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Batch Snacking

So yesterday I spent an hour and a half of my afternoon at a friends house prepping several recipes of no-bake, healthy snack foods!  Seriously, it was the best use of my time ever! 

I like to call this BATCH SNACKING! 

So many of us believe in meal prep, menu planning, batch cooking, or like I've been sharing a lot about lately, creating freezer meals. All of these things are ways that we are able to set ourselves up for success! To create an organized kitchen, and make eating healthy and at home meals easier! Technically, if you are doing any of these things, then you are pretty much a genius! Taking just a few hours of your day to make your life less stressful, to create success on the healthy eating front, and to do all that you can to avoid the fast food run that so easily entices us when we don't have pre-prepped food! It's just a genius move on your part, so if you are doing it, then KUDOS to you! If you aren't and need help, then I offer services for Freezer Meal Prep, just check out my options HERE

So why is it that we don't take the same approach when it comes to snacking? 

Batch Snacking! Use these Sugar Free Snack Recipes and set yourself up for success when it comes to having healthy snacks on hand!

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I bet many of us can say that when that afternoon lull at work hits, or that late night TV time comes around, that we tend to jump off track and grab the closest sweet snack or bag of processed chips. 

When it comes to snacking, we can throw our entire healthy eating plan off wack! So why not set yourself up for SUCCESS when it comes to snacking just like you do when it comes to making healthy meals for your family!?! 

Both are important. Yes eating a full, high protein with fiber, good fats, and lean veggies meal is great for you! But let's face it, for some of us it's every day at the same time, for others it's just certain days of the week, but whatever the case, we will want a snack at some point. So instead of grabbing the thing that's nearest to us, which let's face it, in our world, that is usually some highly processed crap from the convenient store or checkout line. So instead of grabbing those things, why not doing a little BATCH SNACKING as well! 

So take a look at my Sugar Free Recipes! Pick a few, make your list, then carve out a little time to make some healthy snacks! 

My friend and I focussed on original protein bites, Reese's Protein Bites, and lara bars, which are all no-bake, which makes them even easier! I like to keep them in my refrigerator for easy access! Whether it's for a pre-post workout snack, or just an afternoon snack, or maybe it's when I feel like I need something sweet after dinner. Either way, I have them prepared, with easy access. (Just have self-control and don't eat them all at once, because man are they yummy!) 

** Helpful tip: get some ground up coconut flakes, almonds, or chia seeds and roll the balls in them for a little extra goodness!**

Let's chat about it! Leave me a comment and tell me:

Is batch cooking something you do? 

Have you ever batch cooked your snacks before? 

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Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport #FuelYourBetter


I may be doing well with the SUGAR FREE LIVING, but I still get a sweet craving every now and again. That's why I am constantly trying new snack foods and healthy sweets recipes to keep on hand in my home. You can find some of the ones I have created and changed to be sugar free, HERE in my Sugar Free Recipes Archive.  Now by no means am I constantly craving sweets like I used to, but every once in a while I want something yummy and sweet....a lot of times I will get this craving when I've been around yummy desserts all weekend and have opted out. 

Here's an example. This weekend, I was surrounded by crazy amounts of sugar indulgences. I realized on Monday evening after the long weekend was coming to an end, how much sugar I would've eaten if I ate sugar. It would've been a ton, and honestly I bet on Monday night I would've been sitting in self-defeat, frustration, because I wouldn't have felt good physically, and all the healthy living and working out I do would've felt pointless. So I am so thankful I am sugar free. Anyways though, imagine with me for a moment if I ate sugar, here's all the opportunities I would've had to partake in something sugary: 

FRIDAY NIGHT: Cookies & Chocolate the night before one of my best friends weddings.  Sitting around, excited and chatting with girls, it would've been easy to eat a ton of chocolate! 

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Cake at my friend's daughters 1st birthday party! It was cute, and my husband said it was delicious! 

SATURDAY NIGHT: Some of the best wedding cake that is made in my town. PLUS very sugary margaritas! (for free) and I had NONE, and honestly I wasn't even tempted! 

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Friend's baby shower....cupcakes! 

SUNDAY EVENING: My friend baked the cupcakes and a cake for the baby shower, so she brought leftovers for my house for our life group get together! 

MONDAY: The cake from the night before was left at my house. In my sugar eating life (lol) I most definitely would've eaten some! 


Isn't that crazy! What a great, and busy weekend I had, but imagine how much sugar I would've eaten if I would've taken advantage of it at each opportunity! Which in my sugar eating life, I probably would've definitely eaten some! 

So, by Sunday night, I decided I needed something sweet in my life! 

That's when I decided to make some Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! 

Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! No-Bake, Sugar Free, and delicious!

These are the kind of things I like to make on the weekend and keep on hand throughout the week! They are great for when I'm craving a little something sweet. If I need a little pick-me-up before a workout. Or just if I want a nice healthy snack, or post workout protein! 

Plus these things are DELICIOUS! 

Reese's Protein Bites with Vega Sport Protein! No-Bake, Sugar Free, and delicious!

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[yumprint-recipe id='9']I like to use the Vega Sport Protein because it is plant based, and sugar free! I used Vega in my smoothies every single day, and absolutely love the flavor! In these specifically I use vanilla, but chocolate would work as well! 


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