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Chickpeas & Lorna Jane

I recently participated in the #HolidayMobbing Twitter Party with Fit Approach & Fit Mob and HEYO!!! I WON!  I love twitter parties! They are fast and furious, inspiring, and fun, and you meet new awesome people to follow, and sometimes you WIN awesome stuff like a $50 Lorna Jane Giftcard and the Lorna Jane 2015 Diary!

10836456_320684171457956_211701094_nI was so excited when I got my diary in the mail! It is awesome! Such a great way to prepare to be successful for 2015! Plus it helps get organized with a calendar, set goals, and it has awesome inspiration and recipes in it!

I love this quote found in the book!

10833580_320684168124623_2040334585_nWhat a genius quote, just says it like it is! 

Either dream about your dreams, or get up and chase them! 

I think I love that quote so much because that is exactly what I finally did when becoming a Yoga instructor! It was something I always said One Day I would do.  Then finally I just did it! One Day is NOT ON A CALENDAR! So instead of saying one day, set a date on a calendar and make your dreams happen! Ever since I stepped out towards that one dream of mine, I feel like so many other awesome things have fallen into place for me, and I love it! 

I also am loving the recipes in the Diary! Here's one I made recently and love this idea as an on-the-go snack for me, and once my son gets a little older, for him too! In the book, they made these as a salad topper, but I made them just as a snack to pop in your mouth!


It's so easy! Here's how you make them:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Drain the chickpeas, Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon  of each (cumin, paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper), lightly coat chickpeas in a bowl with Olive Oil, sprinkle mixture over peas and coat. Lay them on a baking sheet and roast for 25 minutes. The chickpeas should come out crispy.


Enjoy these at home, on a salad, while you are out and about and get hungry, or take them with you while you travel over the holidays, and snack on these instead of convenient store snacks! 

[bctt tweet="Roasted Chickpeas make an easy & convenient snack for the holidays! Recipe from @NFSisters & @LornaJane #sweatpink #fitmobbing"]

Now, back to my awesome gift card! Thanks to Fit Approach & Fit Mob, I snagged the Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight while they were only $50!! And FREE Shipping! I have several colored tights, but no black, so I was looking for a classic black tight that I could wear in the gym, to Yoga class, or out on the town!

Let me just tell you, these are the PERFECT tights!!

10818994_320684101457963_411543777_nPhoto taken by Simply Encourage Photography

10841538_320684091457964_1864015785_nPhoto taken by Simply Encourage Photography

Here I am working out in them at Abilene Fit4Mom Stroller Strides workout! They are incredible!

The waist band on the leggings are so comfortable and don't dig into me.  They have a draw strong that gently makes them tighter if needed, and they aren't always sagging when I move.  A lot of tights when I'm doing an active workout I am always pulling up! These are not like that.  Plus they have lines down the back and side that really flatter the body. Oh and did I mention they are so comfortable and the fabric feels amazing!


And here I am wearing the same leggings at our town's Christmas Parade this week! I love how versatile they are and how easily they go from the gym to the street! So if you need new tights, check these out!

Thanks Fit Approach, Fit Mob, and Lorna Jane for the awesome gift card, and a great Twitter Party!

#SweatPink #MoveNourishBelieve #HolidayMobbing


Oh, and remember, the 10 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY launches on the blog tomorrow! So come enter to WIN some awesome stuff, each day for the next 10 days!

10 days of Christmas


Smoothie Series Week 1--How a smoother drinker Shops & Stocks their kitchen!

smoothie week 1

WELCOME to Week 1 of our October Smoothie Series: How a Smoothie Drinker Shops and Stocks Their Kitchen! 

If you didn't know, I LOVE SMOOTHIES!

I try to have a smoothie in my meal plan at least once a day, sometimes two!

I love them because I am able to get so many nutrients but through a drink!  Some may wonder why I would choose to drink fruits and veggies rather than eat them. I mean once you take the time to chew the food, you would for sure get more full.  For me, I enjoy smoothies because they are quick, easy, and light.  Rather than eating a bowl of fruit, yogurt, and almond milk, I can mix a smoothie and take it on the go.  PLUS, the biggest part for me is being able to add in protein powder.  You can read about the importance of using protein powder post workout at our Skoop Protein Review, and at our Manitoba Harvest Protein Review. Although some choose to mix their post workout protein in water or milk and drink it, I enjoy adding it to a good smoothie!

So, if you are looking to add a smoothie to your daily meals, then let's start with....

How to shop and stock your kitchen for making smoothies!

To create a good base for general smoothie making, here's what you will need:


I use almond milk.  Some people prefer to use a juice, like orange juice, others use just water.  I think using water makes a smoothie more like an icy than a smooth drink.  If you made one with water and one with milk, you could definitely tell the difference.  I have bought coconut water and mixed it half/half with almond milk before, and that worked great.


Choose your source of added protein.  When using a smoothie as a meal  replacement, I would highly recommend using a protein powder added to your smoothie.  It will help the smoothie be more filling, and nutritious, and last you longer.  You do have to consider what flavor of protein powder you get.  You may start with one, and once you have been drinking smoothies for a while decide you would prefer something else.  I started with chocolate protein powder early on, but over the years I have come to enjoy more varieties of fruits in my smoothies, so I prefer a vanilla, or non-flavored powder these days.

You can also add in other sources of protein like Greek Yogurt and/or Peanut Butter.  I almost always add a tablespoon or two of Greek Yogurt to my smoothies.  It adds to the smooth factor of the drink, plus adds more protein.  I also have a go-to smoothie recipe that calls for Peanut Butter! (You will get that smoothie recipe in WEEK 2's post: "My Favorite Smoothie Recipes")


When buying fruits, I highly recommend buying FRESH! Although, I will admit that I do keep some frozen bags of fruit on hand, just so I always have fruits if I need a smoothie.  Here's a list of some go-to fruits:




-Other Berries (blackberries, raspberries)


-Mango (these are the fruits that I usually buy in a frozen bag)

Remember, these fruits are for "general smoothies." I will be sharing some more gourmet style smoothie recipes in Week 4's post: "Smoothie Recipes from Fitness Bloggers." For now though, we are just building a base for smoothie making in our kitchen, so these will do.


For now I will keep this brief, since WEEK 3's post is: "Way's to Make Your Smoothie More Nutritious," but you may want to grab some of these items as well:

-Spinach leaves, or any greens...I use mixed greens and sometimes kale

-flax seed

-chia seed


Once you get all of these goodies home, take time to wash your fruit, and put them in containers that you will put in the freezer.  For strawberries, take the stem off.  For large fruits like pineapple or mangos, cut into small cubes.  For bananas, peel and cut in half.  I have found over my years of smoothie making that using frozen fruit is so much better! It makes it where I never even use ice anymore. Plus the frozen fruit makes it nice and frothy, in a wonderful and yummy way!

Alright, so now that you know the facts about everything, it's time to head to the grocery store! Then come back next week to get the recipe for MY FAVORITE SMOOTHIES! 

Oh, and don't will need a blender!

Week 2: Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes

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