Level 4 Yoga Certification & Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

Wow! What a long week it has been!  I have been back from 5 intense fitness training days for a couple of days now, but I decided to take it easy and rest up. While also catching up with emails, etc. So here I am. Today it's back to go mode! That includes blogging, working my biz-ness hard core, and finally cleaning my house! 

So I shared with you last week about me heading out for my Level 4 Yoga Certification with Yoga Fit. It was by far the longest and most intense training I have done. It was 4 days of Yoga. Starting at 7AM-6PM. So they were for sure long days, and I got super spoiled to my Starbucks every morning! 

Level 4 Yoga Certification

This training was a lot about the history of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. I learned Sanskrit, the original language of Yoga, and so much more. I also learned some new poses, got to try out some new binds, along with finally nailing some arm balances and inversions that I have tried to do in the past! Plus I met and connected with a lot of amazing Yogis, which is always so much fun! 

I also spent a good chunk of my time away studying for the ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam which I took on Monday. Man that test was stressing me out. I cam home with some mouth ulcers which I attribute to the pre-test stress I was having. Now I have an undergraduate and masters degree, but I think I was more stressed about this test. Honestly just the thought of having to pay $200 more to retest was stressing me out. BUT I spent a lot of time studying, red through the entire red book, and took some practice quizzes....and wouldn't you know....I PASSED! 




So I thought since I am now officially a certified Group Fitness Instructor, that I would share with you some Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

-I studied! 

-I red through the chapters in the red book that comes with the study materials, and answered all of the study questions in the study guide

-sidenote: I also read back through those study questions again, and semi-quizzed myself with the multiple choice questions


-I studied the Essentials of Exercise Science Flashcards. These went with the white book, which I started the first chapter of back in April, and never picked up again. The flashcards were enough. Plus I made sure I knew all of the major muscles. I hope to go back through the Essentials Book later on, just to learn more about anatomy, etc. 

-Surprisingly there was not as much about anatomy on there as you might think, so don't stress about that part. Do know the terms that reference how the body or movement is moving. (i.e. frontal, sagital plane, dorsiflexion, planter flexion, flexion, extension....those basics)

-The test focussed a lot of class outline, group instructional methods, teaching styles, etc. Focus on these things: 

  • Cueing
  • Teaching techniques
  • Learning Styles
  • Feedback 
  • Monitoring Methods
  • Class Programming

-The test also had several questions on working out in various weather conditions 

-There were also several on liability, so be sure to study that! 

Now the BEST thing I did before taking the exam was...I bought a $10 study app versus the $50 practice test that ACE offers. It was such a great investment! It's called Pocket Prep for the ACE GFI Exam! 


The app is $10 and it's called POCKET PREP FOR GROUP FIT! 

This seriously helped me so much! It has 300 questions and it rotates through them! There are several options on making your quizzes personal, like focussing on certain parts of the test that you seem to struggle with the most, etc. Plus it shows you at the end the categories that you need to work on more. 

After taking the test I realized how much the quizzes from the app really helped me. I realized relying on those were potentially taking a risk, but it mostly focussed on class design, teaching styles, liability, etc. which is mainly what was on the test. And the way the app worded the questions was very similar to the way they did it on the test. So I would for sure suggest this to anyone taking the exam. (And they have these apps for all sorts of tests/certifications)

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I hope this helped, and feel free to ask any questions if the test is in your future, or you are thinking about a new certification! 

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Setting Goals & Creating New Habits!

Recently we visited East Texas and had dinner plans with our family. My mother in law was trying to decide what to cook and asked, "What vegetables do y'all like?" My husband looked at me and changed the question to say, "What vegetables don't you like? " When he said that, it hit me. I am a totally DIFFERENT person than I used to be! 

Now although it seems like I have been like this for a while, it really began shortly after my son was born. Even as a prego, I ate lots of crap and sweets...I mean I gained around 70lbs. (but that's a whole 'mother story in itself.) Seriously though, after I had my son I became a whole new person. I began trying eating eating every vegetable there is. I made better health choices in general, then I made the huge choice to give up sugar in January! 

I can confidently say...

I am the healthiest I have ever been!

So when did the switch happen!?! 

What made we create new habits and go after my goals of being a healthy and active mom!?

There are a few things through my experience that I fully believe in. I believe that when you have these things in place, that you are setting yourself up to achieve your goals and set new habits!

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

1) Set clear, attainable goals!

2) Have a support system! 

-This may be a partner that is going after the same goals. In that case, it is extremely helpful. Even through having running partners I have seen huge success in it. On nights when I don't feel like getting out and running, their drive pushes me to, and I'm always happier afterwards. 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

-This could even be a spouse or someone, in addition to the partner mentioned above. You need someone that is going to support and help you in achieving your goals. Someone that is going to be your cheerleader, and believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. THIS IS HUGE! When creating new habits, it never fails we go through slumps where we don't think we can push through and change! We need support from someone who loves us and wants to see us achieve our goals! 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

3) You need a reason to achieve your goals! Find your "Why"!

-When the going gets tough, you have to know what the point in all of it really is! Why are you pushing yourself, why are you changing your ways, why are you doing things that seem so foreign for your mind and body? You need to be able to come back to your WHY and find renewed motivation! 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

For me, I knew that I had the desire to LEAVE A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY for my son. And I knew for that to happen, it would start with me getting healthy! Not just a good size on the outside, but healthy from the inside out! And I know that I am. Throughout that time, the motivation of having my son, and knowing the things I wanted to teach him motivated me especially in the eating department. It motivated me to buy real food, to eat healthy vegetables that prior to this time I had never eaten. Plus I had my husband to support me! He has supported me in my dreams to stay home from an 8-5 job and go after my dreams of teaching health and fitness. I am a living example of setting goals and changing habits by implementing those 3 tips listed above! 

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So now my newest habit I want to change: 

I want to get up earlier in the mornings! 

-I know that if I get up when my husband does, around 6:30AM, or even at 7AM when he is leaving for work, that I could have such a successful morning while our son sleeps. 

-Plus I will be able to get so much done before my morning workouts. On mornings when I start productively, I feel like my entire day is productive. When I start slow, it is hard for me to find the motivation to get started at all. 

-So, I know that my husband will support me, and my drive will be the fact that I have so many responsibilities that lack in getting done or being successful when I don't take advantage of morning time. That's #2 & 3 from the tips above. 

-Tip #1---- I will wake up by 7AM, at least 3 days a week, and do things like work my business, blog, or clean my house. ALL WHILE DRINKING COFFEE OF COURSE! So there you have it, my clear, attainable goals! Let's do this! Let's create a new habit! 


Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 4 ways to do it successfully!


Read more tips and tricks for creating habits via The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers

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