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Adding Weights to My Workout Routine

Hi All....    I am so close to being out of my first trimester, and I am praying that will mean that I will be back to my normal self. The self that is productive, that enjoys staying up late working my business, and blogging. But these days, when nighttime comes and my Little Z goes to bed, all I want to do is lay on the couch and go to bed early. Oh and take plenty of baths! That is what helps when I'm feeling sick. 

But soon, very soon I will be in trimester #2, and let's just hope that with that comes more energy and feeling better! 


Say Hello to Baby Suell #2!

This pregnancy is already off to a great start. I am doing the #HolidaySweat Challenge with Run to the Finish & Fit Approach (you can join in the fun still!) Get details HERE! And I have set a Goal of clocking 600+ minutes of workout activities per week! The reason for this goal, and the reason for me being a part of this challenge even while pregnant, is because I want to stay  healthy and fit during this pregnancy! Despite to normal thought of I can do and eat whatever I want while pregnant, I'm hoping not to gain 70-75 lbs again (like I did in my first pregnancy). I want to stay fit. I want to keep my muscles. I want to have a healthy pregnancy! 

That's why I've decided to add weights into my workout routine! 

Now on a normal basis I do workouts with resistance bands during my Fit4Mom Stroller Strides workouts! It's awesome and has helped me tone my muscles so much! But I feel like I'm at a place where I want more. That may seem weird to some since I'm pregnant, but of course I will be careful, but I know my body.  I will listen to it and do things that are safe. 

My plan is to start including a dumbbell workout at home, about 2 days a week. I have a 25lb dumbbell, and here's some of the exercises I plan to do on a normal basis. 

  • bicep curls
  • tricep extensions
  • lateral arms raises
  • military press
  • squat with rows

Along with the dumbbell workouts, I want to get back in to doing my favorite full body kettle bell workout. I have a small kettle bell that I got two Octobers ago for my birthday, and an all time favorite youtube kettle bell workout that I love to do! It's just enough challenge and goodness for the entire body! 

If you have a kettle bell I highly suggest trying out this workout! You will not regret it, and your muscles will thank you! 

So there you have it! I'm upping my game, even with a baby in my belly! But hey....I've got to up my game, because pushing a double stroller is NO JOKE! I've been pushing my sister's kiddos around while we run/walk, and oh my goodness! Momma's who use a double stroller every day have some strength!! 

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Setting Goals & Creating New Habits!

Recently we visited East Texas and had dinner plans with our family. My mother in law was trying to decide what to cook and asked, "What vegetables do y'all like?" My husband looked at me and changed the question to say, "What vegetables don't you like? " When he said that, it hit me. I am a totally DIFFERENT person than I used to be! 

Now although it seems like I have been like this for a while, it really began shortly after my son was born. Even as a prego, I ate lots of crap and sweets...I mean I gained around 70lbs. (but that's a whole 'mother story in itself.) Seriously though, after I had my son I became a whole new person. I began trying eating eating every vegetable there is. I made better health choices in general, then I made the huge choice to give up sugar in January! 

I can confidently say...

I am the healthiest I have ever been!

So when did the switch happen!?! 

What made we create new habits and go after my goals of being a healthy and active mom!?

There are a few things through my experience that I fully believe in. I believe that when you have these things in place, that you are setting yourself up to achieve your goals and set new habits!

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

1) Set clear, attainable goals!

2) Have a support system! 

-This may be a partner that is going after the same goals. In that case, it is extremely helpful. Even through having running partners I have seen huge success in it. On nights when I don't feel like getting out and running, their drive pushes me to, and I'm always happier afterwards. 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

-This could even be a spouse or someone, in addition to the partner mentioned above. You need someone that is going to support and help you in achieving your goals. Someone that is going to be your cheerleader, and believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. THIS IS HUGE! When creating new habits, it never fails we go through slumps where we don't think we can push through and change! We need support from someone who loves us and wants to see us achieve our goals! 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

3) You need a reason to achieve your goals! Find your "Why"!

-When the going gets tough, you have to know what the point in all of it really is! Why are you pushing yourself, why are you changing your ways, why are you doing things that seem so foreign for your mind and body? You need to be able to come back to your WHY and find renewed motivation! 

Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 3 ways to do it successfully!

For me, I knew that I had the desire to LEAVE A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY for my son. And I knew for that to happen, it would start with me getting healthy! Not just a good size on the outside, but healthy from the inside out! And I know that I am. Throughout that time, the motivation of having my son, and knowing the things I wanted to teach him motivated me especially in the eating department. It motivated me to buy real food, to eat healthy vegetables that prior to this time I had never eaten. Plus I had my husband to support me! He has supported me in my dreams to stay home from an 8-5 job and go after my dreams of teaching health and fitness. I am a living example of setting goals and changing habits by implementing those 3 tips listed above! 

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So now my newest habit I want to change: 

I want to get up earlier in the mornings! 

-I know that if I get up when my husband does, around 6:30AM, or even at 7AM when he is leaving for work, that I could have such a successful morning while our son sleeps. 

-Plus I will be able to get so much done before my morning workouts. On mornings when I start productively, I feel like my entire day is productive. When I start slow, it is hard for me to find the motivation to get started at all. 

-So, I know that my husband will support me, and my drive will be the fact that I have so many responsibilities that lack in getting done or being successful when I don't take advantage of morning time. That's #2 & 3 from the tips above. 

-Tip #1---- I will wake up by 7AM, at least 3 days a week, and do things like work my business, blog, or clean my house. ALL WHILE DRINKING COFFEE OF COURSE! So there you have it, my clear, attainable goals! Let's do this! Let's create a new habit! 


Setting Goals and making new habits! My top 4 ways to do it successfully!


Read more tips and tricks for creating habits via The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers

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Backyard Body Burner + a Casio Watch Giveaway

Man, my past few weeks have been so crazy! First I was sick, then I had my niece and nephew for a week, traveled for 5 days to visit family, got sick again, and now I am finally home and back into my normal routine. Needless to say, that throughout those 2-3 weeks, things were crazy and my weekly workout routine was off some. I went probably a week without doing much due to being sick, so now that I am back and feeling great, I have been ready to workout!  So this weekend I decided that my husband and I should do a backyard workout together, and let me just tell you, this thing got it's name honestly, because it is definitely a BODY BURNER! 

Once my husband agreed to workout with me, I was so excited. So I wrote down five workouts for us to do, and added some time intervals, and it made for a quick and intense workout. One that we both enjoyed, and left us both sweating, shaking, and muscles sore the following day! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

[bctt tweet="This will make you SWEAT! Try the Backyard Body Burner via @BrittanySuell using the @TRXTraining #LeaveYourLegacy #1MillionMinutes #fitfluential"]

So to complete this workout you will need a few items: The TRX Suspension Band, a Kettle Bell or Dumbbell, and a timer or awesome watch! 

So for this workout, since we did timed intervals of each, I used my awesome CASIO Sport Watch from Kohl's.

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

This watch was super helpful for creating and doing an interval workout! The timer functionality of it is super easy to use, which I love. I know a lot of people who use timers and/or timer apps while they workout. Which will beep every 30sec or so to tell them to switch sets, well I love that this watch does that as well. Makes it easier to do interval training, without the added timer or having your phone on you. 

Plus, it's awesome because it is solar powered! I absolutely love that feature, and think that every watch or fitness tracker should be solar powered! 

And, did you know that Kohl's has an entire selection of sport watches? And they have a nice, large selection of workout clothes! I was able to get some summer running gear, plus a super cute Gaiam Yoga Shirt there.

Workout gear from @Kohl's!

So the best part about this, is if you want to try my Backyard Body Burner workout, you could possibly be doing it with your own CASIO Sports Watch! That's right, thanks to Kohl's, one of you will WIN your own watch!!! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So who is ready to get their body burning workout on with me this week!?!? I will be sharing my backyard workouts, which there will be many more of via the new app Periscope! It's basically a live feed app, so you can watch my workouts in real time, and interact with me! So download the app, and follow me @brittanysuell! And be sure if you try out the Backyard Body Burner Workout that you tag me and use hashtag #LeaveYourLegacy so I can cheer you on! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

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Disclosure: As part of my partnership with Kohl’s, I was provided a watch and a Kohl’s gift card in exchange for this post. However, all opinions and reviews are 100% my own! I only share products that I enjoy and feel are beneficial. 

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Be BOLD, Be YOU! #BelieveIAmEnough

Don't be afraid to Be BOLD, Be YOU! Be true to yourself, because you are enough!  



I am Me! 

I am Meguell's Wife.

I am Zander's Mommy.

I am a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend.

I am a daughter of the King. 

I am an athlete.

I am a runner. 

I am a yogi.

I am healthy.

I am strong.

I am confident.

I am bold. 

I am optimistic.

I am happy.

I am free.

I am adventurous.

I am brave.

I am daring.

I am charismatic.

I am caring.

I am kind.

I am intentional.

I am loving.

I am motivational.

I am persistant.

I am a joy bringer.

I am a peace maker.

I am delighted in.

I am an atmosphere changer.

I am a truth speaker.

I am a leader.

I am a teacher.

I am wise.

I am a worshipper.

I am.....



Share with me an I AM statement! What makes you ENOUGH?? 


Let's start to believe in ourselves! The way we see ourselves, is the way we are seen by others! Even if you don't fully believe it, begin to speak positive things over yourself! Convince yourself of who you are! Be positive, treat yourself good, love yourself, believe you are enough. Then, you will begin to change from the inside out. And even others will begin to treat you differently! 

I challenge you today....take a moment to write a few I AM statements down. Then look in the mirror and speak them out loud to yourself! AND BELIEVE! 


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Homemade Fruit Rollup Recipe

Today, I'm joining in with the Fit Dish Link up to share one of my favorite healthy desserts. I wouldn't say it's my all the time, have to have it desserts, but it's such a good one, and great for this time of year since so many of these yummy fruits are in season!  The Fit Dish, favorite healthy desserts!


Now before I share the recipe with you, let me preface. This is a recipe that I revived from my blog archives from when we were the Naturally Fit Sisters. So coming from you from July 10, 2013. This was right before I got pregnant, and I weighed more then than I do now. 

I remember that summer, because I barely fit into any of my pants. I had gained a good 15 lbs (at least) from my "normal" weight. So all of my jeans fit so tight, so I just tried to avoid wearing them. Honestly I'm not sure why I had gained so much. I think it was just gradual. I barely at any vegetables at this time (unless they were rolled up in a recipe like this one). And I honestly had little control over my appetite/eating choices. I worked out and ran, but not a ton, and still my eating habits were so not on track, that even working out wasn't helping.

Anyways, this particular post was on a "Weightloss Wednesday," and I shared my weight. Now, today, in 2015, a year after having my son, I weigh in at about 148, and fit nicely into all of my clothes, which I am very thankful for. I actually tried on a shirt that I bought in China in 2008, that I remember getting to a point that I didn't fit in it, and it fit amazingly over the weekend! I was so happy because I love that shirt! 

So let me go ahead and share with you the post and recipe from 2013! 

ENJOY! And this is a great recipe to involved the kiddos in! But, the snack is yummy for adults as well! I LOVE IT! 

July 10, 2013

"I weighed 160 this morning.

I started at 165 on June 16th, [2013], and today, on July 10th, [2013] I am at 160.

Today though, we have a wonderful recipe we want to share with you all!

Homemade, all natural fruit rollup recipe! No Sugar added, just lots of good fruits and veggies! by @brittanysuell

Here’s what you will need:

2-3 peeled and chopped APPLES

3-4 peeled and chopped CARROTS

1/2 a cup of BLUEBERRIES

1/2 a cup of STRAWBERRIES

1 tablespoon of HONEY

(you can add any of fruits or veggies you want to it really, this is just what I used. & the honey is in place of sugar that many recipes call for) [Yay, a sugar free recipe, before I went sugar free!]

YOU WILL ALSO NEED:  a food processor or high powered blender, and parchment paper

*You can also add some protein powder to it.  I have a Flavorless one, so it goes great in anything!

homemade fruit rollup

Once you have all of your fruits & veggies cut you put them in your food processor or blender.  I used a blender because most of my kitchen supplies were already packed.  It worked great though.

Once it is blended, this is where you mix the honey, and if you prefer your protein powder!

homemade fruit rollup

Then you lay out parchment paper on cookie sheets.  (we filled 3 of them), and you spread the mixture in a THIN layer across the parchment paper to fill the pan.

*You could also make little pancake size circles/blobs if you wanted.  We made big sheets like you see here, but we tore them into strips anyways, so individual blobs would work too.


Here’s the important part.  You then bake these things for 4 HOURS! Yes I said that right…..4 HOURS at the lowest temperature that your oven can go.  (Mine went to 170 degrees) We baked ours overnight and woke up to take them out, that’s because we started making them at 11pm! You will know they are done when every piece of it is dried out.  It shouldn’t have any wet or squishy pieces.  

[you can also make these in a dehydrator]DSC_0751

Then once it cools you pull it up from the parchment paper.  And like I said we tore ours into strips and rolled them up the best we could. 


Although they may look a tad bit like bacon, they sure are yummy.  Big Sis & I both went home with a tub full.  I ate them for a healthy, all-natural snack for myself, and she let Noah enjoy them as a snack!

Seriously these are so good and such a healthy alternative to store bought, sugar filled fruit rollups!"

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 So there you have it! A great dessert or snack recipe for everyone! Let me know what you think about these! 

[yumprint-recipe id='7']Get more yummy healthy dessert recipes at the Fit Dish linkup

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebrate with a Sugar Free Margarita Recipe!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! 

Sugar Free Margarita Recipe! Easy to make, using only a few ingredients, sweetened with honey, and tastes so much better than any store bought mix! @brittanysuell

So, one of the most challenging things about living a Sugar Free lifestyle, is the normal things you would eat or drink that you don't realize have sugar in them....BBQ sauce, bread, and lots of drinks. And in the same way that it is challenging, one of the most fun and exciting things about my NO Sugar Journey is that I get to explore various recipes and make them my own. I get the challenge of making the things that I want but if I buy from the store have sugar in them. Just like last night, I have been wanting cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast, but every store bought brand contains sugar, so I just decided to make my own. I found a recipe, made some adjustments, and OMG I finished with some of the best cinnamon-raisin bread I have ever had, and it's sugar free! 

Another one of those things I have had to play around with are alcoholic beverages. Mostly, wines are fine to drink because they just contain fructose, the natural sugars from grapes. (check the labels though, and make sure the ingredient list doesn't contain sugar). One thing I have missed big time is the occasional margarita though. 

I don't drink a ton, but our town has recently gotten a few more fun wineries, or restaurants that have great margaritas, but of course, I cannot have them. So instead I usually just opt out altogether or find a glass of red wine to enjoy. But I have missed me a good margarita, especially with it getting warm, which means that there are bound to be more BBQ's and outdoor parties happening. 

So my friend had me over and they made us Sugar Free Margaritas! They were great!! and in the spirit of May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, I thought that would be a fantastic recipe to share with you all! I changed it up a bit, and made it my own, and I have to say, it is quite yummy. 

(A few notes---you can use agave in place of honey. I used orange as the zest for my drink, but you can use lime as well. I just think I would rather eat the orange at the end!) 

ENJOY! and tag me if you try this! @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy

[bctt tweet="HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! You are going to want to try this Easy, Sugar Free Margarita Recipe from @brittanysuell #fitfluential #txwb #cincodemayo"]

Sugar Free Margarita Recipe! Easy to make, using only a few ingredients, sweetened with honey, and tastes so much better than any store bought mix! @brittanysuell

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Don't Just Be Inspired....Become Inspiring!

Don't just be inspired...become the one that inspires others! Try implanting these tips from @brittanysuell and become a person that motivates and inspires others! Take a moment, think of someone in your life that inspires you! 

What is it about them that is inspiring? 

  • Is it their dedication? 
  • The fact that they are passionate about what they do? 
  • Maybe it's the fact they have have very high self esteem and really believe in themselves? 
  • Are they a dreamer, a goal digger if you will? 
  • Perhaps they are just extremely kind people, and really truly care about and love others. 
  • Maybe they seem to have a good balance in life: not only are they living their life to the fullest, but they seem to have everything together! 
  • Are they overflowing with knowledge and wisdom that motivates you and speaks to so many parts of you? 


What draws you in? What are the things that they do or say that makes you say yes....I want that too! What about them motivates you to dig a little deeper into your own dreams, desires, and passions, and be a better YOU? 

Think about what it is that inspires you about that person, and begin to let some of those qualities develop within yourself! 


It's time to take charge of your life. To discover or you are, and who you were made to be. It's time to grab ahold of your passions, dreams, goals, and start making them happen. Don't sit on the sidelines any longer. Take all the inspiration from all those awesome people in your life, and start putting them into action in your own life! BECOME A PERSON THAT INSPIRES OTHERS! 

A few tips that I believe will set you on that path: 


You can't make things happen, achieve your goals, or overcome obstacles successfully unless you BELIEVE in yourself! Silence the negative self talk! Realize that words (especially the ones we speak over ourselves) have power. And start throwing the negative words out and replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts and words that you speak over yourself! And while I'm on that....don't even think about accepting any negativity from others! YOU GET TO DECIDE what you take on from others. If you get negativity, then block it! And start telling yourself all the reasons why the negative isn't true, and tell yourself how awesome you are! Then you will start to BELIEVE the positive, and will BELIEVE in yourself! 


That's right! Become a dreamer! Recently in my life, I have really become a dreamer. And I'm not saying a flake who has a thousand dreams and I chase a zillion different things. I mean...take time to dream. Maybe with yourself, maybe with the Lord, maybe with your spouse! (Those are my three favorite ways to dream, and I believe they all have a different purpose and place in my life.) I love that I believe in myself enough to dream about things that are bigger than me. When you take time to dream about the things that you want, you will start to realize the things that you are passionate about, and those dreams will begin to center around that passion. Once you see that begin to blossom within you, then allow yourself to dream things that are bigger than you. Things that seem impossible, or maybe you can't even see the fullness of the dream. It's okay...believe in yourself, and know that you can make it happen! Write these things down, and start to go after things that line up with these awesome dreams! 


Allow your dreaming to help you set goals, and begin to let your life take you down paths that are going towards these goals. Step out and take risks, but always come back to your passion, dreams and goals. BUT.....there are always times to say NO. First, when things come up (they may even be amazing things), don't automatically say yes. Go back to the goals you have made. Do they line up with your passion? Will they get you closer to your goals? If not, SAY NO. Even then.....if they do line up, and they are right on target, step back and take time to think about it. Sometimes, even things that are on target with our passion and goals, sometimes we still need to say NO to those things as well. Maybe you have prayed about it and it's not the right timing. Maybe it would stretch you too thin for the season that you are in. Maybe it will take you away from your family too much. Just because it's good, or even great doesn't mean we have to say YES. 

Don't let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a back up plan instead of your purpose. -Bob Goff

Practice these things, be inspired by others, and use that inspiration to motivate you! Be You, and become someone that inspires others! Don't let fear, or uncertainty, or unbelief in yourself keep you from being who you were created to be! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! 


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Check back later this week to see the SUGAR FREE cake recipe I used for my son's 1st Birthday! And be sure to go watch and/or listen to my April NO SUGAR update!

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As much as April is an amazing month of newness and vibrancy. A month that motivates people to achieve goals and get active, there are also times when we need to recharge. Sometimes we get so caught up in all that we have on our plate, and before we know it we are dragging along, just getting things done. I hate feeling like that. You know, feeling like it's all I can do to keep up, and get the minimal things done. When I feel out of control with everything, from my house, job, food, relationships, everything. Those are the times when I have to sit back and realize, I need some me time. Time to recharge and time to think inwardly. To reawaken my destiny and all that I was made for. To be reminded of the things I love to do and am passionate about. To get some renewed energy, and motivation for life, and to rest. 


Top 5 Ways to RECHARGE!! Take control of your life, and enjoy some time for you!

Here are my TOP 5 WAYS TO RECHARGE! My go-tow when I feel like I'm dragging along! 


I absolutely get recharged, down to my core when I go camping, hiking, or anywhere where I am surrounded by nature. The natural beauty of this Lord. My spirit feels alive, and that much more connected to the Father God. I feel like I get automatic downloads of inspiration and life from Jesus when I'm surrounded by trees, mountains, water. I can only imagine what I would feel like if I lived in a cabin in Colorado. I feel like everyday would be a recharging for my soul! 


Might sound cliche, but working out can definitely help recharge me. Getting a little sweaty, working hard, pushing myself. It definitely does something for my attitude and emotions. Scientifically, when you work out and get the endorphins going, you get a natural boost of happiness! (Seriously, why don't we work out more). Plus, when you are working on you, you come away from it more confident and happy with yourself! 


Feels so good. Obviously teaching it is fun, but to really recharge, I go take a class from a favorite instructor, or a new instructor. Just to be a student. To sit and be focussed on me, while also getting those endorphins going. It's times like these that Yoga can become a spiritual experience for me. Where I connect to God in the midst of having time to become more self-aware. I love those times. It helps to relieve stress, get a little insight to my own life, and get a little happier with my world! 

Time with my husband.

Yep....I can tell when we have been too busy because I feel restless, not as happy, and just not right. Actually that's kind of how I feel now. I literally just went outside and told him we need time together. We have a tendency to get caught up in our projects along with running our business, and doing those things in the evening rather than spending time together. I can most definitely tell when we need to put the brakes on other things, and be together. I love spending time with him doing some sort of activity, watching our favorite show, chatting about our future and our dreams, or just laughing together! Or....what I'm really desiring these days, is going on a vacation together. Just him and me! And that will be happening this summer, and I seriously feel the need for that type of recharge, and cannot wait to get it! 

Being in a clean, relaxing environment. 

I have shared previously how I am a huge atmosphere person. So if the atmosphere in my home is nice, it can be the perfect recharge for me. EXAMPLE: Clean house, fresh flowers, windows drawn with natural light coming in. Candles lit, and smelling fresh, worship music playing. Having that type of environment and just playing with Zander or reading a book can do amazing things for my soul! Being able to relax with everything in order and not feeling your kitchen calling you to come clean it. Yep! That can definitely recharge me. 

It's funny it used to be doing crafts, but honestly, that has shifted a lot. Now my recharging comes from working out! 

How do you recharge? 

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Read tips about how to make Spring Time Awesome, plus a few Spring Detoxing Yoga Moves HERE!

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I want to do Yoga, but where do I start...?

Today I'm joining in for the Fit Dish Link-Up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch, and the topic is what my favorite quick workout is. I thought about it, but instead of going with that exact topic, I decided I would answer a question that I get a lot....


I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell

As I have shared previously, all throughout my pregnancy, and after giving birth, all I did for about 5 months was Yoga. My knee got hurt, so I had to hold off on other workouts. Even still, with eating right and yoga, I lost my weight pretty quickly. FYI I gained 70lbs while pregnant. I also noticed during that first 6 months after giving birth that my arms were getting very tone. (I was doing Yoga 4-5 times a week). And honestly, my arms had never felt that toned. 

As other people knew I did yoga, and taught it, plus they noticed me looking tone in photos, I began to get lots of messages from friends asking how they should go about starting Yoga. Some of them mentioned noticing what it did for me and wanting to lose weight or change their body's, others had a knowledge that Yoga is beneficial for many areas of life, or specific injuries, and wanted to reap those benefits. 

Then, I recently hosted Coffee With Brittany #AskMeAnything where I allowed you, my followers to ask me anything, fitness or life related. (I am still getting around to answering those questions by the way).

Do you have questions about fitness or healthy eating? Maybe you are wondering how to balance working out and a busy lifestyle, or questions about going sugar free and making healthy family meals. Join @brittanysuell for the #AskMeAnything Coffee Break and get your questions answered!


One great question I got was this:

What's a good place to look when starting yoga? Books? online?  

Are you wanting to start Yoga, but not sure where to start? @brittanysuell outlines some great options on where to take classes, which options are the best for beginners, plus other ways to learn about yoga!

So, I'm here to answer, and give my advice on how to start doing Yoga!

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I'll start by sharing the different places you can take a Yoga Class and what I think about each: 

Yoga Studios:

This is my top suggestion on where to start Yoga!

Pros: Highly qualified instructors that know what they are doing and can help you. I would especially suggest this if you have injuries, or difficulty with certain parts of the body that you are hoping for Yoga to help. That way you will get the best instructions and be given modifications. At Yoga studios you also have multiple class options. There are various levels, so you can start at a beginner level, and get more advanced as you practice longer. Or if you need a more relaxed and easy going class, that's available as well. 

Cons: Yoga studios are not always located in every city. And....they are expensive. My experience has been that they are definitely worth it because the quality of yoga and instruction that you get it great, but that doesn't always mean your budget can afford it. *Many times you can take your first class or even week for free. Call or look at their website to find out. 


Pros: Yoga classes are usually offered with a generic gym membership, without having to pay extra. 

Cons: Not all gyms require for their instructions to be specifically trained to teach yoga. Especially in smaller towns. So the instructor might not have detailed/intense Yoga training, and if you are first starting out, this could be discouraging for you. Especially if you are already timid about taking a Yoga class. If the instructor is well trained, they can offer modifications/props to help you in more advanced poses.  The classes are usually the same for all levels of Yoga, and usually are only offered a couple of times a week, which can make it hard to hold a steady Yoga practice. *Even if you don't have a membership, you can sometimes pay a small fee just to take a class, and it might be worth it for Yoga a few times a month.

At Home Workouts: 

Pros: get to do it at home! You can take the class anytime, for whatever amount of time you have, in the midst of other things still happening. You don't have to get a baby sitter, do your hair, or for that matter get dressed. Plus, you can take your yoga with you and do it on the go (while traveling) if needed.

Cons: You might not actually do it, if you don't have to go anywhere, or meet a friend, or have a specific time to be at a class. 

More Info: So for at home workouts, there are several great online subscriptions that you can use to do Yoga classes. The one I have a subscription to is Gigabody,com. It's only $8.99 a month, and has some great classes, and not only Yoga classes. There is also which I have heard amazing things about as well. I think it's somewhere around $10 a month, and honestly I think they might have even more classes to offer. Both of these are very affordable and great to utilize for at home yoga, plus other workouts! *These usually will have a week-month long trial basis if you want to try it out before committing. 

FREE Community Classes: 

Pros: It's FREE! These classes can be held in fun environments, with fun people, where you might meet new yoga friends! Or a lot of time they are sponsored by people so you might be offered free stuff, samples, or discounts on fitness products. *To find these classes look around at your city calendar, health food stores, "earthy places," any athletic apparel or shoe store. 

Cons: These aren't offered everywhere. They are hit or miss. And you never know what you are going to get as far as the instructor and/or the crowd goes. 


If you are just starting Yoga or have pain that you want help with, if you can afford it and it's offered near you, my top suggestion would be a Yoga Studio. Even if you take one good class a week there, then take normally somewhere else, that can be helpful. 

If you are looking for something you can do at home, on you own time, or on the go...try out one of those great subscription sites I mentioned. $10 or less is very affordable for all that they offer. Another suggestion would be to look up Youtube videos. It is getting more and more normal to find full length yoga videos there as well. 


One of my favorite Yoga books and one of the first I read when I wanted to learn more about Yoga was Kathryn Buldig & Women's Healthy Magazine's "Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness." You can get it for about $20 or so on Amazon.

I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell


Yoga Journel is also a very credible source for online research, or getting a monthly subscription to their magazine. 

Youtube is helpful when trying to master specific poses. Whether basic or advanced, just google or youtube "How to do _____ pose" and you will get a step by step video tutorial. 


If you have ever thought about doing yoga, or even if you have tried your best to avoid it, I suggest starting! Don't wait another day, I've given you some great suggestions on how to start Yoga from the comfort of your home even. So don't wait, get started! It may seem hard or uncomfortable at first, but it's strengthening your body in ways that you don't even know! 

Here's some awesome things that Yoga does: 

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Tones your body
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Great cross-training for EVERYTHING
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • Brings physical, emotional, and spiritual depths into your life that weren't there before
  • Is healing in general
  • Can decrease already existing pains
  • Helps with everyday movement


 If you have any questions about Yoga, or anything you would like answered, go HERE  and join the Coffee Break with Brittany #AskMeAnything!

Stay tuned this week for: 

-Half Marathon Recap

-April #LeaveYourLegacy Podcast + a surprise

-My birth story & celebrating my sons 1st birthday! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! 



How to Have a Healthy Vacation!

Ah.....vacation! Sounds nice doesn't it!  Well you know what doesn't sound nice, going away for a week, and then coming back miserable and down on yourself because you put on all the pounds you worked so hard to shed so that you looked good on said vacation! 

So....since we are nearing vacation season, I'm here to tell you how you can have a HEALTHY VACATION!

Say what?? 

I know....but it's a real thing, and it's an awesome thing! And when you are living a healthy lifestyle, (not just on a diet to lose weight for said vacation, but it's just the life you live), then having a healthy vacation is actually an EASY thing to do! 

How to make any vacation a healthy one! A vacation doesn't have to be a place where you let yourself go, and overindulge! Try some of these tips to make your next vacation an active and enjoyable one from @brittanysuell

Here's a couple of posts I wrote last summer about Working Out While on Vacation, & Planning to Eat Healthy Foods on Vacation!

Now, you might be thinking....but I don't want to "hold back" from indulging while on vacation! Or I don't want to run on the's a vacation for goodness sakes!

Let me start by saying, as far as food goes, there's a balance of enjoying vacation foods, while also not throwing away all you have been working on through those winter months! And as far as a treadmill! OMG! I would never suggest you get on a treadmill while on vacation!

Let me share some awesome ways to make your next vacation a Healthy one, and these won't be things you dread that's for sure! 

1st-Pick a location that has good weather and awesome scenery, so you will want to be outside the entire time! There's just something about being outside around nature that makes you want to eat fruits and veggies, and do physical, active things! 

2nd-Plan "active" things for you and the family to do! 



-Paddle Boarding or any boating really

-Rent bikes and go on a town tour



3rd-Take in the scenery, and go for a family run, walk, or bike. If you are in walking distance to your location, then walk together, as a family! 

4th-Don't plan your entire trip around food, but rather fun activities for the family to do together

5th-If you are driving to your destination specifically, but really no matter what your travel plans are, pack up healthy and easy to travel with snacks! (EXAMPLES: Fruit, Dried Fruit, Homemade Larabars, nuts). It's easy to grab "crap" from gas stations or airport stores to snack on while traveling. Instead, eat your prepared healthy snacks, and save the unhealthy for those yummy vacation desserts you want to have!

6th-At most resorts or places that provide food, they have a great selection of fruits and veggies! Enjoy them! These yummy foods that will taste great and keep you full have been prepped for you! You don't have to wash, cut up, skin, or whatever you do to your fruits and vegetables, so go crazy and eat them up! 

7th-Get the entire family involved and cook dinners together! Don't go out for every single meal! When you cook, it's easier to eat better! 

So basically, plan to be active with the entire family! Think about what you will eat before you go on vacation, so that you know what to say yes to, and what you can live without! 

Over the past several years since my life has changed to a more healthy lifestyle, I now look for vacations where I can do lots of active things with my family! I love to find activities that we have never done, and experience them together! I LOVE to go on outdoor runs in new locations! I will usually even look up yoga classes, or some local workout class and try to take advantage of those (I always like taking from different instructors). 

Here's a few examples of places I have been recently and how we have made them healthy vacations:

Austin, Texas -extended weekend to a Spa Resort. Instead of the pampering package, we chose the active package! This gave us access to personal trainers and the workout classes/gym! It was great! We also tried Paddle Board Yoga together, and ended up loving Paddle Boarding so much that we rented them another day just for fun. 

How to make any vacation a healthy one! A vacation doesn't have to be a place where you let yourself go, and overindulge! Try some of these tips to make your next vacation an active and enjoyable one from @brittanysuell


Destin, Florida -1 week vacation to a rent house with our extended family. We bought our own groceries and planned to eat out for only two meals. Each morning my mom, sister and I went for a run and then made smoothies while sitting on the porch in the amazing Florida weather! We walked just about everywhere! We rented bikes, paddle boards, and of course, took another paddle board Yoga class! We even did family workouts around the pool at night! Yoga, and then some agility workouts that I led them in! May sound weird, but we had a blast working out together as a family. Then of course we finished our Yoga class with Pina Coladas and Margaritas! 

How to make any vacation a healthy one! A vacation doesn't have to be a place where you let yourself go, and overindulge! Try some of these tips to make your next vacation an active and enjoyable one from @brittanysuell


Colorada Bend State Park, Texas -2 day camping trip with my husband and son. We were outside the entire time because we were camping, and that automatically makes you won't to be active. We did a 6+mile hike as a family. We packed out lunch, and I packed lots of healthy snacks! Easy, Peasy! 

How to make any vacation a healthy one! A vacation doesn't have to be a place where you let yourself go, and overindulge! Try some of these tips to make your next vacation an active and enjoyable one from @brittanysuell



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My Favorite Blueberry Waffle Recipe! *No Sugar

Say hello to your new favorite breakfast food!  Oh my word, these mouth watering, yummies have become my family's weekend go-to breakfast choice complimented with some eggs and bacon of course! 

The easiest, yummiest, blueberry waffle recipe! Sugar free, and healthy waffles from @brittanysuell

Obviously you know how much I love doing things to inspire healthy and active families! Because, Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle is so important to me! So, I wanted to share an awesome, perfect for Saturday morning, lazy days at home with the family, breakfast recipe with you. 

Now, I may have given up sugar, but that doesn't mean I have to give up all yummy breakfast foods. (But, I can't be having these waffles every day either) So this weekend, make the choice to put down the smoothie, grab the kids, and let them help make the breakfast that y'all will all eat together (guilt free)! Blueberry Waffles! 

To top these yummy things, the only thing I have to say, is go splurge, and buy pure maple syrup. Yes it's more expensive than the other stuff, but don't go through the trouble of making these healthy blueberry waffles just to top it with some sugar-infested syrup! Go for the good stuff! 

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Also, I expect some lovely pictures and comments shared on social media showing me how much your family enjoys these this weekend! Tag @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy

[yumprint-recipe id='2']Now, get excited, because the awesome bloggers that are a part of the weekly linkup, The Fit Dish, are putting together a COOKBOOK! That's right, a ton of super yummy, healthy, family friendly recipes put together in an Ebook! How awesome is that! Stay tuned for when it comes out, I will be sure to let you know! 

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How To Keep Going When Things Don't Go As Planned

Well, if you follow me on social media, then you saw this picture flash up on Saturday. 


That's right....I spent my Saturday morning getting all my necessities packed up to get me through my half marathon. You know, the one I asked you to celebrate with me about on Friday, ya that one! 

I was busy cleaning my house, shaving my legs, and packing bags for my family. I had plans to run a couple of errands, then we were hitting the road by 1PM, in order to drive the 5 hrs to get to my half marathon location! 

Then, when I was about to grab my son to go run errands, my husband called to inform me that I should not be driving because of the ice covering the roads, and dangerous weather conditions. 

So in short....we did not make the trip to College Station, TX. and I did not run across the finish line to receive a medal, completing my first half marathon post baby. 

And yes, my suitcase is still packed, and sitting on my bedroom floor! (moping much?)


Well, to start, I looked at the silver lining and enjoyed a good day celebrating friends on Sunday. We attended several celebrations that we would've missed otherwise. 

Next, I choose to not sulk. Although I did enjoy a few extra pieces 0f the SUGAR FREE Chocolate cake that I made this weekend! (yummo!)

SUGAR FREE Chocolate Cake by @brittanysuell

Then, I make plans to have a successful week, and continue prepping for my next half marathon I have in the books, which is April 12th! 

That half marathon I will be running with my husband! Which how sweet will that be! Considering it will be his first ever, and my first post baby! 

And, I am currently looking for a run to take part in during the month of March! I'm itching to race, but I want to stay local instead of spending money traveling, so we will see what I can find! 

So all that to say, I'm spending time choosing to MOVE, NOURISH, & BELIEVE this week! Living the Lorna Jane Mantra, and joining The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers for the #DishtheFit Link Up! 

The Fit Dish Link-Up with The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers @brittanysuell

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My plan to MOVE this week is to get back into a good training schedule. Now that the ice is melting around here (praying it is done for good), and we are getting more daylight, I will continue training hard. + Find a run (even just a local 5K or 10K) to take part in before my April 12th half marathon! 


Continue staying strong in my Sugar-Free Eating and learning good recipes for my family! And making sure not to replace healthy sugar-free eating with random sugar free things that are processed. More on this tomorrow! 


First, I will not be sad about missing my half-marathon, but believe that we made the best choice to keep our family safe and off the roads, and trusting that the Lord knew why we weren't supposed to be there, and being okay with that. 

Secondly, this week specifically, I am choosing to believe in the BIG DREAMS that my husband and I have been having for our future, and the future of our business, Simply Suell! And I am choosing to keep dreaming and believing that these big things will happen in our future! 

More This Week!

My No-Sugar Journey Update!  by @brittanysuell 

Join me tomorrow for an update on how my SUGAR-FREE JOURNEY is going, a yummy recipe, and a GIVEAWAY!



You Might Have an Imaginary Personal Trainer If....! #DishtheFit


We all know the feeling of wanting to give up at the end of a workout, or maybe just do three reps instead of four.  Whatever the case, in moments of weakness, we tend to want to cut ourselves short of getting the full, intense, body burning workout that we intended to get when we started. At times like this, I tend to use personal mantras to get me through...especially when it comes to running.  At other times though, when I just can't seem to find my own motivation, it helps to call on my Imaginary Personal Trainer!? (very similar to your child's imaginary friend)

What does your Imaginary Personal Trainer say to you when you want to GIVE UP!?


So don't must admit that you have an imaginary personal trainer looming around in your thoughts as well! Let me give some examples:

If you have ever experienced this, you may have a secret IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER....

-It's NOT rest day, but your are trying to justify sitting at home in front of your favorite television show rather than going to the gym IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Get your butt off the couch and go sweat!" 

-It's 5AM, and you are dreaming of texting your running partner that you are "cough cough" not feeling well enough to meet up this AM. IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Your are going to regret this later today....don't be flaky with your running partner. Get up and go run! You will be happy you did!"

-Your on the treadmill, and your training day says to run 4miles today, but after one mile, you are thinking you might just walk the rest while you watch the rest of the Friends episode on the gym TV.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "You will get done a lot faster if you run the entire time. Plus, walking is not 'the same' as running. RUN!"

-The Crossfit workout of the day is 70 burpees (WTH)!! You notice you are already behind, so you are thinking of just jumping ahead 10 counts.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "DO NOT  CHEAT YOURSELF! Plus you are lying to everyone else by saying you did the entire set when you didn't!"

Now, here's the time to be you have an Imaginary Personal Trainer? What are some of their go-to motivational words to get you moving!?

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Here's a few of the things that my Imaginary Personal Trainer always says to me!

  • "Com on you can do this keep going!" 
  • "You are almost done, stay strong tip the end!" 
  • "They are on your tail.....finish strong!!! Don't let them beat you!"
  • "Get up and work out!! If you don't, you will feel terrible later!"
  • "Working out now will influence the rest of your day! If you get your sweat on now, you will be more aware of what you are eating all day long! Come on, you want to do this!!! Go SWEAT!"
  • "DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP! You have goals that you want to set, now push yourself and GET THERE!!"
  • "YOU ARE STRONG! You are Strong! You are Strong!"
  • "Remember, your son is watching you! Push yourself, work hard, don't cheat yourself! You want to teach him that healthy living is something we love! So work hard, and get moving!!! It's not just about you!" 

I would love to hear some of the things that your IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER usually says to you! Maybe my personal trainer could borrow some of your go-to motivations!!





Don't Get Caught Being the Stinky One.....

Today we are getting real and talking about one of those awkward, embarrassing moments that seems to happen at the worst possible time.1

Know what I'm talking about yet!?!?

Well let me give you a play-by-play.

It's 7PM on a Monday night, and I'm at the gym preparing to teach my evening Yoga class.  I've run several miles in the morning, and done a 1hour Stroller Strides workout.  I have been around town running errands, had a coffee date with a friend, and cleaned the house. My Yoga class begins, and when I begin reaching my arms up (which you tend to do a lot in Yoga), I start to get a whiff of know something not so pleasant. It could be someone in my class, but as the instructor, I'm more isolated, not standing close to anyone. The smell is really beginning to annoy me, so at a moment when we are holding our arms up for a moment, I take a quick sniff at my arm pit...YEP IT'S ME! I AM RANK! .....but what's even worse. I look up to see one of my students obviously noticing that I am sniffing my own arm pit! 


And what is even worse, is if I have been smelling like this all day while running errands and chatting with friends over coffee! Why didn't someone tell me? Why didn't I notice or think to put on deodorant to at least cover it up? Why didn't I take a shower after I worked out!?

We've all been there I'm sure! But taking a shower every time we work out just isn't always doable. I mean most of the time we are doing good to be able to make time to run to the gym and get in a quick sweat sesh before our next appointment or responsibility. Maybe you workout in the morning before work, or over your lunch break, or maybe you go for a run after work, before you get the kids from soccer practice.  Either way, I commend you for finding time to work out in your busy life. Now, if we could just fix this B.O. problem without having to take a shower every time we break a sweat.

Let me introduce to you.....The Shower Pill!

What is ShowerPill?

Shower Pill is an antibacterial wipe for your body.


One wipe comes in it's own individual package and easily fits anywhere you can think to store it! I keep mine in the places that are most convenient for me to use after a workout: my car, Yoga bag, and stroller.

Now, when you think of Shower Pill, don't imagine a flimsy baby wipe. No Way! The Shower Pill is a high quality disposable wipe. It's thick, and soft. It's super moist, and like you are wiping down with soap and water, without leaving any sticky residue or weird film on your skin. Seriously, after using it I feel bad to throw it away because it is such a nice "towelette." And when I am done, my body feels fully cleansed and refreshed even.






Another great thing about the Shower Pill, is that all you need is one cloth to clean the entire body.

Here's a few more great things about Shower Pill:

-Kills 99.99% of germs including Staph

-Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

-Quick dry solution, no sticky residue

-Light fresh scent

-Hypoallergenic & Gentle on Sensitive Skin

-Paraben & Alcohol FREE

Something else that's awesome about the Shower fits PERFECTLY inside a Stocking!


There's still time to fill those stockings!! Order your Shower Pill, Athletic Body Wipes today and stuff your families stockings! Because seriously, you don't want anyone to have to go through that embarrassing moment of being the stinky one...or getting caught smelling themselves!

These are good for everyone: the athlete, the mom, the dad, the kids, anyone who sweats...oh wait, that's everyone! Like I said, STOCKING STUFFERS FOR EVERYONE! 

Order HERE

And use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF when you order two boxes of Shower Pill! (offer good through January 1, 2015! So ORDER NOW!)

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided Shower Pill product to try via the Sweat Pink Ambassador program by Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own.

How to Beat the Winter Blues

blues How does it make you feel when it gets dark right after you get home from work?

Sad, frustrated, tired, lazy....??

In the winter, when it's blistering cold outside, do you walk out your front door and stop to take in the nice crisp air?

Mostly likely not....most likely, you rush to your car, or wherever you are headed, bundled up, cringing, and maybe complaining about how freezing cold you are.

These feelings are much different from the summer time.  Although we all enjoy the winter times, filled with scarves and boots, yummy snacks, and lots of family traditions.  The months of winter do seem to to drag on.  Then we enter summer, where we get several hours of light in the evenings, and we do stop a little more often to smell the rosestake in the beauty around us.


Some people find the winter months very difficult and may even struggle with seasonal depression. Even if you haven't struggled to the point of depression.  We can all admit that when it comes to leaving our house in the evening to go workout at the gym, that we might find it a little harder to do in the winter, than in the spring or summer. Even my Yoga classes have been on the low-end of participation since the time change, and the weather got colder.  I mean, I am the instructor, and it's hard for me to want to leave my cozy, happy home when it's pitch black and cold out.  Even if it is only 6:30PM.

So today, let's talk about HOW TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES!

  • Become the instructor, so you can't miss going to the gym! JUST KIDDING...obviously everyone's not meant to teach.....although this works for me!
  • Get friends that you workout with! Whether it's a running club, or friends you are meeting for a kickboxing class...find people to keep you accountable! Not only will they call you out, and tell you to "Get your Bootie to the gym!" If you are working out with people you enjoy being around, then you will want to leave to go hang out....WORK OUT with them!
  • Drink COFFEE! Well this works for me, but I may or may not be a coffee-holic! I love having a nice warm drink with me, wherever I go! Even if it's decaf....but having some caffeine, or some sort of energy booster helps as well.  So that when you see it's so dark, and your body thinks it's time to wind down, you have energy to get moving!
  • Take time to set goals for this season! What are some things you want to accomplish, achieve, or get done?
  • Make a calendar of fun events you and your family can participate in throughout the winter months.  This will probably be easier around the holidays, but even through the new year, make plans to stay active and enjoy life together.  It's easy to just stay home and be lazy during this time because it's so dark outside.  This may take time and effort, but it's worth it for the entire family, get creative!
  • Eat energetic life giving foods versus heavy, depressive, coma inducing foods. What does that mean!?!? EAT REAL FOOD. Leave the box meals and frozen meals at the store and AHOP in the produce section! Eat less bread and pasta and more fruits and veggies!
  • My newest favorite way to beat the winter blues, is to lather up in my favorite essential oils! As a matter of fact, I was lathering up in my lavender oil tonight when I started to feel a little stress coming on! It works wonders!
    • Lavender is definitely my go-to for this, it can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. And it's sweet aroma is soothing and refreshing.  I rub it on my wrists and back of my neck, and then take several breaths, inhaling the goodness!
    • Citrus Fresh is a new oil that I just got, and is known for it's calming and relaxing blend. Several say they use it specifically to uplift the mind, or for "seasonal sad times" by applying it to the wrists. It's said to "support the immune and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy!



What ways do you stay motivated during the winter!??

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Disclaimer: I am a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. Feel free to message me if you have questions about the oils mentioned in the post, or are interested in getting some, or a sample!

Linking up to #DishtheFit with The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers! I love this linkup and the Fit Fam community!

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5 Ways to Go into the Holidays Ready to Make Healthy Choices #DishtheFit



The holidays are right around the week actually.  So let's not delay, lets discuss how we can be prepared, and not let all the yummy food on Thanksgiving take advantage of us and put us in a sugar coma and down the wrong path right into the New Year.

So here are 5 Ways to Go Into the Holidays Ready to Make Healthy Choices

1) Let's start with how you look.  Whether it's a large company party, or just your family having a meal, dress nice, and where your skinny jeans or your tight fitting dress.  Doing this will make you very aware of your body, which will obviously also make you more aware of what you are putting in your body.  So "BACK AWAY FROM THE SWEATPANTS!" Don't even bring the sweats out during the holiday season.  Wearing your skinny jeans to the big meals will insure that you are still able to fit in those skinny jeans by the end of the holiday season!

2) Be picky with who you are hanging around.  If you stick with the people who chat by the dessert table while constantly nibbling at food, then you will naturally be drawn to nibble as well.  Find the group of people at the company party that you know are more health-driven, and become one of those kinds! It really is true that you become like the people you hang around, even when it's at a party or with family.

If your family is all about the fixings when it comes to holidays, and there is never a celebration without food, then find something to get your family active together as well.  Check out last week's post about Starting a New Tradition and Getting active with your family over the holidays! (Plus there's an awesome holiday family GIVEAWAY too!

3) No matter what your plans are for the holidays, whether you are cooking at home, going out to eat, or traveling to be with friends, make a plan.  Take some time, maybe while driving or in the shower to imagine your holiday celebrations, and set rules/guidelines for yourself to follow.  That may be NO DESSERTS at all, or limiting yourself to one dessert.  OR it might be banning the bread during the main course! (That's a great one for me.  I love those Thanksgiving rolls a little too much) Either way, set some guidelines, and STICK TO THEM!

4) Most holidays, you aren't the one cooking all the dishes, but usually you bring at least one dish to the meal.  So whatever you are cooking, why not find ways to make them healthier.  That way, even if the sweet potatoes are covered in brown sugar and marshmallows, at least you have the dish you brought as a healthy option.

And if you are cooking at your home for your family, then make this holiday even better and find ways to make all your dishes healthy! For baking, take a look at my post on How to Make Cookies Healthy.  The substitutes I give for baking ingredients can be used mostly across the board when baking, not just for cookies.

5) Lastly, make the holidays more about others than about yourself. Instead of going through the cycle of eating, relaxing, eating, relaxing, shopping and more eating during the holidays.  Find some good to do.  Do something to give back to your community or someone in need.  This may be serving Thanksgiving dinner's or helping out at a local charity.  Whatever it is, giving your time, and sharing joy with others will not only take your mind off of overindulging, but it will bring hope and joy to someone in need! 

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Stay tuned for more TIPS for being healthy over the holiday season in the coming weeks!




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Where does your mind go when you are working out!?? #DishtheFit

When you are working out, whether running, lifting weights, or taking a class, does your mind wander?? And if so, where does it go!? 



This is one of my favorite things about Yoga!

In Yoga, you train your students to focus on their breathing.  You do this, to help center the mind, to settle the body, emotions, thoughts, and to bring a sense of strength from within when you are holding a long pose.

As a yoga instructor, I start every class getting my students to focus in on nice long breaths.  Then throughout the class I constantly, (maybe even an annoying amount), remind my students to come back to their breath. I coach them to let go of external distractions, and even the internal ones.  Obviously, it's impossible to silence the thoughts, and to do so wouldn't really be helpful.  But rather I encourage them to let go of stress and anxiety, to use their breathing as a focal point, when negative thoughts or emotions arise, to come back to their breath. 

That is one reason, I believe YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. When you create your own Yoga practice, and do it frequently, you train your mind to be able to handle hard situations.

As a runner, I have personally felt that my practice on the mat, holding challenging poses has built perseverance that have paid off when I'm clocking miles.  Enduring an intense pose on the mat is a lot like enduring the discomfort of a long run on the road. I have learned to control my emotions and preserver on the mat, and that helps when pushing myself on towards the next mile.

This follows you into all areas of life.  Whether it's in another sport, or if you struggle with anxiety, or another mental disease or problem.  When you learn to control your breathing and focus your thoughts, you can endure through hard situations.

Another great example of this was shown in an article written about the Seahawks, the NFL football team, who practices Yoga weekly.

Russell Wilson Credit: Photograph by Peter Yang

They have learned the importance of the meditative part of Yoga, the focussing your thoughts.  Here is how they described it:

Then he starts guiding them: "Quiet your minds," "Focus your attention inwardly" and "Visualize success."

Your thoughts have power, and when you take the time when working out to focus your thoughts, whether on pushing through a pose, or hitting the next rep or mile, you can visualize success.  Then, when your body is giving out, your positive thoughts can push you through, and you may surprise yourself on how strong you really are!

Next time you are working out, try to focus your thoughts, on being strong, on pushing through, on finding a state of peace, and exiting the stressful world you live in, and see what kind of success you can bring your workout to! 

This week, I'm joining in with Jill Conyers, and Jessica at The Fit Switch for The Fit Dish Link Up! Check them out for more inspiration on where the mind wanders while you are working out!




Be a CANDY CRUSHER this Halloween!

Halloween is upon us, which means lots of candy is easily accessible, so how do you plan to CRUSH the CANDY this year, and despite the ease of snacking on it, making the choice to resist!??

Well let's start here, just don't be one of these moms!

So let me start by coming clean.....yesterday I had a bit of a relapse on my chocolate candy eating prego self! You see, I went to visit my previous job, and stopped by that office. You know the one that stores all the good candy! And they don't have the lame off brand candies, they keep the GOOD KINDS! And when I was pregnant, I would make numerous trips there a week.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I just had one or two, but by the time you have a handful or two handfuls of those tiny candies, the calories add up, not to mention all that sugar.  So....this is me admitting to you that yesterday I relapsed and did enjoy a handful of candy, but let's get on to next week.....HALLOWEEN!

How will I be a CANDY CRUSHER and resist the urge next week???

I have the perfect plan!

You see when I was first making Halloween plans, I thought, maybe we will take Zander Trick-or Treating...after all, then we will get lots of candy to eat, since he's too little to eat it! bahaha

My second idea was to go buy candy and give it out to Trick-or-Treaters.....I had two motives driving this desire.  1) I have never handed out candy to trick-or-treaters before, and I thought it would be fun. 2) It was the perfect excuse to buy the GOOD CANDY, and enjoy some myself, without guilt....after all it is HALLOWEEN right!?!?

Then I came to my senses, and decided that the hubs and I, and Zander would take a camping trip for Halloween weekend! We have been wanting to go camping, and with Zander being so small, he wasn't missing out on any fun! So we are skipping the entire thing, candy and all, and going on a weekend camping trip! I am so excited, plus it is a great way to not eat ALL THE CANDY! 



If you want to check out some other tips and tricks about how to be a Candy Crusher, then check out #DishtheFit link up with The Fit Dish! Lots of great bloggers will be sharing how they will resist the urge to eat all of their kid's candy this year!




What's Your Weakest Link With Healthy Living?

This week for The Fit Dish Linkup, we are talking out Weakest Link when it comes to healthy living.....  









So there's  nothing better than being open about your weaknesses, to really push you to start making a difference.  Otherwise, you can just hide your weaknesses inside and keep giving in to them.  There's definitely something to say about coming clean with people, and gaining accountability and encouragement from the along the way to GET STRONGER and DEFEAT your weakness link!

So here weakest link is......




I have shared with you all in several posts that I love snacking! I have even shared some of my favorite snack recipes with y'all, and although I am proud to say that for the most part they have changed to healthier snacks, it still isn't a good thing for me to snack at night.

ESPECIALLY when I am snacking on a full or satisfied stomach.

Most times when I want to snack at night it is because we [my husband and I] are finally sitting down just relax together, or because I'm bored, or because my husband is snacking.  And it's the nights that I just join my husband that I usually eat the less healthy snacks, like chips!

I listened to Chalene Johnson's podcast a few weeks ago, and she made a profound statement that connected with me so much.  She asked...."Why do we feel like we need to go to bed full?" Who taught us that!?!? "If we go to bed on an empty stomach, then our bodies aren't working overtime to digest the food while we sleep.  Instead we give our body the opportunity to fully rest, and we wake up feeling better and ready for the day." [paraphrase]



I so often snack at night and go to bed full (like last night).

But it makes total sense to me, that if we go to bed on an empty stomach, then our bodies will be able to fully relax and rest and get a great nights sleep!


So, first step is confessing my the question is, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO CHANGE IT!?

****This week I will not eat past 8PM.  My bed time is 12:30AMish, so this is early enough for me to stop eating.  Plus, it's that 10PM-12AM time slot that is most challenging for me.  So I will strive to eat a nice, filling dinner, and be done for the evening.  This may seem easy to some, but it will be a challenge for me! 

So.....let's hear it,





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