprint-recipe id='9']I like to use the Vega Sport Protein because it is plant based, and sugar free! I used Vega in my smoothies every single day, and absolutely love the flavor! In these specifically I use vanilla, but chocolate would work as well! 


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