You Might Have an Imaginary Personal Trainer If....! #DishtheFit


We all know the feeling of wanting to give up at the end of a workout, or maybe just do three reps instead of four.  Whatever the case, in moments of weakness, we tend to want to cut ourselves short of getting the full, intense, body burning workout that we intended to get when we started. At times like this, I tend to use personal mantras to get me through...especially when it comes to running.  At other times though, when I just can't seem to find my own motivation, it helps to call on my Imaginary Personal Trainer!? (very similar to your child's imaginary friend)

What does your Imaginary Personal Trainer say to you when you want to GIVE UP!?


So don't must admit that you have an imaginary personal trainer looming around in your thoughts as well! Let me give some examples:

If you have ever experienced this, you may have a secret IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER....

-It's NOT rest day, but your are trying to justify sitting at home in front of your favorite television show rather than going to the gym IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Get your butt off the couch and go sweat!" 

-It's 5AM, and you are dreaming of texting your running partner that you are "cough cough" not feeling well enough to meet up this AM. IMAGINARY TRAINER: "Your are going to regret this later today....don't be flaky with your running partner. Get up and go run! You will be happy you did!"

-Your on the treadmill, and your training day says to run 4miles today, but after one mile, you are thinking you might just walk the rest while you watch the rest of the Friends episode on the gym TV.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "You will get done a lot faster if you run the entire time. Plus, walking is not 'the same' as running. RUN!"

-The Crossfit workout of the day is 70 burpees (WTH)!! You notice you are already behind, so you are thinking of just jumping ahead 10 counts.  IMAGINARY TRAINER: "DO NOT  CHEAT YOURSELF! Plus you are lying to everyone else by saying you did the entire set when you didn't!"

Now, here's the time to be you have an Imaginary Personal Trainer? What are some of their go-to motivational words to get you moving!?

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Here's a few of the things that my Imaginary Personal Trainer always says to me!

  • "Com on you can do this keep going!" 
  • "You are almost done, stay strong tip the end!" 
  • "They are on your tail.....finish strong!!! Don't let them beat you!"
  • "Get up and work out!! If you don't, you will feel terrible later!"
  • "Working out now will influence the rest of your day! If you get your sweat on now, you will be more aware of what you are eating all day long! Come on, you want to do this!!! Go SWEAT!"
  • "DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP! You have goals that you want to set, now push yourself and GET THERE!!"
  • "YOU ARE STRONG! You are Strong! You are Strong!"
  • "Remember, your son is watching you! Push yourself, work hard, don't cheat yourself! You want to teach him that healthy living is something we love! So work hard, and get moving!!! It's not just about you!" 

I would love to hear some of the things that your IMAGINARY PERSONAL TRAINER usually says to you! Maybe my personal trainer could borrow some of your go-to motivations!!





TIPS on How to Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the Holidays

Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the HolidaysWell, the holidays are coming to a close.  All the excitement and hype that we have clung to and built up to is sadly ending. Christmas trees and garland will be stored back in the attic, family will travel back to their homes, and meals will be not quite so extravagant.  So how are you going to stay motivated during the winter? Well, today I would like to welcome Maralana, from Go Do Be, and she will be sharing some awesome tips with us on how to STAY MOTIVATED and CUT STRESS this time of year!



2014-12-20 10.14.28

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The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, making winter a tough time to stay motivated. Add to that the fact that the holidays, with the food, drinking, cookies, and parties galore are adding to the stress of staying on track (which in turn makes you less motivated). There's no easy way out, as the holidays/winter come every year, but you can take the pressure off by finding ways to curb the stress and stay motivated.

The first part of that is the most important, "cut the stress". Don't think of health/fitness as an adjunct or must do. Instead make it fun and most importantly DOABLE during your busy holiday season. I'm not saying to be slack and do what you want, eat what you want and all will be forgiven. (Contrary to the evil voice in the back of your head YES calories still count during the holidays) What I'm really getting at is give yourself some room to splurge a bit or miss a workout without beating yourself up about it. Your body hears you and when you stress it responds in negative ways.

But now that we've cut the negative stress we have to attempt to keep motivated as to not regress into the viscous cycle and the best way to do that is mix it up getting motivation from different sources. When all else fails, pull out this list and do something different.

  • Snap a selfie
  • 2014-12-08 07.17.30





  • Do a little dance
  • Put your phone on burst mode and make funny faces
  • Learn a new skill or hobbie (crafts, video games, painting etc)
  • Try a new playlist
  • Play recipe or workout roulette
  • Create a workout/health post it collection just pick it and stick to it for the day
  • Reward yourself! Spa day or retreat
  • Become social media accountable
  • Find some mental peace, try yoga
  • Take out your (or a friend's) four legged friend
  • 2014-04-16 12.05.35


  • Journal
  • Workout Money Jar
  • Go on a workout date
  • Plan a vacation retreat
  • Get some new workout clothes
  • Try out a fitness gadget
  • Start a new challenge
  • Find a fitness pal (in person or online)
  • Motivational quotes (however you keep them apps, paper, Pinterest, or dream board... just have them handy for when you need them)








  • Start swimming (being in a swimsuit all year is a reminder to keep the pounds off)
  • Sign up for a race, competition, or event
  • Go see a comedy show (Laughter lightens your mood and can refocus you)
  • Buy a new cookbook
  • Card game workout
  • Play in the snow (actually play... throwing snowballs, riding sleds, and making snow angels)
  • 2014-02-11 14.45.14






  • Find your winter sport (inside or outside)

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If you hadn't noticed this list was all about positive motivation not negative motivation triggers like buying a slender dress or pants and trying them on throughout the season to remind you to stay small enough to fit them. Remember we are going for NO STRESS!! What's done is done so live in the moment of just making one good choice after another.

With these tidbits you will find new things to do, added motivation, and maybe even discover a whole new side of you with winter spirit. If you really want to spice this list up when you need motivated, RANDOMLY pick one and do it. The spontaneity of the act ignites your adrenaline to get you going.

Be sure to come on over and see me on my page for more tips on motivation at Go Do Be!

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Motivation Monday


I've decided to start something new!


I'll keep this part short, but basically, we want you to know WHY we do what we do! So we are going to share that through Motivation Monday, and hopefully you will be inspired to be a better you, to BELIEVE in yourself, to CHOOSE to make a difference in your life, and to IMPACT those around you along the way!

So to start, we are the NATURALLY FIT SISTERSobviously. 

We decided to start this fitness blog, NOT because we are perfect. NOT because we only eat WHOLE foods and never go out to eat, or have a craving for fast food or munchy junk food.  NOT because we work out 10 times a week. NOT because we have 0% body fat.

NO, we decided to start Naturally Fit Sisters blog because we are just like you.  Normal people, with normal struggles.  We grew up on McDonald's Happy Meals.  As adults though we found a love for fitness....starting with running.  We worked through our busy lives to try and stay healthy through exercise, but that didn't mean we were perfect, and we still aren't.

We are two mom's, who have a desire to raise our families to be ACTIVE and HEALTHY together.  To make choices early in our children's life that will make their choices later in life easier to make.  Eating healthy is a struggle for us, but we CHOOSE to eat good foods so that our children eat good foods.  We want to make a difference in our children's lives and fight the major childhood obesity problem that is happening in the US today. We want to plan active fun things for our families to do together.

AND, we want to take care of ourselves and love our own selves FIRST! So that we are teaching our children to be fit, not so that they feel they need to be perfect, but so that they are healthy and able to do fun active things.  We want to LOVE ourselves, so that we are teaching our children to have high self-esteem and to love themselves.

And we want to MOTIVATE YOU along the way! We want to share with you in our journey, the good the bad, the successes and the failures!

We want you to know that we are REAL people trying to make a difference, starting with our own families, with the hopes that you will be motivated to make small changes in your life that will trickle down into your family and your community as well!

So there you have it folks, our first MOTIVATION MONDAY! & a little realness of who we are!








I found myself lost in thought this morning about how I would like to pursue running longer runs more frequently.

Then I found myself wondering...when in the heck do I have time to do that.

In my half marathon training I save my long runs for Sundays because I have the most time on Sundays.  Those runs can take up to 1-2 hours depending on the distance, and if I was to ever train for a full marathon, it would be well over 2 hours, getting closer to 3hours forlong runs.  Plus with marathon training, long runs would be more frequently.

I thought about how I may never have time for this, then today I ran across this little piece of encouragement.


This really puts things into perspective for me! 

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