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Friday Five Faves for the Fall!

Who doesn't love the Fall season! There are so many things to love! 

It starts in October, it's gorgeous outside and feels amazing, there's lot of yummy hot drinks, and pumpkin everything, oh, and it's my birthday month...so lot's of things to be loving this time of year! 

1) Wireless Headphones-

I recently shared how much my wireless headphones have changed my life. Seriously I am a multi-task master because of these things! Plus, working out with them is great too! Simply put, they make my life easier, and better! Plus the company, Aftershokz is giving back part of the commission of each pink set of headphones that are sold to support Breast Cancer Awareness! Join in the fun and raise awareness on Instagram this month with the #AwareWithPink #BCA campaign! 

2) Prana-

I LIVE in my PRANA clothes! Whether it's my cute new #FallPranaStyle pants and sweater, or the most colorful and fun leggings possible, I pretty much stay in some type of Prana gear! It's fun, comfortable, and made with incredible quality! 

My husband and I at a COMBAT BREAST CANCER class wearing my  Prana  leggings!

My husband and I at a COMBAT BREAST CANCER class wearing my Prana leggings!

This month only use code: PFS16BSBS at checkout to get 15% off at Prana! 

3) BCAA's

I love to include BCAA's in my workouts. BCAA's are Branch-Chain Amino Acids and make up 35% of the muscle mass, and carry oxygen through the body and help with muscle growth, development and repair after workout! 

I love using the MomSanity BCAA's, and this month they are $5OFF with code: 5OFFBCAA

4) Cookbook

Because DUH! As many of you know, I have been working HARD on my cookbook, and this week was the presale LAUNCH! The launch went amazing as I celebrated my 29th birthday! But don't worry, if you haven't gotten yours yet, you can still grab it + get the bundle with the t-shirt/tank for the BEST PRICE! 

It makes the best Christmas present, plus let's get this book in as many kitchens as possible, and help more people start their Sugar Free Lifestyle! 

And, did I mention it is not only a Cookbook, but will also include my story, and some of my favorite lifestyle tips! GET YOUR ORDERED

5) Helping People! 

Helping and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves! My goal in life is to help others realize their potential, to dream big, and to take risks to make those dreams a reality! That is one of the big things that inspired the shirt I have launched with my cookbook. 

It says, "YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!" and I truly believe that. 

As we round out the end of 2016, I want to walk into every experience and every new decision with the goal of inspiring others to BE MORE! Let's do this together! Feel empowered and know that no matter where you are in life, there are others around you that are inspired by what you do! You have the opportunity to make a difference in others, so let's do it together!


What are some of your favorite things about Fall? 



FALL in love with Prana

Well it's officially Fall...I mean even in Texas we've had a couple of days that felt like Fall...at least for a few hours. For me, that means we pull out all the classic, Fall faves! 

So...last year I shared how I went on Summer Vacay in nothing but PRANA! Now let me tell you how I plan to live my entire Fall & Winter in my Prana gear! 

Everything I love about Fall can be done in Prana Clothes: 

But seriously you guys, I love Prana clothing! From Yoga, to the pool, to everyday wear, to an incredibly warm and cute sweater, they've got me covered, quite literally! 

Plus, can I just say, they make the most amazing pants in the world! LIKE EVER! 

So, I'll be let my Prana take me through all of my Fall faves! 




Get 15% off your PRANA GEAR for this season with code: PFS16BSBS

*This sweater is incredibly warm! 



Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for an honest review of my opinion via my partnership with Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink Ambassadors. All opinions are my own! 

How To Make Working Out Something You Enjoy!

Here's the problem...people don't workout because they don't enjoy it. 

Last night I looked in the mirror as I was getting ready for bed. My muscles super fatigued from my recent leg workout, and I thought..."You know, I REALLY ENJOY working out." 

I'm not sure when this concept switched for me. When working out became fun and something I desire/crave versus something I have to or need to do to lose weight or stay fit. But I'm so thankful it did. I looked forward to working out and getting active. I look forward to sweating, moving, and stretching! 

How can you get to that place of ENJOYMENT?

Here's 3 Tips to Make Working Out Something You Enjoy:

1) Make it something you can do!

-If working out is not something you do often, don't make the hardest class at the gym the one you go to to try and get back into the swing of things. When you try something too hard, where you feel like you aren't getting any of the moves or able to make progress, it will more than likely discourage you from continuing. 

Find something that challenges you, but doesn't make you feel like a total failure! Little victories spike your enjoyment and create a desire to keep trying and keep getting better. 

2) Make sure the workout you choose isn't too long, but fits your time schedule

-If you only have 30minutes, don't try to fit in an hour workout. If it's longer than you have time for, you won't stick to it. Other things will take priority. Decide how long each day you have to commit to working out, and find a workout that fits that amount of time! THEN GET IT DONE!

3) Make it something FUN!

-So as you all know I am 2.5 months postpartum. I've recently done two things to make working out something that is fun and desirable for me. Because even though I enjoy it, when you are just getting back into it, it can most definitely still be difficult to be motivated. First, I have started doing a workout with my husband! This is so fun to me! I love to workout with him and us be challenged together! So it makes me more motivated to do and stick to the workout! Secondly, for a little cardio, this week I started the new Beachbody Country Heat Workout! It's amazing! It's country dancing. Great music, fun moves, plus lots of sweat! I've loved it and the fun of it has definitely kept me coming back each day! Let me know if you want to try out this workout! 

And if none of those ideas are working for you! Here's a BONUS idea!


1) Either buy cute workout clothes that you allow yourself ONLY to wear when you workout! 

2) Or Set a goal for yourself and when you achieve it....go buy a new workout outfit! 

Here's a super easy way to get started! 

Get involved with the Prana & Organic Valley #WeirdWorkout Challenge! 

Post a photo of the new fun workout that you've chosen to do, and tag Prana & Organic Valley using the hashtags in the photo, and you could WIN some amazing workout clothes from Prana! (one of my favorite brands!)

It makes it so fun that getting weird is the base of the partnership between Organic Valley and prAna for their Weird Workout contest! It is running from August 15 – 31, 2016! Ten awesome winners will get $300 in credit to use on prAna.com, a two-month supply of Organic Fuel and free swag! You have 6 chances to win! ENTER HERE!

That's an amazing chance to not only find something fun and weird to do as a workout, but also to hit up my bonus tip and get you some new workout clothes by winning $300 to Prana! 

If you just can't wait to see if you are a winner or not, go ahead and go shopping at Prana and use this 15% OFF code: PFS16BSBS

Then get your #WeirdWorkout on and start making sweating something you can ENJOY!



5 Tips to Make Living a Healthy Life SIMPLE!

Let's talk about why living a healthy and fit life matters! 

When you make time to exercise, and eat right, you are not only working on your appearance, you are working on your whole self, which impacts more people than just you! 

I believe that when we are healthy and fit, we are living our happiest life. We are more energized, confident, and overall healthy, which enables us to go after our dreams, and live our best life! God created us to live life to the fullest, and we are only able to do that when we are taking care of ourselves, as well as achieving our calling as women!

I also realize that life gets overwhelming, and as women we have so many duties and responsibilities, and usually, we let ourselves slip to the back burner. So I'm here to simplify the process! 


1) Get a Workout Partner

We all do things better when we have other people cheering us on! When you first start a workout schedule, you may be fired up and excited....but life happens! You need people that are going to be there to encourage you and push you to keep it up, even when things get hard and life gets busy!

Plus it makes it more fun to celebrate your victories when you have someone their to celebrate with! 

2) Make Working Out Fun

Working out can't just be a duty! You have to make it something you enjoy! Find something that is fun for you! Whether it's a specific class, being able to chat with your favorite friends while sweating, or going on bike rides with the family. Choose something that brings you inner peace, and "rest" while you are burning those calories, that way it will be easier to stick with it! 

3) Find Easy At Home Workouts

This is something I have been working to help create for you via my Instagram. Each week I share 2-3 at-home workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. Sometimes, even when you have a plan to be at the gym, or meet your workout partner, it seems like the entire universe is against you. It's these days that you need to have a backup plan that you can easily do at home once the kids are in bed! 

Or better yet, include the kids in it! I recently did a 5 Day #BabyStrongChallenge using the Baby Strong Workout cards!  These things are a must have for momma's with babies or toddlers! They are an amazing resource that are spill/slobber proof, and can hook to your purse, diaper bag, or just stay at home with you. You can organize and create workouts that involve all of the major muscle groups, and adding the weight of your baby to a workout is no joke. The five days that I worked out with my 28lb son in hand definitely made a difference. Plus the kiddos love it, and it's more time you get to spend with them! 

This month you can grab these cards at a discounted rate. They make the perfect gift for any mom, or mommy-to-be! 

Discount Good until February 29, 2016

Discount Good until February 29, 2016

4) Always Be Prepared

Now, getting more on the health side of things, I learned a valuable lesson recently when reading a book. It's something that I have already begun implementing and it is amazing! 


What's that you ask? It can be as simple as a zip-lock bag with your favorite healthy snack in it, tucked in your purse, glove box, or office drawer. Whatever you decide to include in your emergency kit, make it a healthy, filling snack, that will hold you over when you find yourself getting the most hungry, and the most tempted to grab fast food! 

Some of my favorite options: 

  • Mixed Nuts
  • Apple
  • Nut Butter Packs

5) Meal Prep

Over the past 7 months, I have really jumped on the meal prep wagon! And it has completely changed my life! When I'm doing really well, I take time to prep healthy snacks like protein bites, sugar free muffins, etc. 

But on a normal basis, I am spending several hours a month prepping Freezer Meals for my family and me! It has done so much for us! Just by spending a few hours prepping, I have meals in my freezer ready to be cooked in the crock pot. So on our busy evenings, dinner is ready. Or on days when I'm just not feeling it, I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping! I get more time with my family, and still get to eat HEALTHY food! It's seriously genius! 

You can find out more about my On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kits HERE, and learn how I can help you create healthy meals for your family as well! 


I hope this helps! Implement a few, or all of these, and see how much simpler it gets to live a healthy life! 



Disclosure: Due to my ambassador standing with Fit Approach, I was given the Baby Strong Workout Cards in exchange for this review. I fully participated in the challenge, and all opinions are my own.

#BOSUStrong Challenge

This week starts an amazing 4-week challenge!  Have fun, get fit, and show your strength with the #BOSUStrong Challenge! Put on by Bosu and Fit Approach! And you do not have to own a Bosu to participate in the #BOSUStrong Challenge! You can however WIN your very own Bosu just by participating! Each week 1 lucky winner will get their own BOSU! So join the fun and participate! 

[bctt tweet="Get #BOSUStrong and join the challenge to win your own BOSU! @brittanysuell @bosufitness @fitapproach #sweatpink #leaveyourlegacy"]

All you have to do is post your #BOSUStrong pictures via your social media, tag @BOSU_Fitness & @FitApproach and use #BOSUStrong when you answer the daily prompts! 

Starting off TODAY! It's #MOUNTAINCLIMBMONDAY! Post a picture or video showing off your best Mountain Climber! And do it a little extra to add some strength!! You can even get creative, and show your best way to climb! Whether that's hiking, rock climbing, planking, the sky is the limit! Have fun with it and get STRONG! 

#BOSUStrong Challenge

Here's prompts for the rest of the week too! 

  • Tuesday, 9/15: #tempotuesday we want to see how you’re getting your heart rate up today. Tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad
  • Bonus: Show us your favorite tricep workout and tag #triceptuesday and #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Wednesday, 9/16: Drop down and give us some #BURPEES! Even better if you can make them #BOSUBurpees! Tag  #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Thursday, 9/17: It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body cardio move! Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Bonus: Give us a #tbt of the most brutal cardio workout you’ve ever done! Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Friday, 9/18: #FreeFriday. Show us your favorite way to get your cardio on! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad
  • Bonus: Put those forearms to work. Show us your BEST cardio move for #forearmfriday. Forearm plank mountain climbers, dolphin push-ups, forearm plank toe taps…something else? Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

When you buy a Bosu Balance Trainer enter the code “BOSUSWEATPINK15” to get the BOSU Total Body Basics & BOSU Core Basics DVDs free.

Comment and let me know: 


@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation

So there's this theory out there that hasn't really been solved. People, even experts have their opinions, but no one has said which is the end all be all when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The theory....MODERATION!  When it comes to living healthy, eating healthy, does the common term, "Do everything in moderation" really apply. I have read that yes, you should have a cheat day or meal. Then I have read that ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

Being that I am sugar free, and know that sugar is addictive, when it comes to healthy eating, I lean more towards the strict healthy lifestyle, no cheat days, and moderation is not good. 

Now I will say that I do eat sweets, but they are healthy and sugar free! To me that is learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Feeding the sweet tooth with healthy foods rather than sugary, fattening foods! I have an entire list of SUGAR-FREE HEALTHY, Sweet Recipes here! Try them out! They will feed that sweet tooth, but you aren't "cheating." 

I have a similar theory when it comes to vacationing! I LOVE traveling and taking vacations! But since really jumping in to a healthy and active lifestyle, just as much as travel is one of my personal and family values, so is being active. So even on vacation, I find sugar free treats to enjoy, I eat well, and I workout and/or do active things. It's not as a chore either, it's because I LOVE IT and it's become my lifestyle. In the past I shared ways to making working out on vacation fun, HERE, and ways to make eating healthy on vacation easier, HERE

Today, I'm sharing 3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation! 

Since my husband and I are headed out on our first post-baby (he's 16months old) vacation together next week, this is at the forefront of my mind!

These are personal things that I think will make your vacation more fun, while also staying healthy! 3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

[bctt tweet="Make your next vacation HAPPY and HEALTHY with these three Must-Haves from @brittanysuell #sweatpink @fitapproach"]

1. Healthy Snacks! 

This tip is not only good for your body, but for your budget! Vacationing, and buying ALL of your food there can get expensive! Save your wallet and take care of yourself by planning healthy snacks! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell


Next week I will be traveling with these yummy Hemp Heart Bites from Manitoba Harvest! These things are packed full of goodness! 10grams of protein and 10grams of Omega-3 & 6 in each serving! Plus they taste amazing and are easy to travel with. They don't melt while out in the Texas heat which is a great thing when vacationing in Texas! Even my son loves them! He has actually been hogging them most of the time! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

[bctt tweet="The perfect adult and kid snack! Get 15% OFF from @brittanysuell and @manitobaharvest #hhbites #sweatpink @fitapproach #leaveyourlegacy"]

Snag some hemp hearts for you and your family and get 15% off when you order! These are great to send to school with the kids either for a snack or in their lunchbox! 

2. A Good Pair of Pants

Now we all know that leggings are the go-to choice of pants these days, but what's even better, an amazing pair of pants made of flexible, breathable, water resistance material! That has several pockets, comes in great colors, and can go for cuteness, or comfort! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

[bctt tweet="Get 15% OFF on your @PrAna order from @brittanysuell and @fitapproach #liveinprana #7daystretch #sweatpink #leaveyourlegacy"]

I absolutely love the color and fit of these Prana Meme pants from their Fall Zion Collection. You can also take advantage of a discount from Prana by using code: LiveInPrana15 for 15% off through September 30th! 

These pants are going to be awesome for days when we are flying by the seat of our pants. Going out on adventures! They will be comfy for walking around town, or hanging at a coffee shop, while also working perfect if we decide to go for a hike or bike ride!  Since all of our activities are surprises being planned by my husband, I want to be prepared and these pants are sure to help me do that! 

3. Workout Plans

The best thing about vacations. (well maybe not the best, but as far as fitness and working out) You can try new workouts that might not be offered in your town. You can take classes from different instructors. You can try out various gyms, etc. Or even if you don't want to go to a specific class, why not look up fun, active things to do on your vacation! Where you will be having SO MUCH FUN you will forget you are actually working out! 

I love to take Yoga classes in new towns, and get different instructors perspectives. I love working out or running in new outdoor areas, and with my husband. I love going paddle boarding, or maybe taking a Barre class, which aren't things that are offered in my city. So plan those things! Make them a fun activity you do on vacation! 

I know we will for sure go paddle boarding, hiking, and maybe rent bikes! These are all easy and fun things that will make your vacation healthy & fun! 


@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Disclaimer: Hemp Hearts and Prana products were provided to me by Manitoba Harvest & Prana through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, in exchange for an honest review of their products. 

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Bulu Box Review

Let's be honest, nutrition products are needed. They can help enhance our workouts, help with pain, help us take care of ourselves, and increase our overall health all together. But while we are being honest, can we all admit that the nutrition industry is making a KILLING off of us.  Nutrition products aren't cheap, so when you buy them, it's usually with a good chunk of change, and there is always some risk involved. Sometimes the risk comes from you not getting the results you want from a product. While other times, it could just be that you can't stand the taste of the product. I have had several nutrition products that are so potent that I just can't handle drinking or taking them due to the taste. 

Then there you have it. You have this entire container of an expensive product that you won't even be using. And you are left trying to decide if you want to find another product to buy, risking that the same thing could happen again. 

WELL....no more of that! 

Bulu Box has fixed the problem for us! 

Rather than buying full size products with our fingers crossed and hoping it works out for us, Bulu Box has created a monthly subscription box where they will send you full size samples of health and nutrition products to try out.

Bulu Box Review

[bctt tweet="Stop wasting your money! TRY IT before you BUY IT with @BuluBox @brittanysuell #sweatpink @fitapproach #lovebulu"]

What's even better, is that if you LOVE the product, it's easy to go right to their website and order more of it! 

Seriously isn't that such a great idea! Imagine how much money you will save by being able try things before you commit and buy them! 

"Bulu Box is the best way to discover the health, nutrition and weight loss products that are right for YOU!"

Order a 3-month subscription of BuluBox and get it for 50% OFF with code: 


I got a BuluBox this week, with some great products in it! Some I would never even think to look for at the store, but I realize would be very helpful for me. Here's what I got! 

Bulu Box Review

  1. Yerba Prima-is a fiber powder, which I love to add to my smoothies but haven't had any to do that with in a long time. This specific one is full of goodness that promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. This is actually such a big deal, because with so much of the food in our world today, many of us are walking around with bad guts, which can cause a lot of inflammation in our body! I am definitely going to be trying this and reading up on it. 
  2. The T-Brush-a different way to brush your teeth. This was a bonus for this box, but I am so intrigued, and have enjoyed the different shaped toothbrush so far. 
  3. Island Boost-is supposed to be an automatic shot of energy without caffeine. I am running 8 miles tonight, so I plan to try this out and I'll let you know how it goes! 
  4. RUNA Tea-I was so excited to see this. They sale this tea at a local Natural Grocers, and my friend just bought some and was telling me how amazing it was. PLUS, it's Sugar Free! She bought already made, bottled tea, but this is a tea bag. I'm excited to make some hot tea with it! Plus I love cinnamon.
  5. Movit Energy Gummies-Okay, I tried these on my 5miler last night, and it was my best run in a while. I felt INCREDIBLE!! Plus these things tasted great! 

So take advantage of the 50% OFF Code from Fitappraoch, and who knows, you could find some amazing health and fitness products that could really help enhance your workouts and make you feel better! Even if some products you don't love, at least you didn't waste money on full sizes of them! 

Comment below telling me....


 @brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



I was provided this Bulu Box for free through my Sweatpink Ambassadorship with Fit Approach. All opinions of the Bulu Box Review are all my own. 

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Fueling Fun for the #1MillionMinutes Challenge

Today I'm checking in after I shared with y'all about the #1MillionMinutes Summer Challenge with Fit Approach! Who is participating in it? 

Is it motivating you to move more? 

I have definitely been moving a lot! Between running, yoga, Stroller Strides and a few at home workouts I'm clocking some minutes! And next week I will be at a Yoga Training in Dallas, TX. for 3 days straight! So lots of moving there!!! I can't wait to be surrounded by people who love Yoga, get some new training to bring into my practice, and take an ungodly amount of Yoga classes in just 4 days! 

Today thought, I thought I would share a Sweat Pink mad lib and share about Fueling Fun for the #1MillionMinutes Challenge! 

[bctt tweet="Get fueling with @PuritansPride for the #1MillionMinutes Challenge with @FitApproach and @BrittanySuell #LeaveYourLegacy #Sweatpink"]

Fueling Fun with the #1MillionMinutes Challenge

I’m so ECSTATIC to fuel my #1MillionMinutes goals with Puritan’s Pride! All summer I plan to yoga pose my way to a healthier, fitter me, and I’ll need help staying hydrated and fueled during all my on the mat adventures!

I will make sure I stay on track and will rely on  tasty smoothies to keep me well fueled before, during and after workouts, and my coffee cup (?that's okay right?) to keep me hydrated!


I’m most excited to try Whey Protein powder in vanilla  and IFlora for Women from Puritan’s Pride because they look like they will help strengthen my body with probiotics and protein, which will help fuel me for stronger, more intense workouts.


One supplement I’ve never tried but am curious about is Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar. I think it might make me extra strong throughout my long runs.

Bring it, #1MillionMinutes! I’m ready to go!

Even if you aren't participating in the #1MillionMinutes Challenge, LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me what you have been doing this summer to get moving! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


#1MillionMinutes of Summer

Seriously, the summer is the perfect time to get outside, get moving, and have fun while being active!  That's why I've joined the amazing Fit Approach community for the #1MillionMinutes of Summer Challenge! 

#1MillionMinutes Challenge with FitApproach!

The Sweat Pink Community is teaming up and inviting EVERYONE TO JOIN  in on the fun! To move for a combined total of 1 MILLION MINUTES this summer! 

Yep, that's a lot of movement! 

#1MillionMinutes Challenge with FitApproach!

And anything counts...from playing in the water with the kids, to gardening, to marathon running! It all counts as activity and movement! 

[bctt tweet="I'm joining the #1MillionMinutes Summer Challenge with @FitApproach and @BrittanySuell ! Let's move! #LeaveYourLegacy #Sweatpink"]

So what's the point in joining the challenging and logging your activity? 

1) Because the Sweat Pink Community is freaking awesome of course! So LOG your activity and share all about it on social media! Use #1MillionMinutes and tag @Fitapproach and while you are at it TAG me so I can see you moving! @brittanysuell

2) Because there are PRIZES of course! Just by creating an account and logging your movement, you are putting into a drawing for weekly prizes!! WHOOP! So get moving and WIN some stuff! 

Now I will admit, I was so excited for the challenge to start on Monday, but then I got sick, so my movement has really just begun, but I have already clocked 150 hours of yoga in the past 2 days, and I'm about to head out for a run and 60 more minutes of Yoga this morning! So I'm getting my minutes in this week! 

#1MillionMinutes Challenge with FitApproach!

So go HERE to sign up, and get awesome emails from Fit Approach with fun MOVEMENT ideas for each day of the week! Plus you might win some stuff! 

Join the #1MillionMinutes Challenge and invite your friends! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



Roses are red, Violets are blue, let's do some Yoga for Two!

Yep you guessed it! I talked my wonderful husband into filming a professional, fun and not professional at all Partner Yoga Video to share with y'all for the big Valentines Day!!  What better way to spend Valentines Day than to sweat, stretch, try something new, and laugh quite a bit with your favorite person!? 

I even made you this super cute Valentine that you can print out and give your that special someone inviting them to join you for some Partner Yoga! (Seriously you don't have to do anything but print, press play, and have fun!)

A full length partner yoga video for your and your lover on Valentines Day! From @brittanysuell

OH, and did I mention that ANYONE can do these moves!?! As you may notice I am coaching (in a non-bossy way I assure you) my husband throughout the entire video. And sadly, he is not a Yogi, he even questioned which pose Downward Dog was....yes this makes me very sad! But one day I'll get him into Yoga more. My point being though, you don't have to know a lot of be flexible to do this yoga! Just make it your own and have fun together! 

So check out the video, and I would love for you to SHARE it with your friends! PIN it, TWEET it, or SHARE it on Facebook! Thanks! 

[bctt tweet="Roses are red, Violets are blue, Grab your lover and do Yoga for Two! #partneryoga #yoga @brittanysuell"]

And it just so happens that Warrior 2 is the pose of the day for the Prana #taketheleap Challenge!! So check out how to do it with a partner, and post it on your social media site! Remember, you could WIN $500 to Prana for you and a friend, just for participating!

Plus, you can use my code for 15% off Prana gear, right now! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to yourself!

Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell

So other than this we have no V-day plans, so please, Comment and tell me, What are your plans for celebrating Valentines Day!??

**My February Podcast will be airing after Valentines Day! Be sure you have SUBSCRIBED so that you know when it goes live!**Click HERE to subscribe! 



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Don't Get Caught Being the Stinky One.....

Today we are getting real and talking about one of those awkward, embarrassing moments that seems to happen at the worst possible time.1

Know what I'm talking about yet!?!?

Well let me give you a play-by-play.

It's 7PM on a Monday night, and I'm at the gym preparing to teach my evening Yoga class.  I've run several miles in the morning, and done a 1hour Stroller Strides workout.  I have been around town running errands, had a coffee date with a friend, and cleaned the house. My Yoga class begins, and when I begin reaching my arms up (which you tend to do a lot in Yoga), I start to get a whiff of something.....you know something not so pleasant. It could be someone in my class, but as the instructor, I'm more isolated, not standing close to anyone. The smell is really beginning to annoy me, so at a moment when we are holding our arms up for a moment, I take a quick sniff at my arm pit...YEP IT'S ME! I AM RANK! .....but what's even worse. I look up to see one of my students obviously noticing that I am sniffing my own arm pit! 


And what is even worse, is if I have been smelling like this all day while running errands and chatting with friends over coffee! Why didn't someone tell me? Why didn't I notice or think to put on deodorant to at least cover it up? Why didn't I take a shower after I worked out!?

We've all been there I'm sure! But taking a shower every time we work out just isn't always doable. I mean most of the time we are doing good to be able to make time to run to the gym and get in a quick sweat sesh before our next appointment or responsibility. Maybe you workout in the morning before work, or over your lunch break, or maybe you go for a run after work, before you get the kids from soccer practice.  Either way, I commend you for finding time to work out in your busy life. Now, if we could just fix this B.O. problem without having to take a shower every time we break a sweat.

Let me introduce to you.....The Shower Pill!

What is ShowerPill?

Shower Pill is an antibacterial wipe for your body.


One wipe comes in it's own individual package and easily fits anywhere you can think to store it! I keep mine in the places that are most convenient for me to use after a workout: my car, Yoga bag, and stroller.

Now, when you think of Shower Pill, don't imagine a flimsy baby wipe. No Way! The Shower Pill is a high quality disposable wipe. It's thick, and soft. It's super moist, and like you are wiping down with soap and water, without leaving any sticky residue or weird film on your skin. Seriously, after using it I feel bad to throw it away because it is such a nice "towelette." And when I am done, my body feels fully cleansed and refreshed even.






Another great thing about the Shower Pill, is that all you need is one cloth to clean the entire body.

Here's a few more great things about Shower Pill:

-Kills 99.99% of germs including Staph

-Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

-Quick dry solution, no sticky residue

-Light fresh scent

-Hypoallergenic & Gentle on Sensitive Skin

-Paraben & Alcohol FREE

Something else that's awesome about the Shower Pill....it fits PERFECTLY inside a Stocking!


There's still time to fill those stockings!! Order your Shower Pill, Athletic Body Wipes today and stuff your families stockings! Because seriously, you don't want anyone to have to go through that embarrassing moment of being the stinky one...or getting caught smelling themselves!

These are good for everyone: the athlete, the mom, the dad, the kids, anyone who sweats...oh wait, that's everyone! Like I said, STOCKING STUFFERS FOR EVERYONE! 

Order HERE

And use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% OFF when you order two boxes of Shower Pill! (offer good through January 1, 2015! So ORDER NOW!)

[bctt tweet="Perfect Stocking Stuffer! Get a 20% OFF code for @Showerpill when you order two boxes! via @NFSisters  #sweatpink #noexcuses"]

Processed with Moldiv

I'm linking up with the awesome #FitFam over at The Fit Dish Link-Up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch! Check them out for more embarrassing fitness stories!


DISCLAIMER: I was provided Shower Pill product to try via the Sweat Pink Ambassador program by Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own.

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #10! Take Your Workout With You!

It's the day we have all been waiting for! Day #10!! The secret GIVEAWAY for my 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

Any Guesses of what it might be!?!?

10 days of Christmas


Let me just say, that with Christmas right around the corner, and all the traveling that most people will probably be doing over the next several weeks, this giveaway is perfect for taking your workout with you!


So, what's better than a 24/7 gym....a 24/7 workout that you can do anywhere, anytime!

GigaBody.com offers challenging and fun online workout videos for busy folks! 

And I bet just about everyone reading this could say that they are in the category of "busy folks!" We live in a world that is on the go, but it's important to still take time to take care of ourselves. Gigabody.com makes that possible from your home, a hotel, your backyard, or anywhere else where you can get Wifi!

Many times over the holidays, we take a "break" from working out.  I guess for some reason, in our self-deserving minds, we tend to see working out as something we have to do, rather than something we get to do, or even enjoy doing.  So when vacation time rolls around, it seems right to also "vacation" from our sweat fests as well.  This holiday, lets change that! Why not take your workouts with you this Christmas?

I was actually traveling this weekend, and with a baby, and being in a different town and not at my own house, working out was definitely not the easiest thing. Having a Gigabody membership though made it super easy.  While the little one took his morning nap, I stayed in the living room and did a yoga workout.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.18.30 PM

Yes I was in my pajamas....but hey that's the beauty of doing my workout at home. I don't have to dress-to-impress anybody!

Having Gigabody.com available is also so helpful for me at home because having a baby, I am not able to get out and go to the Yoga Studio or gym classes as much as I would like.  This makes it so much easier to still get my sweat on and take yoga classes from various instructors.


Gigabody.com has awesome instructors.  Each class I have taken, has had nothing but professional instructors, but it's also great because they have a wide variety of instructors, so you can take classes with various styles.  Obviously, I love the Yoga classes, since I am a Yogi at heart, so I appreciate different styles and techniques that Yoga Instructors carry, and I enjoy learning from them.  Don't worry though, if you aren't a Yogi....Gigabody.com has way more to offer than just Yoga!


No matter what kind of workout you are looking to get, they've got it, and they are adding to it often.  They have cardio classes, strength, classes that use weights, classes that have specific muscle focal points. Plus, whether you have 20 minutes or over an hour to spend working out, I have seen classes that offer it all.


On Monday night, I put my baby to sleep, and my husband was working in the garage, and I felt like I needed a little me time before getting to work on our at-home business orders. So, I found a 20 minute Yoga workout! It was just what I needed at that time.  Just enough to get my heart going, and a small sweat on, but still left enough time to get some work done! Plus, I did it in my bedroom, I didn't even have to leave my house!


It's cheaper than any gym membership you could get.  For full access to their workouts, it's only $8.99/Month!

So, you pay less than $10 a month, never have to leave your home, or get dressed for that matter! You can take various class types, and try out different instructors with various types of teaching styles.

Plus.....you can take your workout with you, no matter where you go!


[bctt tweet="WIN a 1 Month @Gigabody Subscription and take your workout with you on Christmas Vacation! From @NFSisters #Sweatpink @Fitapproach #giveaway"]

So, let's make the decision together, this Christmas, to not leave our workouts or healthy eating behind.  Let's take our workouts with us, and stay on track, even while enjoying all the festivities of the holidays! Whether you are able to get your family to join you for a workout, or you do it alone in a hotel.  Make working out something you love to do, and look forward to, even on vacation.  Let it be a stress reliever before you join all the chaos that can come with traveling and being surrounded by lots of people.  Let it be a time for YOU, and make it important, a priority, so that you will for sure do it!

Today, one lucky reader will get a FREE One Month Subscription to Gigabody.com! If you don't win though, no worries, Gigabody let's you try out their workouts for free for 14 days before deciding if you want to stick with it...(but you will, because it's awesome!)

So tell me, What workout would you choose to do on Gigabody.com? 

Day 10

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out more tips on staying fit while vacationing:

Healthy Foods on Vacation

Workouts on Vacation


I was given the opportunity to review a subscription to Gigabody.com by Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own. 

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day #7! Stay safe while running!

Today we are discussing ways to stay safe while running outside. When you are running outside, whether it's in a neighborhood, through a park, or on a track, you need to take precautions to stay safe.  That may be safety against dogs, strangers, or even cars.

I know we have all heard of sad stories of runners being hit by a car. I actually know a blogger who was training for a half, and got hit by a car. Thank the Lord she was okay, and lived through it, but it was a long road to recovery.  When we hear of these tragic stories though, many times our thought, whether consciously or not is..."Well that won't happen to me." Somehow we always think the worst isn't quite real, or not real enough to happen to us.

That's why when my mom hounds me about taking pepper spray with me while I run my neighborhood, I am reluctant to remember it.  Although I am not naive to the fact that strangers have attacked runners, it just doesn't seem real enough to happen to ME!

But....bad things can happen, so let's talk about some ways to take care of ourselves and be SAFE while we run!

  • Pepper Spray! They even have little velcro straps so you can loop it on your running belt (aka a Flip Belt! Enter to WIN one HERE) or around your wrist or ankle. Or it has a clip that can hook onto you.
  • Light Vest! There are multiple options out there for this. But a light vest is awesome and definitely makes you be seen.  This is good to have if you are running early mornings, in foggy or cloudy weather, or at dusk.  I would avoid running in the dark all together! 
  • Knuckle Lights! Also a great option for making yourself be seen! I have a pair of these and love them! They fit gently around your knuckles with a nice band around the back of your fingers so they move when you run, and have different brightnesses and patterns of light. 
  • Reflective Gear! and/or Bright Clothes! Always, Always, Always where bright clothes when running.  Even in the middle of the day! With as much as people text and drive, or just look down at their phones.  Seeing a bright dash of something might get there attention if they are looking down! And anything you can wear with reflective gear on it is also awesome and helpful! 
  • A Friend! In the realm of guarding against strangers, run with a friend.  This might be a running partner, in a running club, or with a spouse or significant other.  If someone wanted to hurt you, they would be less likely to mess with you if there are two people.

That brings me to my next point....

  • A Dog! Run with your dog! This will usually scare strangers away, other dogs will a lot of times leave you alone (other than annoyingly barking at you and your furry friend). and, there's more movement happening so people driving might seeing you more from a distance! Plus, running with a dog can also give you a little more challenge and make you pay more attention to your run as well, so it's a WIN WIN!

So to help you be safe while running, today, to celebrate the 7th Day of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I'm going to give one lucky WINNER a Spi Belt Running Dog Leash!


 I have one of these and love it! 

The leash itself is strong and sturdy, and I love that it has the pouch right by your hand to hold your keys, phone, money, running fuel, or whatever you can fit in it. 

dog leash


Who wants to WIN!?!?!

Day 7

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to go sign up to WIN 2 sets of Sweat Pink Shoe Laces for you and a friend! GO HERE! 


10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 6 #SweatPink

Welcome to Day #6 of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

10 days of Christmas

I am lucky to have been a part of an awesome Ambassador program and online fitness community for the past several years.....

SWEAT PINK! by FitApproach


You can find this badge sitting proudly on my blog sidebar!

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has some great perks, and enables me to try new products, so that I can share them with you all, and sometimes give things away! (And we all love Giveaways right!), but more than that....being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has opened me up to a whole world of an online fitness community that so many people don't even know exists!

I have made some awesome friendships with women around the world!

I have learned so much about blogging from other awesome bloggers!

I have been encouraged to run half marathons, and try new workouts from them!

I am inspired daily to be a better me and go after my dreams because of all that they do and achieve!

I am a part of some awesome challenges like the #HolidaySweat Challenge where I get to interact with them and am motivated to be a better me and make awesome changes in my life!

Basically, it's pretty FREAKING AWESOME to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

And I want to share the love with you!

One way we let people know we are Ambassadors, and one way we spread the kick-butt attitude is by wearing #SweatPinkLaces! That's right, men and women around the world have been encouraged by these laces, and wear them proudly, reminding them to give their all, and push through the pain.  To take chances, believe in themselves, and achieve big things!


So today, one lucky WINNER is going to get to "Join the Sweat Pink movement, and go farther, faster, in these pink shoelaces." PLUS, I am going to give you an extra pair of laces so that you can give them to someone else you know that needs encouragement and a daily reminder to KICK-BUTT at all they do!

Day 6

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Be sure to go check out Day #5 and enter to WIN a Flip Belt!!! 













10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #3!

It's Sunday....be sure to take time today to rest. Enjoy your family! Get outside and do something fun.

Breath a Little Deeper!

Laugh a Little Longer!

Hug a Little Tighter!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.07.08 AM

Day 3!!!! of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

[bctt tweet="Celebrate Christmas in style! WIN a #SweatPink Tank from @NFSisters!!! @Fitapproach"]

Day 3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

10 days of Christmas

Be sure to go sign up to WIN yesterday's GIVEAWAY!

Day #2- A Mileage Decal

Check out the list of what all I'm giving away HERElittle-signautres

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

10 days of Christmas  

Since this is a holiday week in America, I wanted to go ahead and give you a little preview of what's to come! 


Starting on December 5th, I will host a GIVEAWAY every day through December 15th!

Each giveaway will run 48 hrs! And the prizes will be shipped out on the 18th, just in time to get to you before Christmas!

Here's a few of the items I'll be giving away!

Day1: Pink Water Bottle with Runner Decal

Day2: Mileage Decal

Day3: Sweat Pink Tank

Day4: FlipBelt

Day5: Bondi Band

Day6: Dog Lease with Pouch

Day7: Sweat Pink, pink laces

Day8: Running Gels (mixture)

Day9: Water Bottle with Pouch


So get excited, and come back on December 5th to enter to WIN!! 


[bctt tweet="10 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAYS with @NFSisters !Dec. 5-15th! #giveaway #winalltheprizes"]

Now go celebrate and be thankful, and have a ton of fun with your family! Oh, and GET MOVING with your family!


Tips for Running in the Cold, Holiday Talk, & a GIVEAWAY

What a great day today is, I've got some Tips for Running in the Cold, Talking about ways to get Active With Your Family during the holidays, and a GIVEAWAY! 

family tradition

To start off, I'm linking up to the Friday Five with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!dc_linkupThis week's topic is:

5 Cold Weather Running Tips

As many of you may know, I have been out from running since July because of a knee pain I was having! I just started back up this week, and what do you know....it's in the 20's here! So, this is right up my alley, and really I need to take my own tips!

1) Don't let the cold get you down! Keep Moving! 

-Bundle up and get outside to run! Find the part of the day that works best for you, and get moving! If you totally cannot bare to be in the cold, then find a treadmill to get on, and get your runs in!

The winter can be a dreadful time of year for some.  It's obviously colder, it gets dark (way too) early (in my opinion), and there's SO MUCH FOOD to be eaten! So, no wonder people struggle with seasonal depression, or gain the extra pounds during the holidays.  The time change doesn't really work in our favor to run after work, and the weather is sometimes dreadful to get out in.  But it's important to stay moving and active to fight the WINTER BLUES, and the Holiday Pounds!

2) Bundle Up, and Shed Some Layers

-Find the appropriate running attire to fit the weather temperatures! If it's cold where you are, then find winter gear, but also  wear clothes that are easy to shed once you get your heart rate pumping and the sweat dripping!

It really is important to find clothes that are "cold gear" clothes.  Find a nice pair of running gloves that keep your hands warm, and a running cowl or gaiter to protect the neck.  (Those are two things I hate getting cold when I run, my fingers, and my throat!) Also wear good thick socks, especially if it's snowy!

3) Stay Bundled After You Run

-After you run in the cold, or do any workout for that matter, be sure to stay bundled up, or just go ahead and change clothes!

Whether you are in a gym or outside, if you work up a sweat, don't go out in the cold with soggy, wet clothes.  Get on some fresh, warm, and most importantly DRY clothes so that you are still staying warm and protecting your body from sickness.

4) Properly Warm Up Your Muscles 

-Just because it's cold and you are trying to hurry and run out, and get back into your house in front of the fire, doesn't mean you skip proper warm ups.  If anything, because it's cold, it's more important to warm up the muscles.

Do some moving warm ups, like high knees or butt kicks, something to get the legs moving and hip flexers lubricated, and you don't have to do those out in the cold, do them inside before you head out for a run.

5) Stay Properly Hydrated & Fueled 

-Be sure to continue to drink lots of water throughout the winter! Even though it's not drudgingly hot outside, which automatically makes your body think water, doesn't mean you should forget to hydrate the body! Continue to take your running water bottle with you, or keep your water with you throughout the day and chug that H2O!

Getting ACTIVE for the Holidays!

So the holidays are right around the corner, and I plan to be sending you some great tips over the next few weeks on how to stay fit and make healthy choices for you AND your family over the busyness of the holidays!

So let's start with creating a NEW FAMILY TRADITION!

Instead of just gathering with your family to cook, eat yummy food, relax, watch football, eat more yummy food, and shop....why not add something new to your family traditions this year!

Let's GET ACTIVE with our families! 

[Tweet "Start a New Tradition: Get Active with your family this holiday season! Plus a holiday GIVEAWAY! @NFSisters"]

It's not too late to sign up for a Turkey Trot with the whole family, or if that doesn't work, find a Santa 5K, a Jingle Run, or the Hot Chocolate 5K around you for December...or do both! Either way, these holiday 5K's are perfect for the entire family!


This was my family last year at our local Turkey Trot! It was my mother-in-law's first 5K, I was pregnant, and we got to bring our dogs!  It's a great run if it's someone's first time, because it's fun, and great just to walk it together if that's what you want to do.  Plus usually you get a fun shirt, and what better way to start off your Thanksgiving Celebration than getting active with your family!?

Another great option to get moving for the holidays is to sign up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge! and get your favorite friends and family to sign up with you...(like I did)! It's more fun when you do it with your family! Read all about the #HolidaySweat Challenge HERE and how to SIGN UP & get a Discount Code! 

Now....to encourage you a little further to GET MOVING WITH YOUR FAMILY, here's holiday GIVEAWAY for you! 

mommy and me

One lucky WINNER will get a Christmas Bondi Band and a Kid Bondi Band sent to them just in time to wear for the holidays!

Enter below, and comment telling me how you are going to Get Moving With Your Family this Holiday Season! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A little SNEAK PEEK!

Stay tuned because I'm teaming up with Running With SD Mom to host the Fit, Fab, & Fuel Holiday Swap! It launches Monday, so be sure to come back and SIGN UP! 

holiday swaplittle-signautres

New Year, New You! #WellLivingWednesday

New Year, New You! .....wait, it's only November! That's right, but skip to Thanksgiving, jump to Christmas, and we are rolling right into the New Year!

And we all know what holidays can do to us, and without us even realizing it! Suddenly it's October, then November is coming, and our entire schedule, and routine is off! Thanksgiving break happens, lots and lots of food, traveling and family time, let's not forget the shopping.  Then we barely have time to get home and back to our normal day-to-day, and it's cold and dreary days leading us to more travel, food, and family over Christmas break.  Most times, our workout routine, and healthy eating habits are the first to fly out the window.  I mean, have you tried traveling and eating healthy at the same time....not the easiest thing in the world! SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!?

When the New Year comes along, why not start the year off great! Rather than hoping for greatness in the months to come with yet another.....Weightloss, Workout, Dieting RESOLUTION!

How can you make a difference in the midst of the holidays you ask......

JOIN THE HOLIDAY SWEAT CHALLENGE! with Sweat Guru & Amanda from Run to the Finish


Hm.....you look intrigued! Well good!

So what is this Holiday Sweat Challenge all about!?!?

Well, this is my first year to do it, but I know it's going to be AWESOME! Challenges, Recipes, Motivations, Encouragement from others, and PRIZES!  

It's basically the best kind of support system so that you are kicking your own butt throughout the holidays, rather than sitting on your butt the entire 2 months leading up to the New Year! It's the best way to start the New Year off where you want to be! We all know the feeling of creating another "Diet Resolution," and hoping beyond hope that we stick with it this time. Well this year, here's your chance, to rock it before the New Year even get's here!


It only costs $16, it starts November 24-January 5th!

PLUS, if you use Code: HolidaySweaty15 you can get in for just $10!!! Thanks to SweatGuru! (They're awesome!)

Here's some other awesome details about the Holiday Sweat Challenge!!

For less than the cost of a gym membership:

  • 3 emails a week: Clean eating tips/recipes/guides + Motivation + Workouts
  • Content created JUST for you from registered dieticians, world class running coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists {nothing repeated from previous years}
  • Facebook support group - This group is like no other! Everyone checks in daily and provides a true support system
  • Over $3,000 in prizes {Lorna JaneVegaMilestone Jewelry and more to be announced}

The basics of how it works:

  • Earn points for being active
  • Earn points for eating your veggies
  • Compete against people at the same level as you
  • Enjoy an awesome support network
  • Have questions answered by experts
  • Meet other like minded folks to help you stay on track
  • Win Prizes!!
  • Clean Eating Holiday Menu ideas

Find out more details HERE from Amanda, one of the awesome hosts!

Oh, and be sure when you sign up to let them know that I referred you! 


Then join me and tons of awesome motivated people on the journey to an awesome and successful holiday season! Oh, and maybe win some awesome prizes from some amazing sponsors along the way!

I am so excited! Aren't you!?!?!

Let me know if you are joining me! And don't forget SIGN UP HERE! and put my name as the referral!

[Tweet "I'm going to stay in shape over the holidays w/ the #HolidaySweat Challenge! Are you? @sweatguru @RunToTheFinish @NFSisters"]

What is the hardest part for you about staying on track during the holidays? 

#HolidaySweat little-signautresI'm GIVING AWAY an awesome Yoga Mat to one lucky winner, so if you haven't already, head over to ENTER TO WIN an Affirmat Yoga Mat!! 


Average vs. Awesome plus an Affirmats Yoga Mat GIVEAWAY!

I know that today is going to be a GREAT day!

I am DETERMINED to kill it in my workout today!

I WILL complete all my reps!

I AM strong.

I KNOW I can finish this race!

What determines an Average Workout vs. an AWESOME WORKOUT! 

My attitude, my inner-self, my chosen  Mantra, my internal dialogue! 


When going into a workout, my mental state, how I am feeling, or the thoughts I am feeding myself always determine if it will be Average or AWESOME!

That's one reason why I love Affirmats

It's a Yoga Mat with an inspirational phrase on it! That way when you are in the midst of your workout, feeling tired and worn out, you can look down, see your inspiration, and be internally encouraged to push through and finish strong!

The Affirmat Mission is to "add an emotional layer to yoga by wrapping form, function, and a dash of inspiration in PURE LOVE."



Using my Affirmat, inspires me, motivates me, and is my personal support system.  It's almost like I have my biggest fan in my ear telling me I can do it, and encouraging me to keep going in my workout!

My "I AM WONDERFULLY MADE," mat reminds me of who I am, and why I workout, or in this case do yoga.  It encourages me to keep going, to be me, to be committed to myself, and finish what I started.  It helps me remember who I am, and the person that I am wants to be AWESOME, not just average!

Who else would love to have their biggest fan cheering them on in their ear....aka who else wants their own personal AFFIRMAT!?!?

Because guess what, I'm giving one away! I am so excited to partner with Affirmats to give someone a little bit of inspiration found in a yoga mat! Plus, not only is it inspiring, it is also an awesome piece of workout equipment.  I use mine not only for yoga, but I also take it to my Stroller Strides workouts and use it there for various exercises. The mat is awesome, it is a high quality, biodegradable and ergonomically friendly mat.  The mat is slip-resistant, made from a Jute/ECO-PVC Blend, and filled with INSPIRATION!

Take your workout from Average to AWESOME with an AFFIRMAT


Enter to WIN below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Tweet "Take your workout from Average to AWESOME with this GIVEAWAY from @NFSisters & @Affirmats #Dishthefit #giveaway"]

Today I'll be linking up with The Fit Switch & Jill Conyers with the Tuesday Link-up, #DishtheFit


Check it out for more awesome inspiration on how to change Average to AWESOME!


Active Living Challenge Week 2 RECAP

It's WEEK 2 of the Twitter #ActiveLivingChallenge! See Week 1 RECAP here. I just love being a part of these challenges! So inspiring, and I love connecting with such awesome people, in the Twitter community! Join us!! & be inspired! Before I share my week's worth of inspiring Tweets with you, I wanted to share a snippet of motivational encouragement from the Lorna Jane Active magazine I received in the mail this week.

"When your inner critic strikes or the opinions of others block your way, quiet your mind, draw your attention inward and listen to your inner soul sister. What is she saying? What does she want? Think of her as an honored guest, and feed her your love and attention." 
"When you nourish yourself with kind thoughts like acceptance, love and compassion, you'll naturally foster inner strength and radiate a quiet confidence." 
So...remember those thoughts as you enter this week! Be positive about yourself and towards yourself, both outwardly and inwardly, because the way we feel about ourself radiates who we are on the outside! 

So here's my recap!



August 11th: Favorite superfood

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.51.23 PM

August 12th: Do something new!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.49.50 PM

August 13th: How do you practice #activeliving everyday?

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.49.22 PM

August 14th: Post a picture of your daily motivation to #movenourishbelieve

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.48.54 PM

**August 14th (BlogFest): Bonus Challenge! BRING IT! Snap A Photo Of Yourself Living Active in front of the @LornaJaneActive Booth at #IDEAWorld #BlogFest! Tag @lornajaneactive @fitapproach #activelivingchallenge #sweatpink  

& even though I wasn't at Blogfest, I thought I might try to get a BONUS anyways :-) Plus I was so excited about my new Lorna Jane tank!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.48.43 PM

August 15th: Share your favorite quote about staying positive & true to yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.47.30 PM

August 16th:  Life can get very busy! What do you do to get more out of everyday?

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.47.06 PM

August 17th:  Share your ultimate dream/goal!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.00.01 PM

And an extra note from me!!! We would love to connect with YOU, our readers more! So sign up for FITNotes, our Naturally Fit Sisters Newsletter! The first one will go out in September and if you are a subscriber, then you will get a chance to WIN a Sports Belt!!! Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.00.15 PM

little signautres