She Started Working Out At Age 49...

Today I'm sharing a story about the woman that INSPIRES ME TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. That person, is my mom! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that one of my favorite things to do when I'm with my mom is to workout! Since we live 5.5 hours from each other, when we are together, we take advantage of being able to go for a run, do some yoga, or some other fun physical activity together. 

Here's some fun photos from her most recent visit:

The person that inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle

We had such a great time. She joined me for my Stroller Strides class, we went on runs together, went hiking, and challenged ourselves to a triple stacked plank! I love that working out is what we enjoy doing together. 

Now, taking a look at those photos, and us together, you might think that this is just what we have always done. Doing 5K's, and finding healthy recipes to share together is new for us though! 

Growing up, our go-to snacks were Little Debbie's, or for me powdered donuts. I remember in junior high and on, when my mom picked me up from school we would go to the store and get a HUGE fudge round and a big sweet tea or Icee. I mean it felt like we did that daily! It was our thing. (And I won't say that I didn't enjoy it!)

Anyways, though, as I got older, my mom joined Weight Watchers and did awesome there! She hit her goal weight, and did great! It wasn't until she was 49 years old though, that she committed to walking the Weight Watcher's 5K! Her first race.....but it would not be her last! Prior to this, I never recall seeing my mom workout. 

Sometime after that, my mom became a member of Anytime Fitness, and now she works out every morning BEFORE work! Did you hear me...BEFORE work! Now that takes dedication if you ask me. (I'm more of an afternoon evening worker-outter). She goes to the gym around 4:30AM, each morning, and after that first 5K, she kept going! 

She has run more 5K's than I can remember, (she has definitely passed my race count), and in 2012, she even completed her first half marathon! Wahoo! That's right! My sister and I talked her in  to joining the Disney Princess Half Marathon with us! You can read her recap HERE

The person that inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle

So all this to say, my mom inspires me to be healthy! She was one of the many American women who tried various diets for years, but now, she lives a healthy lifestyle, and works out! 

She took a chance, challenged herself, and WALKED a 5K. Then she fell in love with fitness! Now, she has a desire to take care of herself. She sees the benefits of working out and being healthy as she gets older and has more and more grandkids to play with. She loves that she is taking care of herself, and she looks great doing it too! Plus, no crazy dieting anymore! She eats healthy pretty regularly, but still gets to enjoy a sweet treat sometimes, or the occasional, or dare I say weekly Mexican food that my family loves so much! 

So I hope that her story can inspire you too! It is never too late to make changes! Take a chance, and do something new! And try it several times, get moving, and eating better! Start taking care of yourself, so that you are your best you! Live a #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle, and spread the #LeaveYourLegacy love to those around you! I know my mom has! There are so many people local to her that are inspired by her go-getterness, and her fit lifestyle. They saw her before, and they see her commitment to fitness now, and the changes that it has made for her physically, and that inspires others! So even without intentionally doing it, she was inspiring those around her! 

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#LeaveYourLegacy It's never too late to start!

Who inspires you to be healthy?? 

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