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I want to do Yoga, but where do I start...?

Today I'm joining in for the Fit Dish Link-Up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch, and the topic is what my favorite quick workout is. I thought about it, but instead of going with that exact topic, I decided I would answer a question that I get a lot....


I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell

As I have shared previously, all throughout my pregnancy, and after giving birth, all I did for about 5 months was Yoga. My knee got hurt, so I had to hold off on other workouts. Even still, with eating right and yoga, I lost my weight pretty quickly. FYI I gained 70lbs while pregnant. I also noticed during that first 6 months after giving birth that my arms were getting very tone. (I was doing Yoga 4-5 times a week). And honestly, my arms had never felt that toned. 

As other people knew I did yoga, and taught it, plus they noticed me looking tone in photos, I began to get lots of messages from friends asking how they should go about starting Yoga. Some of them mentioned noticing what it did for me and wanting to lose weight or change their body's, others had a knowledge that Yoga is beneficial for many areas of life, or specific injuries, and wanted to reap those benefits. 

Then, I recently hosted Coffee With Brittany #AskMeAnything where I allowed you, my followers to ask me anything, fitness or life related. (I am still getting around to answering those questions by the way).

Do you have questions about fitness or healthy eating? Maybe you are wondering how to balance working out and a busy lifestyle, or questions about going sugar free and making healthy family meals. Join @brittanysuell for the #AskMeAnything Coffee Break and get your questions answered!


One great question I got was this:

What's a good place to look when starting yoga? Books? online?  

Are you wanting to start Yoga, but not sure where to start? @brittanysuell outlines some great options on where to take classes, which options are the best for beginners, plus other ways to learn about yoga!

So, I'm here to answer, and give my advice on how to start doing Yoga!

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I'll start by sharing the different places you can take a Yoga Class and what I think about each: 

Yoga Studios:

This is my top suggestion on where to start Yoga!

Pros: Highly qualified instructors that know what they are doing and can help you. I would especially suggest this if you have injuries, or difficulty with certain parts of the body that you are hoping for Yoga to help. That way you will get the best instructions and be given modifications. At Yoga studios you also have multiple class options. There are various levels, so you can start at a beginner level, and get more advanced as you practice longer. Or if you need a more relaxed and easy going class, that's available as well. 

Cons: Yoga studios are not always located in every city. And....they are expensive. My experience has been that they are definitely worth it because the quality of yoga and instruction that you get it great, but that doesn't always mean your budget can afford it. *Many times you can take your first class or even week for free. Call or look at their website to find out. 


Pros: Yoga classes are usually offered with a generic gym membership, without having to pay extra. 

Cons: Not all gyms require for their instructions to be specifically trained to teach yoga. Especially in smaller towns. So the instructor might not have detailed/intense Yoga training, and if you are first starting out, this could be discouraging for you. Especially if you are already timid about taking a Yoga class. If the instructor is well trained, they can offer modifications/props to help you in more advanced poses.  The classes are usually the same for all levels of Yoga, and usually are only offered a couple of times a week, which can make it hard to hold a steady Yoga practice. *Even if you don't have a membership, you can sometimes pay a small fee just to take a class, and it might be worth it for Yoga a few times a month.

At Home Workouts: 

Pros: get to do it at home! You can take the class anytime, for whatever amount of time you have, in the midst of other things still happening. You don't have to get a baby sitter, do your hair, or for that matter get dressed. Plus, you can take your yoga with you and do it on the go (while traveling) if needed.

Cons: You might not actually do it, if you don't have to go anywhere, or meet a friend, or have a specific time to be at a class. 

More Info: So for at home workouts, there are several great online subscriptions that you can use to do Yoga classes. The one I have a subscription to is Gigabody,com. It's only $8.99 a month, and has some great classes, and not only Yoga classes. There is also which I have heard amazing things about as well. I think it's somewhere around $10 a month, and honestly I think they might have even more classes to offer. Both of these are very affordable and great to utilize for at home yoga, plus other workouts! *These usually will have a week-month long trial basis if you want to try it out before committing. 

FREE Community Classes: 

Pros: It's FREE! These classes can be held in fun environments, with fun people, where you might meet new yoga friends! Or a lot of time they are sponsored by people so you might be offered free stuff, samples, or discounts on fitness products. *To find these classes look around at your city calendar, health food stores, "earthy places," any athletic apparel or shoe store. 

Cons: These aren't offered everywhere. They are hit or miss. And you never know what you are going to get as far as the instructor and/or the crowd goes. 


If you are just starting Yoga or have pain that you want help with, if you can afford it and it's offered near you, my top suggestion would be a Yoga Studio. Even if you take one good class a week there, then take normally somewhere else, that can be helpful. 

If you are looking for something you can do at home, on you own time, or on the go...try out one of those great subscription sites I mentioned. $10 or less is very affordable for all that they offer. Another suggestion would be to look up Youtube videos. It is getting more and more normal to find full length yoga videos there as well. 


One of my favorite Yoga books and one of the first I read when I wanted to learn more about Yoga was Kathryn Buldig & Women's Healthy Magazine's "Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness." You can get it for about $20 or so on Amazon.

I want to do yoga, but where do I start? Tips on how to get started with yoga from @brittanysuell


Yoga Journel is also a very credible source for online research, or getting a monthly subscription to their magazine. 

Youtube is helpful when trying to master specific poses. Whether basic or advanced, just google or youtube "How to do _____ pose" and you will get a step by step video tutorial. 


If you have ever thought about doing yoga, or even if you have tried your best to avoid it, I suggest starting! Don't wait another day, I've given you some great suggestions on how to start Yoga from the comfort of your home even. So don't wait, get started! It may seem hard or uncomfortable at first, but it's strengthening your body in ways that you don't even know! 

Here's some awesome things that Yoga does: 

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Tones your body
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Great cross-training for EVERYTHING
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • Brings physical, emotional, and spiritual depths into your life that weren't there before
  • Is healing in general
  • Can decrease already existing pains
  • Helps with everyday movement


 If you have any questions about Yoga, or anything you would like answered, go HERE  and join the Coffee Break with Brittany #AskMeAnything!

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