Feeling STRONG After Baby...

9 months! My baby is almost 9 months old! How is that even possible! 

On that note though....as we are heading into Spring, and I'm enjoying the transformation of my body after baby...baby #2 I might remind you. There is a struggle in this postpartum journey though. A struggle to feel fully confident in my body, while also feeling as strong as I actually am when in reality, the mirror doesn't always reflect what physically looks like strength! 

Mama's, can I get an Amen? It's definitely hard to feel and believe that we are strong after baby, when so much has changed! 

A few things I've learned in this postpartum journey....(read on if you are a mama needing a little encouragement!)

We really are stronger than we think! 

As a mom, mentally, emotionally, and physically, you are so strong! You get less sleep than most people, take care of everyone in your home, not to mention everything. And even after birthing a baby, you are still able to do all these things. Plus whatever job situation you have going on just adds to the responsibilities that you are rocking! So if  you are a postpartum mom.....be encouraged...you are STRONG, and doing AMAZING! 

That being said, although we are strong in so many ways, many times we are so hard on ourselves! We may be wearing a baby, carrying a toddler, and juggling several bags of groceries, and yet, we don't FEEL STRONG! Actually many times, we are so hard on ourselves we believe just the opposite! 

Let me encourage you though, you are beautiful! Your birthing a baby body is beautiful! Every single part of it! The journey to get physically strong after baby can be trying, and feel long! Especially if post baby injuries occur (like my back issue I've been having). BUT, know that your body is amazing, and for you to change your mentality about your body just the way it is will be a huge factor in having confidence, and love for yourself, which in turn will make you even stronger! 

So take a moment today, look in the mirror, and do these things: 

  • First SMILE at yourself! 
  • Then say this: 
I am beautiful! Every part of my body, marks, skin, it is all beautiful and needed! I am enough! I am the exact person made to raise my children well, and love my husband the best! I am needed. The blessings just my presence brings to my family and those around me is on purpose and fully needed! I am strong! I am capable of more than I can imagine! I love myself, and love the journey that I am on! I will put myself first, take time to rest, push myself to grow, and be the best version of myself for those I love!

The last thing I have learned on this journey, is having a super cute outfit that makes you feel fit and sexy goes a long way! That is why on my journey to get stronger post baby, I am loving the Prana Spring line! Prana is one of my favorite brands! 

image2 (6).JPG

I love how spunky and sexy I feel in my Prana leggings! I seriously can't get enough! They fit like a glove, the prints are amazing, and the quality of the pants hold everything in, in all the right places! You can tell that Prana cares about the value of their fabrics by the way they feel, but not only that, everything is made with sustainbility in mind when it comes to Prana! 

And this Spring and into Summer, women's tops will continue to be all about the straps...that's why I love this Mika Strappy Top in Moorock! If you are wondering...as a mom, you have my permission to ROCK THE STRAPS! 

Plus as a Yoga instructor I love that it has cute detail and exposure on the back, but the front comes up high enough for me to do bent over poses in front of my classes without showing them all the goods! 

*This top is not sufficient for women with more front side blessings though if you know what I mean. Even for me, it wouldn't be enough support for running, this is definitely a low impact kind of shirt! 

So if you are feeling strong and ready to TREAT YO SELF, use code: S4P17BSK to get 15% OFF from Prana! 

Plus feel good about ordering from Prana because not only is it cute, fits amazing (even for your new mom bod), but they are a company that cares about the environment, and uses recycled materials to create their clothes! Even the leggings above are made from hemp! No wonder they feel so amazing! Check out this amazing video on WHY HEMP MATTERS! then go get your shopping on! YOU DESERVE IT! 



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by prAna, although all opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.


Real Eggs vs. Fake Eggs......Why I LOVE SPRING TIME!


It's Friday, and I don't know about where you live, but here in West, TX. it's finally starting to feel like Spring time!  We've been doing our Stroller Stride workouts outside this week, I mowed our lawn for the first time today, and we played outside for a while with friends this morning! 

There's just something about the freshness of the Spring Season that is just....mmmmm good! 

It feels good not only because the sun is finally shining, but there's something deep within my soul that feels incredible when the season goes from Winter to Spring! 

Here's my 5 Favorite things about Spring Time! 

5) The fact that you can be outside all the time! 

4) Tulips!!! I love them! 

3) Going barefoot or wearing sandals every dang day!

2) Being able to go for a run after dinner because it is still daylight! Really spring runs all together are amazing! 

1) EASTER!!!!! 

Oh my word, Easter is my favorite holiday! 

Since I was a child, I loved Easter. Part of it is the excitement of an Easter egg hunt and the anticipation of finding, and snagging up as many eggs as you can before others get them. 

There's also the incredible true meaning of Easter that has a huge place in my life/heart, which makes me cherish the holiday a ton. 

Then of course, more childhood memories and fun with dying and decorating Easter eggs. What great memories you create doing those simple holiday traditions. 

Let's get real though, one of the main reasons I LOVE EASTER, is because of the eggs. And I'm not just talking about the hard boiled, or candy filled eggs. I'm talking about the yummy, yummy Robbin Eggs!! 



These things....they get me every year! Well these and the Starburst Jelly Beans! 

I seriously cannot get enough of these! I love the whopper eggs, and every Easter I get so excited to go stock up on my favorite candies! (Easter has the best candy!)

So last year, being pregnant and all, I had my fair share of these things. Then I promised myself that in 2015, I would skip Easter candy! SAY WHAT!?!? Why the heck would I do that? Well, I guess I somehow knew I would be on a journey of NO SUGAR! 

So, this year, I'm sticking with my no sugar, and trading in the fake eggs, and getting some real ones! 

This Easter, make the switch. Trade in those sugar filled fake eggs, and over indulge in the real ones! @brittanysuell


So if you didn't hear, we are getting CHICKS!! Read about my announcement HERE

That's what I'm doing this Easter....no candy eggs for me. I'll be raising my chicks, and preparing them to begin laying me some real, yummy, full of nutrition fresh eggs! 

I will be getting them this weekend, so keep an eye out on my Instagram to get a first glimpse at those cuties! 


And I challenge you...this year, do more boiled eggs, (and have fun dying them with the kids), than you do candy filled eggs! Let's #LeaveYourLegacy starting with the holidays! It doesn't all have to revolve around unhealthy foods! Teach your children that you can have awesome family traditions that don't revolve around sugar and candy! 

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QUESTION'S OF THE DAY: (leave a comment and let's get to know each other a little more!)

What's your favorite thing about Spring Time? 

What's one thing you could do to make Easter a healthier holiday for your family? 

JOIN  the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle & let's make a difference in our children's lives!




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