How to Use a Yoga Detox for the Body After Summer Indulgences!

Well, summer is coming to an end. And naturally we tend to eat more in the summer. Why....because our bodies know that we need to store fat and extra warmth for the upcoming cold season. So it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely a real thing that happens!  So today, my lovely, Yogi friend Lora Hogan, from Florida is going to share with us how to use a Yoga Detox to detoxify the body after summer indulgences! 

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Ice cream, brownies, beer, wine, burgers, hot dogs, chips oh my!

This last weekend of summer leads to enjoying the sun, the family, the outdoors and ALL THE BBQ FOODS. MMMM.

But these tasty treats can wreck havoc on our digestion, leaving us more sluggish and icky feeling than after Thanksgiving dinner! (Go figure, right?!)

Here's my go-to three-day weekend evening routine. Even if you only have five minutes to yourself. Even if you practice in a sleeping bag, at a camp site, or on a hotel room bed, these poses can help you wake up feeling JUUUUUST a teensy bit better!

What, you ask, should you do?

Why, practice supine twists of course!

Reclined twists are great for aiding in digestion. The passive and restorative nature also helps to calm the nervous system--which can be great for when you've been go go going with friends and family! They also help to relieve discomfort in the back from sitting (car trip or long periods of time in lawn chairs anyone?). Drinkers take note: twists are also detoxifying for the kidneys and liver!

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How to practice:

Come reclined on the ground, a mat, a towel, or even your bed!

Plant your feet underneath your knees and bring your knees hip width apart.

Press into the feet to gently lift the back and buttock up off the mat. Scooch your back over to the right, this will help to relieve pressure on the low-back in the posture.

From here, drop both knees over to the left. Bring your arms to a t-shape or make goal post arms. Gaze can be straight up towards the ceiling or, if there is the neck flexibility, you can turn your gaze over your right arm.

Stay for at least five deep breaths.

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lora hogan sharing about detoxing at the end of the summer on













Come back to center. Bring the pelvis back to neutral. Pause here for a moment and notice the difference between sides.

Then, press into the feet, lift up and move your buttock etc. over to the right this time. From here, then drop both knees over to the left (shown below). Again, you can bring both arms to a t-shape or goal post arms. If you'd like to go deeper into the pose, it may feel good to take that right hand and help to drop the knees further over to the right! (Only if that feels good!) Once more your gaze can stay straight up at the ceiling (or sky outside), or if the neck allows, you may wish to turn your gaze over that left shoulder.














Stay here for at least five breaths or until this side feels even with the first. If you feel that your first side was tighter, you may want to go back and hold on that side until you feel a sense of equilibrium.

Do you make time to practice twists after a busy time? Do you remember to work-out at all? What's your go-to plan? Let me know in the comments below!

-Lora Hogan

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