DIY Baby Clothes

Over the weekend I decided to make use of some of my spare baby clothes.  YOu know when you get the cute onesie packs with 3-5 in them.  Lots of times they come with several that have cute designs on them, then one plain colored one! Well I went through the closet and grabbed this random onesie, and pants, and decided to have some fun!

I used my Silhouette Cameo & cardstock to print out some makeshift stencils.  I am so excited though because Silhouette just came out with a stencil material that creates REAL stencils for this exact purpose.

Anyways, then I just used some craft paint and started painting.

photo 44

The onesie is my favorite! I think I like it because it came out more clean cut than the pants.  Even the parts that aren't perfect look like they were done on purpose, so that is great! Plus I am LOVING ARROWS lately!

photo 33

Here's the pants! I think the design is cute, but I think on my next go around I could make them come out more crisply painted!

photo 11

I was pretty proud of my creations though.  I took something bland and make them fun! Plus this was all free because I used supplies I already had!

little signautres