The West Texas Half Marathon--Plus 4 Awesome Perks of Having a Running Partner

Well first let me start off by saying I had a CRAZY weekend!  It started off great, and on Saturday morning I hosted my first ever Healthy Eating Freezer Meal Workshop! (I'll be sharing all the fun details about that tomorrow, and how you can take part, whether you are local or long distance). It was so much fun and all around successful! Then after spending some time at the pool with my friends, I started having random stomach aches/cramping! I tried to push through the pain and go out with my son and husband, but the pain continued to intensify. I ended up in the ER from 7PM to 2AM (not fun), and found out it was some issues with my colon. UGH...sick, maybe TMI! But anyways, the last few days I have been recovering, and resting up! 

Now....on to why we are really here.....The West Texas Half Marathon! 

The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

That's right people! I'm back at it! I'm signed up for the West Texas Half Marathon in October, and this time I'm doing it different......what does that mean you wonder?? I'm training with running partners! 

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After running my half marathon in April, I took several weeks off, except for a few short 2 milers here and there, and the sprints I run at Stroller Strides. Three weeks ago though I signed up for the West Texas Half Marathon which is in October, and I started running with two of my friends. 

Since starting to run together, we have run 5 days a week, and are starting with just 1 mile runs. Since they are just starting, and I went a month without really running, we wanted to start with a strong base. SIDENOTE: I definitely suggest this for anyone who is wanting to start running and adding distance. Get a good mile or 2 mile time under your belt. And get to where that is easy, where at the end you feel good and you aren't panting for breath. I feel like when you have this, then you are setting yourself up for success to gradually add mileage to your training. 

So tomorrow we will begin running two miles. And let me just say, running with partners is very different, but in so many good ways! 

4 Awesome Perks of Having a Running Partner

The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

1) First off, we get to chit-chat while we run! Which is always great! But...we switch off on who is talking so that we have time to catch our breath! And although this is great for now, we have already agreed that when we get somewhere between 3-5miles, then we will probably start listening to our own individual podcasts while we run. For the time being though, I'm enjoying a little extra time chatting with friends! 

2) It's way harder to back out of a run, or skip a run when you have plans to meet with others. Today is really the only day that one of us has said we are too tired to run. Other than that, we have all helped one another stay motivated and on track with training! We even got up at 7:30AM on a Saturday to run because one of us was going out of town for the day! I'm just telling you, having a running partner kicks your dedication meter up a notch for sure! The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

3) We encourage each other to be better! For the first time ever when running, I am actually working hard to do better than my past runs. You know that term PR that so many runners talk about. (Personal Record). Well formerly that was not part of my running vocabulary. Honestly I didn't care how fast I ran, just that I was running and finishing. Now to some extent that still is what I'm worried about, but running with partners has helped me to make myself better. The first time we ran (with strollers) we were a high 11minute mile. BUT, we set goals together and have gotten to a 9:45-10 minute mile! That's a good change, and we have decided that our goal for the half is to run right under 10 minute miles! So it adds a different dynamic to your training when you are pushing yourself in a way of being better than your previous time! I like it so far! 

4) We get excited together! It is so fun to celebrate little victories like new mileages, and new workout gear! (hey we are girls, we get excited about finding good running shorts that don't ride up, or leggings that feel like you are literally wearing NOTHING! and in this Texas heat, that's saying something). Plus, it is so exciting to think about taking a (short) road trip together and staying the night, eating our pre-race meal together, and crossing the finish line at a half marathon, celebrating together! No matter who you are with at a half marathon, even by yourself, the celebration is great, but I know it will be even better to celebrate our accomplishments after months of training together! I can't wait for that!


So, if you are anywhere near West Texas, or might want to take a road trip down here to join us, then we would so love that!! Plus, I have a 10% OFF code that you can use to REGISTER for the West Texas Half Marathon!!  

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The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

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