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My 2015 Race Schedule


I am so excited to say that one of my 2015 Goals is already under way...wait wait, two of my 2015 goals!!  10928860_868055259913714_5667968720730147899_n-21) Run a half marathon with my husband! (It will be his first ever!)

This is us on our first training run together. And by together, I mean running at the same time, but by no means at the same pace! That is okay though! I am still so excited to be running with him, and to get to experience the hype of a race, and the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing with him!



2) Run 2+ half marathons in 2015!

I am proud to say that I will be running the Race Texas Half Series as a sponsored blogger! That means I will be running their three part half marathon series in 2015-2016!! I am so excited!

My first half will be the Arm10891760_869110459808194_7662371527482205378_nadillo Dash, in College Station, Texas on March 1st! Yes that means I have just a little less than 6 weeks to train, so I have definitely upped my mileage this week, along with my epsom salt baths! As a matter of fact, I was so proud to run 6 miles the other night, in very, very cold Texas weather I might add! Since then I have added on an 8miler as well, and this weekend I am set to run a 10 mile run.

Not sure what I was thinking, deciding to train for a half in the winter because I'm sure it will only get colder from here. It's too late now though, I'm already committed, and already DANG excited!

So I guess the only question is, is.....WHO IS GOING TO JOIN ME!

Armadillo Dash Half Marathon Coupon Code from

Come on all you crazy Texans! I know there are some of you who have running as a Goal in 2015! So why not start with this race!? There is also a 5K involved, if you aren't quite ready for a half marathon! But hey if you want to run, use my coupon code: LEGACY to get 10% OFF your registration! And of course let me know you are running so that we can meet up!

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What's one running goal you have this year!? Or one race you know you will be running!?

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