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Tips for Running in the Cold, Holiday Talk, & a GIVEAWAY

What a great day today is, I've got some Tips for Running in the Cold, Talking about ways to get Active With Your Family during the holidays, and a GIVEAWAY! 

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To start off, I'm linking up to the Friday Five with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!dc_linkupThis week's topic is:

5 Cold Weather Running Tips

As many of you may know, I have been out from running since July because of a knee pain I was having! I just started back up this week, and what do you's in the 20's here! So, this is right up my alley, and really I need to take my own tips!

1) Don't let the cold get you down! Keep Moving! 

-Bundle up and get outside to run! Find the part of the day that works best for you, and get moving! If you totally cannot bare to be in the cold, then find a treadmill to get on, and get your runs in!

The winter can be a dreadful time of year for some.  It's obviously colder, it gets dark (way too) early (in my opinion), and there's SO MUCH FOOD to be eaten! So, no wonder people struggle with seasonal depression, or gain the extra pounds during the holidays.  The time change doesn't really work in our favor to run after work, and the weather is sometimes dreadful to get out in.  But it's important to stay moving and active to fight the WINTER BLUES, and the Holiday Pounds!

2) Bundle Up, and Shed Some Layers

-Find the appropriate running attire to fit the weather temperatures! If it's cold where you are, then find winter gear, but also  wear clothes that are easy to shed once you get your heart rate pumping and the sweat dripping!

It really is important to find clothes that are "cold gear" clothes.  Find a nice pair of running gloves that keep your hands warm, and a running cowl or gaiter to protect the neck.  (Those are two things I hate getting cold when I run, my fingers, and my throat!) Also wear good thick socks, especially if it's snowy!

3) Stay Bundled After You Run

-After you run in the cold, or do any workout for that matter, be sure to stay bundled up, or just go ahead and change clothes!

Whether you are in a gym or outside, if you work up a sweat, don't go out in the cold with soggy, wet clothes.  Get on some fresh, warm, and most importantly DRY clothes so that you are still staying warm and protecting your body from sickness.

4) Properly Warm Up Your Muscles 

-Just because it's cold and you are trying to hurry and run out, and get back into your house in front of the fire, doesn't mean you skip proper warm ups.  If anything, because it's cold, it's more important to warm up the muscles.

Do some moving warm ups, like high knees or butt kicks, something to get the legs moving and hip flexers lubricated, and you don't have to do those out in the cold, do them inside before you head out for a run.

5) Stay Properly Hydrated & Fueled 

-Be sure to continue to drink lots of water throughout the winter! Even though it's not drudgingly hot outside, which automatically makes your body think water, doesn't mean you should forget to hydrate the body! Continue to take your running water bottle with you, or keep your water with you throughout the day and chug that H2O!

Getting ACTIVE for the Holidays!

So the holidays are right around the corner, and I plan to be sending you some great tips over the next few weeks on how to stay fit and make healthy choices for you AND your family over the busyness of the holidays!

So let's start with creating a NEW FAMILY TRADITION!

Instead of just gathering with your family to cook, eat yummy food, relax, watch football, eat more yummy food, and shop....why not add something new to your family traditions this year!

Let's GET ACTIVE with our families! 

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It's not too late to sign up for a Turkey Trot with the whole family, or if that doesn't work, find a Santa 5K, a Jingle Run, or the Hot Chocolate 5K around you for December...or do both! Either way, these holiday 5K's are perfect for the entire family!


This was my family last year at our local Turkey Trot! It was my mother-in-law's first 5K, I was pregnant, and we got to bring our dogs!  It's a great run if it's someone's first time, because it's fun, and great just to walk it together if that's what you want to do.  Plus usually you get a fun shirt, and what better way to start off your Thanksgiving Celebration than getting active with your family!?

Another great option to get moving for the holidays is to sign up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge! and get your favorite friends and family to sign up with you...(like I did)! It's more fun when you do it with your family! Read all about the #HolidaySweat Challenge HERE and how to SIGN UP & get a Discount Code! encourage you a little further to GET MOVING WITH YOUR FAMILY, here's holiday GIVEAWAY for you! 

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One lucky WINNER will get a Christmas Bondi Band and a Kid Bondi Band sent to them just in time to wear for the holidays!

Enter below, and comment telling me how you are going to Get Moving With Your Family this Holiday Season! 

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A little SNEAK PEEK!

Stay tuned because I'm teaming up with Running With SD Mom to host the Fit, Fab, & Fuel Holiday Swap! It launches Monday, so be sure to come back and SIGN UP! 

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