tough mudder


That's right...I did it! 

I freaking finished the Tough Mudder! 

It was amazing! 

Felt so good. 

And I feel so proud of myself! I did every single obstacle! (with help of course, but that's what the Tough Mudder is all about)

On the Funky Monkey! uphill bars, and circular moving bars! 

On the Funky Monkey! uphill bars, and circular moving bars! 

I love the Tough Mudder because it's all about community and helping each other out! So ANYONE can do it! You have so many people, strangers, friends, and you all help one another on obstacles, cheer one another on, and get really muddy together! It's amazing! 

The Funky Monkey was my favorite obstacle, and the one I looked forward to the most! I wanted to badly to complete this obstacle! It was an uphill climb monkey bars (at least 15), then a vertical circle bar, and two horizontal circle bars, which meant you you grabbed them, they whipped you around in a circle! (enter more challenge here) 

So I worked out hard and practiced a handfull of times on regular monkey bars at the park, but I was confident. The girl working the station thankfully let us wipe our wet hands on her, and I went for it! I made it to the first circle! I went up the uphill bars quick and felt good. But that whipping of the circle bar threw me in the water! 

I was not giving up though! I got out and said... "I'M DOING IT AGAIN!" 

So round two, I scaled the monkey bars (so proud of that), hit the horizontal circle! "yes!" then the vertical! "YES!" and then the last vertical, almost to the platform, and I fall. I get out PROUD AS CAN BE! That was enough for me! I would've maybe tried again, but my arms were spent! 

The adrenaline from that, and the strength it took my arms made the next obstacle the hardest for me, but I was so happy with myself! 

Eating ALL THE PIZZA the night before! DUH! 

Eating ALL THE PIZZA the night before! DUH! 

So backtracking now, we ate pizza...HUGE, delicious pizza the night before the race, which I highly recommend! 

Yoga to get stretched out before the race! 

Yoga to get stretched out before the race! 

CLICK TO TWEET: "I'm a Tough Mudder, and you should be one too!" 

Here's some of our group before the race! We had a blast! We dressed alike, which is fun! Plus wearing a bright color helps you to find each other while racing! 

Also, the sweatbands were helpful! I never had an issue with mud in my eyes! (Oh, I wouldn't recommend orange next time though lol well at least not for first timers, because that's the same color of the first time Tough Mudder headband you get at the end lol) 

My mother-in-law and the kiddos found us at the Mud Mile, it was fun! I also found one of my bootcampers in my year long program and we got to do this together and take a pic! It was fun to stay together and cheer each other on a few of the obstacles! 

Asking me if I will do it again....??

YES! I want to do the Texas one in October for my 30th birthday! 

It was a blast, and running through trails, (fun on their own), but running through soaking wet, or carrying 10 extra pounds of mud, makes you feel indefeatable, and like a true BADA** ! 

I highly recommend anyone doing this! 

Our team stayed together, laughed, had fun, and helped each other, I loved it! 

The hardest part was around mile 8-9ish (it was right over 10 miles total). It was the first time that obstacle lines were long and you had to wait. At that time in the race, standing still that long was not fun for the muscles! Because once you started again, it was that much harder! 

Also, I highly recommend planning a fun recovery and celebratory day afterwards! 

We did a 2 hour float on the river! It was the perfect way to relax after the race! 

So basically what I'm saying is...YOU HAVE GOT TO DO A TOUGH MUDDER!




Feeling the Need for a REBOOT!??

I don't know about you guys, but the last month and a half has been CRAZY! It started the first weekend of April when I went and taught at a women's conference for my church! Such an amazing experience! 

Since being out of town that weekend, I was out of town another 2.5 weeks in April as well. We went on a 4 day camping trip to Big Bend National Park...amazing! I stayed in Dallas for a few days of down time at a hotel while my hubs did some work...very nice! Then we took a mini family/friend vacay to Canyon Lake, TX. so that we could run the Tough Mudder. We followed up that 10 mile crazy, amazing run with a few hours of floating the river! (I'll be sharing a Tough Mudder Recap with you guys very soon!) 

Then, in the midst of all of that, I've been working my tail off to prep for this huge business competition I was in this past week....Oh and I WON! Did you hear!?!?! 

My husband and I after winning the 2017 Springboard Ideas Challenge! 

My husband and I after winning the 2017 Springboard Ideas Challenge! 

So....all that to say, I know I'm not the ONLY ONE who has had a crazy April-May! I know that this time of year is jam packed for people as their kiddos are finishing up activities, and getting ready for summer to start. 

So I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling the need to a REBOOT! 

I've just gotten way to snacky. I have been over eating a lot. I haven't spent ANY time to meal or snack prep. And even in the workout department, since the Tough Mudder I've been struggling to find motivation! 

So here's some things I like to do when I feel the need to REBOOT: 

  • Drink my weight in water
  • Eat only real packaged foods
  • Take my probiotics to increase gut health, which also helps to fight off sugar cravings
  • Drink Shakeology for one meal a day, sometimes two during the reboot phase! 
  • Eat extra amounts of green veggies!

So yeah I could do some of these things, but I feel like since it is about to be the middle of 2017, and we are kick starting summer, it's the perfect time for an OFFICIAL 3-DAY REFRESH! 

So...on June 9th, I'll be starting the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh! It's a 3 day program set to get your nutrition refocused, and reboot your body to help you make healthy choices, and shave off unhealthy cravings you've been struggling with! 

Here's how it will work: 

  • Each day you will have a Shakeology for a meal
  • You will drink a fiber drink each day (doesn't taste good, but does the body good)
  • You drink another protein shake each day
  • You eat tons of FRUITS & VEGGIES
  • You drinks LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER to help your body detox
  • You workout on moderate levels
  • You avoid meat and all processed foods

I'm so excited to be doing the 3-Day Refresh with some of my boot campers, and I would love for yall to join us! We will be following it up a 7 day BRAND NEW, and such a fun workout program made to fit any fitness level! So from June 9-18th! We will reboot our body, and get ready to rock this summer! 

WHO IS IN!?!?! 

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